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Meriam Ibrahim, 26, Pregnant Sudanese Woman, Sentenced To Death For Refusing To Renounce Her Christian Faith, Causes Outrage

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Source: Fox News / YouTube

Posted: Friday May 16, 2014 @ 10:05 am PST





Meriam Ibrahim and Daniel Wani married in a formal church ceremony in 2011. The couple has an 18-month-old son, Martin, who is with Meriam in jail.

International outrage is mounting over the death sentence a Sudanese judge ordered for the pregnant wife of an American citizen — all because she refuses to renounce her Christian faith.

Meriam Ibrahim, 26, was sentenced Thursday after being convicted of apostasy. The court in Khartoum ruled that Ibrahim must give birth and nurse her baby before being executed, but must receive 100 lashes immediately after having her baby for adultery — for having relations with her Christian husband. Ibrahim, a physician and the daughter of a Christian mother and a Muslim father who abandoned the family as a child, could have spared herself death by hanging simply by renouncing her faith.

“We gave you three days to recant but you insist on not returning to Islam,” Judge Abbas Khalifa told Ibrahim, according to AFP. “I sentence you to be hanged to death.”

But Ibrahim held firm to her beliefs.

“I was never a Muslim,” she answered. “I was raised a Christian from the start.”

Ibrahim was raised in the Christian faith by her mother, an Orthodox Christian from Ethiopia. She is married to Daniel Wani, a Christian from southern Sudan who has U.S. citizenship, according to sources who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“I was never a Muslim. I was raised a Christian from the start.”- Meriam Ibrahim

The cruel sentence drew condemnation from Amnesty International, the U.S. State Department and U.S. lawmakers.

“The refusal of the government of Sudan to allow religious freedom was one of the reasons for Sudan’s long civil war,” Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., chairman of the House congressional panel that oversees U.S. policy in Africa, said in a statement. “The U.S. and the rest of the international community must demand Sudan reverse this sentence immediately.”

Amnesty International called the sentence a “flagrant breach” of international human rights law and the U.S. State Department said it was “deeply disturbed” by the ruling, which will be appealed.

Khalifa refused to hear key testimony and ignored Sudan’s constitutional provisions on freedom of worship and equality among citizens, according to Ibrahim’s attorney Al-Shareef Ali al-Shareef Mohammed.

“The judge has exceeded his mandate when he ruled that Meriam’s marriage was void because her husband was out of her faith,” Mohammed told The Associated Press. “He was thinking more of Islamic Shariah laws than of the country’s laws and its constitution.”

Ibrahim and Wani married in a formal ceremony in 2011 and have an 18-month-old son, Martin, who is with her in jail. The couple operate several businesses, including a farm, south of Khartoum, the country’s capital. Wani fled to the United States as a child to escape the civil war in southern Sudan, but later returned. He is not permitted to have custody of the little boy, because the boy is considered Muslim and cannot be raised by a Christian man.

Sudan’s penal code criminalizes the conversion of Muslims into other religions, which is punishable by death. Muslim women in Sudan are further prohibited from marrying non-Muslims, although Muslim men are permitted to marry outside their faith. Children, by law, must follow their father’s religion.

Islamic Shariah laws were introduced in Sudan in the early 1980s under the rule of autocrat Jaafar Nimeiri, whose decision led to the resumption of an insurgency in the mostly animist and Christian south of Sudan. An earlier round of civil war lasted 17 years, ending in 1972. In 2011, the south seceded to become the world’s newest nation, South Sudan.

Sudanese President Omar Bashir, an Islamist who seized power during a 1989 military coup, said his county will implement Islam more strictly now that the non-Muslim south is gone. A number of Sudanese have been convicted of apostasy in recent years, but they have all escaped execution by recanting their faith. Religious thinker and politican Mahmoud Mohammed Taha — a vocal critic of Nimeiri — was sentenced to death after his conviction of apostasy and was executed at the age of 76 in 1985.

Ibrahim’s case first came to the attention of authorities in August, when members of her father’s family complained that she was born a Muslim but married a Christian man. They claimed her birth name was “Afdal” before she changed it to Meriam. The document produced by relatives to indicate she was given a Muslim name at birth was a fake, Mohammed said.

Ibrahim refused to answer the judge when he referred to her as “Afdal” during Thursday’s hearing.

Ibrahim was initially charged with having illegitimate sex last year, but she remained free pending trial. She was later charged with apostasy and jailed in February after she declared in court that Christianity was the only religion she knew.

The US-based Center for Inquiry is demanding that all charges against Ibrahim be dropped, saying the death sentence is a clear violation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which forbids persecution or coercion of religious beliefs and the right to marry.

“Religious belief must never be coerced and free expression must never be punished, through threat of imprisonment, violence, or any other means,” the group wrote in a letter to Sudan’s UN ambassador, H.E. Hassan Hamid Hassan. “This cannot go unanswered, and the world will not stand for it.”

Fox News’ Joshua Rhett Miller and The Associated Press contributed to this report.



Yeung Ki, 41, Chopped Off Ex-Boyfriend “Zhou Hui” Penis and Killed Him With a Hammer

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Yeung Ki, 41, on trial in the city, has admitted killing 32-year-old piano teacher Zhou Hui on Boxing Day 2012 but denies murder, the South China Morning Post reported.

Yeung, a Chinese mainlander and Hong Kong resident, killed Zhou after an affair with the married man lasting years, during which he had deserted her while pregnant and borrowed money without paying it back on numerous occasions, it said.

On the night of the killing, Zhou “beat her, pushed her to the floor, and slapped their daughter”, then “forcibly had sex with her”, the High Court heard, according to the newspaper.

Afterwards, she drugged him with soup laced with sleeping pills, cut off his penis and flushed it down the toilet, then when he was awakened by the pain, beat him to death with “almost uncountable” blows from a hammer, the paper reported the prosecution as saying.

Ki  cut her former boyfriend’s penis with scissors and then killed him with a hammer after he raped her, a Hong Kong court heard, according to a report Tuesday.

Polina Artamonova,17, Found Dead At Bellerbys College

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Posted:Thursday February 20, 2014 @ 2:30 p.m PST


Polina Artamonova, 17, was found collapsed in her room at Bellerbys College in Greenwich, which can charge boarders up to £35,000 a year.

Sources said the teenager, originally from the industrial city of Ufa, had taken drugs and alcohol in the hours leading up to her death.

Paramedics rushed to her third-floor flat, but she could not be saved and was pronounced dead. Police said her death was not being treated as suspicious.

Friends claimed she was heartbroken about a secret relationship with a man and was having “difficulties”.



Mark David Townley, 31, Threatened To Kill Prince Harry

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Posted:Tuesday February 11, 2014 @ 12:16 p.m PST


Ashraf Islam, 31, flew into Heathrow from Thailand before checking into a hotel and travelling to Hounslow police station, where he told police of his plot to kill the Prince the next day.

Islam, originally from Belfast and known as Mark David Townley.

Prince’s Human Bones Found Inside A 2,600 Year-Old Tomb

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Source: The Local Itlay

Media: The Local Italy

Posted: Tuesday September 24, 2013 @ 6:00 p.m. PST


Archaeologists in central Italy are celebrating the discovery of an Etruscan tomb, still intact after 2,600 years.


The bones of a prince were found inside the tomb in the ancient city of Tarquinia in Lazio, Il Messaggero reported.

Archeologists from the University of Turin and the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Southern Etruria were said to be astonished by the discovery.

“The biggest surprise was the intact state of the monument,” Alessandro Mandolesi, professor of antiquity at the University of Turin, told the newspaper.

In addition to the human bones, the archaeologists also found vases and ornamental objects.

Work is still underway at the site, with early finds suggesting the tomb was built for two.

“There are two platforms, one bigger and the other narrower. It was probably for a couple, especially if you consider the objects. The point of an iron spear is male…while other objects such as a jewellery box are female,” Mandolesi said.

“The most striking thing is the ‘aryballos’ [a type of vase], found hanging on a nail after 2,600 years,” he added.

Mayor Mauro Mazzola hailed the discovery as a welcome boost to the area’s cultural heritage, which would in turn boost tourism, Il Messaggero reported.

Prince's bones found in 2,600-year-old tomb

Rawen, An 8-Year Old Girl Dead After Intercourse With Her 40-Year Old Husband

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Posted:Tuesday September 10, 2013 @ 10:07 p.m. PST




An eight-year-old Yemeni girl died of internal bleeding on her wedding night after marrying a man five times her age.

“On the wedding night and after intercourse, she suffered from bleeding and uterine rupture which caused her death,” Othman told Reuters. “They took her to a clinic but the medics couldn’t save her life.”

Othman said authorities had not taken any action against the girl’s family or her husband.

the girl, identified only as Rawan, was married to a 40-year-old man late last week in the town of Meedi in Hajjah province in northwestern Yemen.

Duoduo, 5-Year-Old Boy Pilot Breaks The Guinness Record

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Source: China Daily / China Daily By Wang Zhenghua in Shanghai

Media: China Daily

Posted: Monday September 2, 2013 @6:07p.m. PST


5-year-old pilot in #China:

Duoduo, a 5-year-old boy, has broken the Guinness record for the youngest person to fly a light airplane alone. The boy’s father proudly calls himself an “eagle dad,” which has stirred up a heated debate about proper #parenting. Your thoughts?

Duoduo 5 year-old pilot

A man known for his tough teaching style is trying to get his 5-year-old son recognized as theworld’s youngest pilot.

At the request of the father, He Liesheng, the boy, nicknamed Duoduo, flew a total 47 minutesin two flights around the Beijing Wildlife Zoo in Gu’an county, Hebei province, on Saturdayafternoon. The feat followed Duoduo’s 20 days of flight lessons at a private club.

“I am preparing video clips for Guinness World Records and the World Record Association toget certification for my son as the youngest pilot in the world,” the father said in a telephoneinterview from his home in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, on Monday.

“Duoduo is very excited about his brave act and is in high spirits.”

The father added that he had asked for a day off school for his son on the first day of the newsemester so that the boy could stay at home and give media interviews.

The father made headlines last year after the media reported that he had forced the youngchild to run naked in the snow. The reports generated controversy and gained He thenickname “Eagle Dad”.

His next plan for the boy is trekking through Hoh Xil, China’s least-populated area, in thenorthwestern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The journey will consist of walking, riding abicycle and unicycle, and driving a car in certain sections, he said. They will set off on thejourney as early as the end of October, he added.

The father, 44, considers himself a new Chinese parental archetype in the tradition of the so-called tiger mom.

“Gradually, the public started to accept my education approach”, which features a variety ofchallenges to help the boy become tough-minded, he said.

The father previously arranged for the boy to take part in an international sailing competition inShandong province in August 2012, and to climb the 3,776-meter Mount Fuji in Japan in 15hours one month later.

In the most recent feat, the boy, dressed in professional flight gear, flew as high as 100 metersin the air twice on Saturday. The small plane, which has two seats and weighs about 100 kg,took off from a runway in the middle of a field.

A trainer was seated behind the boy in the plane, giving directions. But the trainer stretched outhis arms during the flight to show the boy was controlling the aircraft.

The father said the boy likes car and airplane models, and the idea of having him pilot a planecame up last year.

The boy learned quickly at the club, and the plane was revamped to make it easier for him tocontrol, he added.

“Safety is the top concern, absolutely,” he said. “We would never create an adventure at thecost of my son’s life.”

But still, the news generated mixed public reactions. “As a father, he ignores the feelings of thechild and only pursues his own purposes. Is that the education approach we aim for?” said ablogger on the Sina Weibo micro-blogging service.

Another blogger said: “I admire such a father. I have been an aviation enthusiast sincechildhood, but I didn’t have a farsighted father like him.”

Even He’s family is divided on his education methods.

“The men of the family support his method, while the older generation and women, such as theboy’s grandmothers and aunts, disagree with it,” He Lieheng, the father’s elder brother, said onMonday.

The essence of the father’s education technique is actually “teaching a child in accordance withhis or her aptitude”, He Lieheng added.

“From my point of view, traditional education focuses too much on textbook knowledge and failsto cultivate a child’s personality and ability to overcome challenges.”

Xiong Bingqi, a columnist on education issues, said that every family can adapt an educationapproach suitable for it, and a method suitable to one family may not be appropriate for others. “The essence of family education is communication.”

Douduo and his father He Liesheng

He Liesheng celebrates with his son, 5-year-old He Yide, after the boy successfully piloted a fixed-wingplane around Beijing Wildlife Zoo on Saturday. The “Eagle Dad” seeks to have his son recognized asthe youngest pilot in the world. [Provided to China Daily]

Marine Lorphelin Crowned Miss France

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Source & Credit: Le Monde

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A student in medicine 19 years from Burgundy was crowned Miss France Saturday, December 8th 2013, a title she wants to take to promote the cause of children and organ donation.

Marine Lorphelin, Miss Burgundy , beat Miss Tahiti and Miss Pas-de -Calais, Miss Martinique and Miss Pays de Loire, at the end of an evening organized at the Zenith of Limoges and broadcast by TF1.

This pretty brunette with green eyes 1.76 indicated that my dream was to becomean obstetrician or pediatrician. It intends to use its title to “defend the cause of children and organ donation” . “When we talk more, I think that attitudes can change” , says the girl, who has a sister 15 years and a brother 12 years.

She introduced herself as someone “natural, generous and Endorsement” , “who will discover with pleasure all the regions of France and the world if possible” in his new role.

She, as is tradition, burst into tears on hearing she had won, while the actor Alain Delon , the life president of the jury, he plastered one kiss in the neck after having proclaimed.


Trembling voice, the new Miss France immediately called on viewers to make a donation to the Telethon, organized charity marathon this weekend in France tofinance research on rare genetic diseases.

The young woman is sophomore Medicine in Lyon, after honors in a contest tray and got the first time. She also said to be very athletic and enjoy the athletics for five years, a few minutes after his election by the viewers.

The evening Miss France, one of the highest annual hearings TF1, paid tribute to actresses this year. Tables featuring the candidates spoke Brigitte Bardot ,Catherine Deneuve , Meryl Streep or Marilyn Monroe .

The evening was organized by production company Endemol, owner of the Miss France acquired the family of Genevieve de Fontenay in 2002. It precedes the election of 48 hours dissenting Miss Prestige National will be held Monday evening at the Lido in Paris .



Karla Vanessa Perez Pregnant With 9 Babies Lied (Video)

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Source & Story Credit: Yahoo Shine Piper Weiss – MSNBC Vitals Staff

Media Credit: Photo (Yahoo Shine) / Video (YouTube unimeddioagencia)

Posted: Monday May 28, 2012 @8:55 p.m. PST




One of the most unbelievable pregnancy claims has been confirmed as a hoax. Karla Vanessa Perez told a major Mexican news station she was pregnant with nine kids.

Mexico’s main broadcaster Televisa broke the story of the 32-year-old mother’s record-breaking multiple pregnancy Thursday, andmajor news outlets around the world picked it up overnight. Gawker already has a tabloid-ready nickname for her: “Nonomom.”

But by end of day Friday, the local newspaper in Perez’s Mexican town challenged her claims. According to a reporter from El Diario de Coahuila who spoke with Perez’s mother, she is not pregnant at all. A Telemundo reporter also claimed to have evidence that Perez is lying, according to MSNBC. By Friday evening, Reuters, one of the first major U.S. news outlets to pick up the original story, confirmed what we were already beginning to think. We’d been had.

Televisa says she provided them with very convincing evidence of her condition, including an ultrasound. Health officials and local politicians were rallying behind her and she was willing to speak on camera about the whole thing. In the video of a news broadcast, Karla appeared remarkably calm considering what she said lay ahead. That should have been a tip off.

But maybe the world just wanted to believe. The idea of the ‘mega-multiple mom’ has become a modern day Icarus story. A symbol of how medical advancements can  lead to amazing physical feats and unexpected problems. See Kate Gosselin’s rise and fall, and Octomom’s perpetual tragedy. The less well-known moms of septuplets (an average of one per year in the U.S.) grapple with the very serious health risks of carrying so many children, and later the financial burdens of raising them. For those who know them it’s a personal challenge, but for the public at large, it’s a curiosity, and one that an entire network once rested its laurels on (yes you, TLC). In popular culture, mothers of 6 or more multiples are considered acrobats, superheros, biological anomalies and reflections of our complicated relationship toward motherhood. The thought that a woman, namely Perez, had taken it all one step further was just curious enough to stifle our cynicism.

It’s not clear how many people were involved in Karla’s hoax, but her story roped a lot of people in. After claiming financial hardship, her town mayor Ernesto Cepeda Valdes, promised to be “like godparents to those babies and give all the support we can.” He’ll probably be taking that promise back now.

Just over the border in Houston, an undisputed mother of mega-multiples is recovering after her emergency delivery. Laura Perkins gave birth at 30 weeks to three boys and three girls ranging in size from 1 pound 10 ounces to 2 pounds 15 ounces. Five of the babies are doing well, though Perkins reports on her blog that one is in more critical state. “One baby is sick, but making progress,” reads a blog update on the Perkins’ site. “In the NICU, things change hourly so we’re constantly getting updates.”

In contrast to the great Nonomom fiasco, Perkins is a sobering reminder. Multiple pregnancy is very real, very serious and something nobody can pretend to understand unless they’ve been there.



According to MSNBC, reports that a Mexican woman is pregnant with nine babies are not true, according to El Diario de Coahuila, the local newspaper in the town were the woman lives.

Mexican television stations aired interviews with Karla Vanessa Perez of the northeastern state of Coahuila, which borders Texas, where she claimed fertility treatments led to this multiple pregnancy and also that she already had triplets.

The story was widely reported by various media outlets, including

But when reporters from the Mexican newspaper investigated, they learned she’s actually not pregnant at all. Her mother, Francisca Castañeda, told El Diario de Coahuila that Perez has three children, ages 15, 12 and 4 and after the last was born, had an operation to prevent her from getting pregnant again.

David Vila, a reporter with Telemundo, also contacted the office of Mexico’s Secretary of Health, which confirmed she wasn’t pregnant. The office had initially reached out to her to offer to help.

José Salvador Gallegos Mata, a member of the Mexican Society of Gynecology and Urology told the newspaper that someone who would make such false claims “needs to urgently say ‘I’m here. Please look at me, I exist.’” He added, “That woman needs urgent psychological treatment.”

Karla Perez speaks on Mexican TV about being pregnant with nine children (via info7). Story Credit: Yahoo Shine Piper Weiss / Photo Credit: Yahoo Shine via info7



LINK:Karla Vanessa Perez Pregnant With 9 Babies – Six Girls And Three Boys (Photos & Video Link)

Princess Marie-Christine Of Kent Rumored “Toyboy” Tycoon Mikhail Kravchenko Brutally Murdered (Photos)

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Source & Story Credit: Daily Mail – Will Stewart

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Posted: Sunday May 20, 2012 @2:58 p.m. PST


  • Mikhail Kravchenko caused a royal scandal after being pictured holding hands with the princess
  • The 46-year-old furniture company tycoon’s bullet-ridden body was found in his Mercedes
  • The princess denied an affair with eligible friend Kravchenko, but many believed otherwise
  • Police in Moscow are investigating but say the reason why he was targeted remains a mystery

Princess Michael’s Russian friend once dubbed her ‘toyboy’ was shot and killed near Moscow early today in what appears to be a brutal contract murder.

Mikhail Kravchenko, a 46-year-old furniture company tycoon, caused a royal scandal after he and the princess were photographed holding hands and staring lovingly into each other’s eyes as they wandered round Venice during a four day holiday in April 2006.

His bullet-riddled body was found in his Mercedes car at the elite Peredelkino country house neighbourhood close to the Russian capital.

At the time, the princess denied an affair, though many believed the photographs suggested otherwise.

The pictures, originally in the News of the World, raised significant doubts about the state of her royal marriage to Prince Michael of Kent.

‘The body of a man with a gunshot wounds was found at a Mercedes in the Peredelkino neighbourhood,’ said a police source.

Russian news agency Itar-Tass another other sources reported the victim was millionaire Kravchenko.

The immediate reasons why he was targeted are unknown.

He was driving from his home in his limonene around 2am when he was overtaken and the road blocked, say police.

Gunmen shot him five times in his body before dragging him from his car and shooting him in the head.

Some accounts said there were a total of ten shots.

When she was seen with him in Venice, Kravchenko was regarded as one of Moscow’s most eligible men. He has been single since his wife Svetlana and daughter Maria were killed in a car crash five years earlier.

He was also seen as more modest and unassuming than many wealthy Russian businessmen. He would often be seen without bodyguards, a rarity for the new-rich elite in Moscow.

After the pictures were revealed, the princess claimed in Hello magazine: ‘I hold hands with all my friends. I don’t think that’s being intimate at all. I’m a very tactile person. The true nature of our relationship is that it is a very good friendship.’

Her marriage to Prince Michael, the Queen’s cousin, was ‘very strong’.

The princess later worked as a design consultant to Kravchenko who runs several hundred furniture stores across Russia, including the brand March 8, one of the best known in Russia.

The royal couple were later seen together with Kravchenko at a charity event in Russia.

Later in 2006, Kravchenko became seriously ill with malaria while making a travel film in Kenya with a Russian TV crew.

He was flown home. At the time a spokesman for the princess said: ‘As friends, the Prince and Princess are naturally concerned.’

Prince Michael was in Russia last week without the princess. He flew to St Petersburg to be awarded with a degree by a Russian university for services to British-Russian relations.

The prince was mired in controversy last week after revelations he had accepted £320,000 in secret payments from Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, a leading foe of President Vladimir Putin.

The payments via an offshore company from Berezovsky – who is exiled in London – were disclosed in court documents.


PRINCESS MARIE–CHRISTINE OF KENT WIFE OF HRH PRINCE MICHAEL OF KENT WITH MICHAEL KRAVCHENKO.Hand-in-hand: Princess Michael of Kent with Russian millionaire Mikhail Kravchenko in Venice, where they spent four days together. Kravchenko was found dead today. Story Credit: Daily Mail Photo Credit: Daily Mail


PRINCESS MARIE–CHRISTINE OF KENT WIFE OF HRH PRINCE MICHAEL OF KENT WITH MICHAEL KRAVCHENKO. Princess Michael of Kent with Russian millionaire Mikhail Kravchenko were alleged to have shared a suite at the Cipriani, one of Venice’s most glamorous hotels. Story Credit: Will Stewart / Photo Credit: Daily Mail


Shahin Najafi Iranian Rapper Gets Death Threats & $100,000 Bounty To Kill Him Over Song “Naghi” (Video)

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Source & Story Credit: CNN – Brad Lendon

Media Credit: Photo (CNN) ( / Video (YouTube gijgah) (BiganeganTV)

Posted: Thursday May 17, 2012 @2:15 a.m. PST



An Iranian rapper is facing death threats and has a $100,000 bounty on his head for a song that some say insults an Islamic Shiite imam.

Shahin Najafi, who sings in Farsi and lives in Germany told the German website Qantara that the song “Naghi” is not about a religious figure but about the state of society in Iran.


“The story with ‘Naghi’ was just a pretext,” Najafi said in an interview with Qantara, which the German Foreign Office funds to promote dialogue with the Islamic world.


“For me it is more of an excuse to talk about completely different things. I criticize Iranian society in the song. It seems as though people are just concentrating on the word ‘imam,’ ” Najafi is quoted as saying.



Religious figures in Iran see it differently.


“Following the affront by rap singer Shahin Najafi against Imam Hadi (7th Imam of Shias) in a song called ‘Naghi’, his apostasy sentence has been issued by Ayatollah Safi Golpayegani,” Iran’s official Fars News Agency said in a website posting in Farsi.


Golpayegani is a grand ayatollah, which means the highest- ranking authority in Shiite Islam after prophets and imams. Being an apostate, or someone who forsakes Islam, is punishable by death under Iranian law.


“If the song contains any insults or indecency towards Imam Naghi, then it is blasphemy, and God knows what to do,” Golpayegani, a 92-year-old Iranian cleric, is quoted as saying by Qantara.


A post on the blog entegham says Najafi should be sentenced to death.


“According to article 513 of Islam’s penal code: Anyone who insults the sanctity of Islam, anyone of the great prophets, the Imams, and Sadigheh Tahereh (the prophet’s daughter) should be executed,” the post says.


The Iranian website is offering $100,000 to anyone who kills Najafi. The money is being put up by “a philanthropist” in a Persian Gulf state, the website says.


In a blog post on Najafi, The Guardian in the UK calls Najafi “the Salman Rushdie of music,” a reference to the author of “The Satanic Verses,” who was given a religious death sentence by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1989 after Khomeini said Rushie’s book was blasphemous.


But writing in the state-run newspaper Kayhan, columnist Sadollah Zarei says Najafi’s case is different from Rushdie’s, according to a New York  Times report.


“This fatwa does not represent the government of Iran,” Zarei is quoted as saying. “This is done by a religious group in our society.”


Nevertheless, Najafi told Qantara he has taken “precautionary measures.”


“We do, after all, live in a country where there are rules and procedures for such predicaments. So there is nothing to worry about,” he told Qantara.

Shahin Najafi Death Threat. Photo Credit: CNN


Shahin Najafi Photo Credit:





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Azmin Ali (Deputy President) Allegedly Engaged In Sex Acts With An Unidentified Woman On A Toilet Gone Viral (Photo Link & Video)

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Source & Story Credit: Yahoo Malaysia – Utusan Malaysia

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Posted: Sunday May 6, 2012 @11:35 p.m. PST

According to Yahoo Malaysia, Kulim-Bandar Baharu Datuk Zulkifli

Noordin today claimed that a video clip purportedly showing Parti Keadilan

Rakyat (PKR) deputy president Azmin Ali in compromising positions with a woman

that is being widely circulated lately, is the work of PKR insiders.

He claimed that the insiders resorted to circulating the video to topple

Azmin as the number two in the party.

“I know who is behind the video clip. I will reveal all at the appropriate

time,” he told reporters after delivering a political talks in Kampung Sungai

Kiat here.

He added that there were more such videos of leaders from the opposition.


After the sex scandal involving Adviser of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Anwar Ibrahim, there is another bombshell, this time linked with Azmin Ali.

It came about when several blogs carried photographs and videos of Azmin found in compromising position with a lady.

True to what Anwar did, Azmin also denied that he is the individual in the photographs. It is the same scrip that his boss has rehearsed.

However many bloggers questioned the denial by fortifying proof that the person in the photograph is indeed Azmin by comparing that the shirt he wore at one of PKR function is the same to the ones in that picture.

Several former PKR leaders, headed by Muhammad Zahid Md Arip, also challenged him to come forward to take sumpah laknat (a religious oath) at the National Mosque after last Friday prayer but Azmin was nowhere to be seen.

Others, including her sister, Ummi Hafilda, want him to make police report if he is not involved. But till yesterday, there is still no such report been made. It is strange why Azmin refused the case to be investigated as if he has something to hide.

Whatever it is, Awang is of the view that PKR lead by Wan Azizah Wan Ismail should act fast in order to protect the good name of the party whose image is going downhill. Internal investigation must be carried out even though Azmin is the Deputy President. Azmin should have at least be directed to go on leave from his post as Member of Parliament and State Assemblyman as what another member of the party Elizabeth Wong had done in similar case not long ago. Otherwise, PKR would be seen as free and perverted sex party.

PHOTOS LINKS BELOW:  PHOTOS LINK: Azmin Ali Engaging In Sex Acts With An Unidentified Woman

2. PHOTOS LINK: Azmin Ali Engaging In Sex Acts With An Unidentified Woman

According to Yahoo Malaysia: The pictures can be found in various blogs, including,,, and

Natalee Holloway Alleged Killer Joran Van der Sloot May Head To United States

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Source & Story Credit: New York Daily News – Nina Mandell

Photo Credit: inquisitr

Posted: Tuesday April 24, 2012 @ 12:05 p.m PST


According to  New York Daily News,  American authorities want to try Joran Andreas Petrus van der Sloot on charges of extortion and wire fraud in the Holloway case.

“I think he will be extradited within the next three months,” said Van der Sloot’s attorney, Maximo Altez. “He will go to trial in the United States. Once he is sentenced, he will return to Peru to finish serving his 28 years, and then go back to the States to serve whatever sentence he gets there.”

According to the report, the only delay is Van der Sloot’s appeal against the extradition, which should be finished in a month.

Van der Sloot was indicted by an American grand jury in 2010 after he allegedly attempted to extort $250,000 from Holloway’s mother for information on her whereabouts. She ended up shelling out $25,000, but the Dutch citizen provided what appears to be false information.

He allegedly used that money to travel to a poker tournament in Peru. If found guilty of extortion, he could face up to 24 years in prison.

Natalee Holloway, who was 18 when she disappeared on a class trip to Aruba, has never been found. Van der Sloot was never charged with her murder, but is believed to be the last person to see her alive and is widely suspected in her death.

She was declared legally dead last January.



Joran Van der Sloot Photo Credit inquisitr


North Korea Threatens To Put South Korea To Ashes In Less Than 4 Minutes (Video)

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Source & Story Credit: The Envoy Dylan Stableford

Video Credit: ITN News

Posted: Monday April 23, 2012 @ 12:25 p.m PST


According to The Envoy, North Korea’s military vowed a new and unusually specific threat to its neighbors, saying it would reduce South Korea “to ashes” in less than four minutes.


The statement, released Monday when programming was interrupted on North Korea’s state TV by a special report, comes amid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula.


Earlier this month, North Korea was unsuccessful in a long-range missile launch, prompting worries that North Korea may conduct another nuclear test. South Korean officials say new satellite images show that North Korea has been digging a tunnel in what appears to be preparation for a third atomic test.


According to the Associated Press, the statement from North Korea was unusual in promising something soon and in describing a specific period of time.


The North Korean military threatened to “reduce all the rat-like groups and the bases for provocations to ashes in three or four minutes, (or) in much shorter time, by unprecedented peculiar means and methods of our own style.”


For months the North has castigated South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and the conservative  administration for insulting their leadership and criticizing a  new cruise missile capable of striking anywhere in the south.


South Korean officials responded, urging North Korea to end the threats. “We urge North Korea to immediately stop this practice,” Unification Ministry spokesman Kim Hyung-suk said, according to the Associated Press. “We express deep concern that the North’s threats and accusations have worsened inter-Korean ties and heightened tensions.”


Meanwhile, in a meeting Sunday with a North Korean delegation in Beijing, China’s senior official on foreign policy praised the leadership shown by North Korea’s new young leader, Kim Jong Un.


The meeting follows the April 13 launch of what the United States called a disguised ballistic missile test by North Korea. The rocket disintegrated minutes after launch.




Howard Shaw 41, Grandson Of Cinema Mogul Runme Shaw, Charged For Allegedly Paid $500 For Sex With An Underaged Prostitute (Videos)

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Source & Story Credit: Yahoo News

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Posted: Wednesday April 18, 2012 @2:40 p.m. PST



Prominent local newsmaker Howard Shaw was among four additional men that were charged in court on Wednesday for having paid sex with an underaged prostitute.


Aside from Shaw, former UBS top banker and Swiss national Buergin Juerg, ex- teacher Chua Ren Cheng and 49-year-old Edward Whistler Go were also charged.


Prominent in social circles and a well-known advocate of the green movement, Howard is the grandson of Runme Shaw, co-founder of cinema operator Shaw Organisation.

According to a report last year, the former executive director of the Singapore Environment Council has two daughters aged 9 and 11. He graduated in 1995 from Oxford  Brookes University in England.

The 41-year-old is among the biggest names tagged in a case that saw public servants, a former school principal and a businessman among the 44 men charged with the same offence in court on Monday.
Based on the charge sheet, Shaw allegedly paid $500 for sex with a girl who is under 18 on 30 October at 3:22pm at Hotel 81 Bencoolen.

Friends of Shaw expressed surprised over the news of the charge. One friend who asked not to be named told Yahoo! Singapore said she was shocked when she heard about it, but then added: “To be fair, it could have been anyone else, even in the high places.”

His current employer Halcyon Agri Corporation, where he is the senior vice president of corporate social responsibility, declined to comment when contacted.
On its website, Halcyon describes itself as an integrated producer and merchandiser of a special grade of rubber, most widely used for making vehicle tyres.
Howard Shaw is not the only high-profile executive to be charged on Wednesday.

Juerg, who is former head of operations at UBS Investment Bank in Singapore, allegedly paid $600 and $650 for sex with the girl in Shangri-La Hotel and Mandarin Oriental Hotel on September 2012 and January this year respectively.
Of the four charged on Wednesday, Chua was the only one to plead guilty to the charges.

A former colleague of Chua, who declined to be named, told Yahoo! Singapore that the news took him by surprise.

He said Chua had been a dedicated teacher during their time teaching at Jurong Junior College and that he was very professional in his conduct throughout. He said Chua dressed well and always looked presentable, so the fact he had engaged the services of a prostitute came as a shock, not only to him but their former ex-colleagues too.

A total of 48 men have now been charged with having paid sex with the underaged prostitute, who so far has not been named. They engaged her services, which were advertised on a website, between Sep 2010 and February last year.

Of the 44 charged before Wednesday, all but the ex-principal claimed trial. Those challenging the charges are expected to say they were not aware the girl was a minor, according to ST.

Lee Lip Hong, 39, the former principal of Pei Chun Public School, admitted to two charges of having paid $500 on each of two occasions for sex with the girl at Hotel 81 Bencoolen on Sept 26 and Dec 24, 2010, reported the same paper.


Also charged for allegedly paying $500 for sex with the underage girl on each of four occasion is 45-year-old businessman Foo Kim Meng.


Chia Kok Peng, 38, former senior legal counsel of the National Environmental Agency, and nine public servants are also among those charged.


The website offering the girl’s services was allegedly run by entrepreneur Tang Boon Thiew.


In February, up to 80 people were involved in a major police probe into an online prostitution ring, including an ex-principal and top civil servants.

Howard Shaw is among the 48 men so far charged with having paid sex with an underage girl. Photo & Story Credit: Yahoo News



Piermario Morosini 25, Livorno Footballer, Collapsed During Game, Cardiac Arrest & Died (Photos & Videos)

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Posted: Sunday April 15, 2012 @1:47 p.m. PST




Italians have expressed shock and sadness at the death of Livorno footballer Piermario Morosini, who collapsed during a game on Saturday.



The grief was reflected in front-page headlines in most of Italy’s Sunday newspapers.


Some focused on his tragic past. Morosini lost both his parents before he was 18, and shortly after that his disabled brother killed himself.


All Italian matches were cancelled and an autopsy will be held on Monday.


‘Only tears’


Morosini, 25, had been on loan from Serie A side Udinese when he collapsed on the pitch in the 31st minute while playing in Livorno’s Serie B game at Pescara.


He tried to get up a number of times before receiving heart massage on the pitch. A defibrillator was also used before an ambulance took him to Pescara’s Santo Spirito hospital.


Doctors there tried unsuccessfully to revive him for 30 minutes.


Hospital consultant Leonardo Paloscia said: “Morosini never had a single heartbeat again. From when I arrived he never gave a sign of revival, not in his respiration nor his heartbeat.”


Dr Paloscia said it was unlikely any cause could be determined until after the autopsy.


Pescara goalkeeper Luca Anania said players did not immediately understand the seriousness of the incident.


“There was great confusion and I seemed to understand that there was also a bit of delay in help arriving. Some of my teammates helped carry the stretcher by hand to the ambulance.”


Many players left the field in tears.


The Italian press on Sunday paid tribute to Morosini.


Turin-based Tuttosport’s headline read, “We have lost a son”, while La Repubblica’s editorial was headlined, “Incredulous and helpless”.


The Gazzetta dello Sport focused on the controversy over the medical assistance.


An inquiry has been launched into why a traffic police car had to be broken into and removed as it was blocking the ambulance’s entrance.


The Corriere dello Sport focused on the tragic elements of Morosini’s life, which left him alone with his disabled elder sister. “A life marked by pain,” was its headline.


Morosini was an Italy under-21 international and played for a number of clubs, including Atalanta, Reggina, Padova, Bologna and Vicenza.


“He was golden, always trying to help his family,” Atalanta youth team director Mino Favini told Associated Press.


Fifa president Sepp Blatter tweeted: “Only tears. There are no words to express what I tried to when I found out about Piermario Morosini’s death.”


The tragedy follows a similar incident involving Bolton’s Fabrice Muamba last month.


He was technically “dead” for 78 minutes after collapsing in an FA Cup tie against Tottenham but is now making “strong and steady improvements”.


Following Muamba’s collapse, attention had been drawn to the situation for athletes in Italy, which has mandatory cardiac screening for all young people engaged in organised sport.


The charity Cardiac Risk in the Young says that the Italian measures have reduced the incidence of young sudden cardiac death in Italy by 90% in the 30 years since the screening was introduced.

Piermario Morosini.Photo Credit:The Original Winger
Piermario Morosini. Photo Credit:
Piermario Morosini. Photo Credit: Radar Online
Piermario Morosini. Photo Credit: Fox Sports
Piermario Morosini. Photo Credit: MSN Fox Sports





May Piermario Morosini Rest In Peace.

Analia Bouter’s Newborn Baby Girl Found Alive After 12 Hours In Morgue (Video)

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Source & Story Credit: Fox News Latino –Based on reporting by EFE and Newscore

Video Credit:  / (TVPublicaArgentina)

Posted: Wednesday April 11, 2012 @ 5:15 p.m. PST


A newborn baby declared dead by doctors in northern Argentina was found alive  in a morgue 12 hours later by the infant’s mother, who insisted on opening the  child’s coffin to say goodbye.


Analia Bouter said she was sedated at the time her daughter was born three  months premature at Perrando de Resistenccia Hospital in Chaco last Tuesday  morning and was told by doctors that the child was stillborn.


We went to the morgue, and they showed us the casket nailed closed.  My husband managed to open the drawer, where we found her wrapped in a white  sheet and saw her tiny hand touch her face.

– Analia Bouter, Infant’s Mother


When Bouter and her husband visited the hospital morgue later that day, they  had to pry open the baby’s casket to say farewell — and they spotted their tiny  daughter breathing and stretching, reported.


Bouter said, “We went to the morgue, and they showed us the casket nailed  closed. My husband managed to open the drawer, where we found her wrapped in a  white sheet and saw her tiny hand touch her face.”


The shocked mother said she heard her baby cry, and “I fell to my knees.”


“He used a lever and opened the coffin. Suddenly, I heard a whine. (The baby)  was covered (and there was a lot of) frost,” the mother said.


Bouter likened the baby to a “bottle of ice” after being kept in the  refrigerated morgue for 12 hours. The infant remained in the hospital Wednesday  but was described as being in good health.


Bouter said she thought she was hallucinating when her daughter moved, and  doctors have told her that “nobody knows how she could have survived 12 hours in  a refrigerated room,” according to her interview with Todo Noticias  television.


The couple originally intended to call their fifth child Liliana Abigail but  have since changed her name to Luz Milagros, which means “Miracle Light.”


“This is more of a miracle. In my family we are believers, and now our faith  in God is much bigger, “the girl’s father, Fabian Veron, 31, said.


The news hit hard for the couple already going through tough times. The  husband, Fabian Veron, 31, had lost his job at a maintenance company, which was  the only household income for their four other boys, according to Clarin, an Argentinean newspaper.


Rafael Sabatinelli, the deputy health secretary of Chaco Province, described  the situation as “unfortunate” and confirmed that the medical staff involved  were suspended while authorities investigated the incident.


“Each member of the personnel who were involved in the matter has  responsibilities. So, they will have to pay accordingly for this,” said  Sabatinelli in remarks cited by Diario Norte newspaper on its Web site.


“We’re awaiting the results of the corresponding reports so that the matter  may be clarified,” he added.






Fakhra Younus 33, Pakistani Dancer Acid Attack Victim Committed Suicide (Photos & Videos)

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Source & Story Credit: Daily Mail – Chris Parsons

Media Credit: Photo (Daily Mail) / Video (Geo News English) (Geo News) (allabtmqmseven)

Posted: Wednesday March 28, 2012 @ 10:40 a.m. PST



  • Fakhra Younus said ‘My face is a prison’ after attack which melted her nose
  • She had undergone 39 separate surgeries to repair damage
  • Leapt to her death from sixth floor Rome building earlier this month
  • Her ex-husband was charged with attempted murder in 2002 but has since been acquitted

A Pakistani former dancing girl left fighting for life by a ‘horrific’ acid attack has committed suicide a decade after being heavily facially disfigured.

Fakhra Younus, 33, leapt to her death from a sixth floor building in Rome 12 years after the acid attack which she said left her looking ‘not human’.

At the time of her attack in May 2000, her ex-husband Bilal Khar was the man accused of entering her mother’s house and pouring acid over Younus’s face as she slept.

The attack, which took place in front of Younus’s then five-year-old son, left her unable to breathe and fighting for life.

Her was almost completely melted and she has since undergone 39 separate surgical procedures to repair her disfigured face over the past decade.

Fakhra Younas before she was attacked and burned with acid. Photo Credit: Daily Mail
Fakhra Younas after she was attacked and burned with acid in May 2000. Photo Credit: Daily Mail via Reuters






Laid To Rest In Karachi, MQM Leaders Along With Family Members Receive At Airport:



10-Year Girl Gives Birth In Spain (Shocking Story)

Source: Latino Fox News

Posted: Wednesday February 1, 2012 @ 11:05 p.m. PST

Topic: 10-year old Gives Birth In Spain

10-Year-Old Gives Birth, Causing  Alarm

By Carolyn Salazar &  Jessica Ryen  Doyle

Published November 04, 2010

| Fox News Latino

  • younggirlsilouette


    Nov. 4: Authorities are questioning the health A 10-year-old girl  who gave birth in Spain last week.

Authorities are examining the health a 10-year-old  girl who gave birth in Spain last week.

Social workers inspected the home of the girl, who  is Romanian, to determine whether her baby is properly cared for, officials  said. They would not say what they found, but the town’s mayor called the home “modest.”

The case has shocked Spaniards and created an  international sensation – news of the birth went viral on the Internet. But  medical professionals have expressed concerns over the young mother’s health,  especially since it’s unclear whether she received any medical attention the  last few months of her pregnancy.

“A very comprehensive approach to her care needs to  be instituted early in her pregnancy,” said Dr. Manny Alvarez, a gynecologist  who is managing editor of

The girl’s age places her at significant risk, he  said. Officials say she had not seen a doctor before showing up at a hospital  last week.

“This is a very high-risk pregnancy because the  anatomy of a 10-year-old is not mature,” Alvarez said. “They are at higher risk  of hypertension and pelvic trauma and tend to end up having caesarean deliveries  because their vaginal anatomy is so immature.”

Leading daily El Pais and other Spanish news media  said prosecutors had announced they would investigate whether the parents might  be guilty of any negligence if the 10-year-old child was not registered for  school or had not received sufficient pre-natal care.

The girl’s mother told reporters earlier this week  that she’s delighted to have a new granddaughter and doesn’t understand the fuss  the birth has caused. She said the baby’s father is a 13-year-old boy who is  still in Romania.

She also said since they are Romanian Gypsies, or  Roma, it is their custom to marry very young. Arranged “marriages” for girls  reaching puberty are relatively common among Roma, who make up about 1.5 million  of Romania’s 22 million people. Those marriages are not recognized by the state,  which requires girls to be 16 and have parental consent before they can  marry.

Dr. Abdulla Al-Khan, a leading high-risk  obstetrician, said this case was not about teen pregnancy, it’s about a pre-teen  whose body is not yet built to carry a child.

“Her chest is not extensively developed for breast  tissue, her bones aren’t quite fused, and once you expose a child this young to  high amounts of progesterone and especially estrogen, there is (a possibility)  that it could halt her growth,” Al-khan said.

There are also psychological issues associated with  pre-teen pregnancy because a 10-year-old cannot be mentally ready to give birth,  Al-Khan said.

“This is heart-wrenching because you have a kid  whose mental capacities can’t possibly wrap themselves around what it means to  be a mother,” agreed Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist and Fox News contributor.  “There are so many psychological minefields in store for her. Feelings of guilt,  feelings of wanting to nurture another human being, and yet this is all very,  very complex and intense when she looks to her own family to essentially  support, and if you will, father her child.”

The youngest documented case of a child pregnancy  was in 1939 in Lima, Peru, Al-Khan said. Lina Medina was six years old when she  became pregnant and gave birth to a baby.

The Associated Press contributed to this  report

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