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Jam Hsiao Four Men Arrested For Urine Splash Attack

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Source: Channel News Asia

Media: Channel News Asia

Posted: Monday November 4, 2013 @ 12:04 p.m. PST



Four people have been arrested on Sunday in connection with a recent incident where Taiwan singer Jam Hsiao had a container of faeces and urine splashed into his car, reported Taiwan media.


Zhang Zhe Zhi, a man with links to a Taiwan criminal organisation, was among the four arrested in Taiwan, and claimed responsibility for masterminding the attack on Hsiao.


He said he had ordered his underlings to attack Hsiao because he wanted to help a woman surnamed Wu, who fell down after being shoved by Hsiao’s staff at one of his mini-concerts, teach the singer a lesson.


Zhang said he did so because Wu had taken care of him during his time in prison.


Taiwan police said they are currently still investigating the case, and have not ruled out summoning Yuki, one of Hsiao’s fans who had previous disputes with the singer, for questioning.


Hsiao returned to Taiwan on Sunday, after a business trip to China, to assist in investigations.


He was flanked by two bodyguards and wore a cap with an elongated transparent visor that covered over half his face, an unusual piece of headgear widely believed to be a precaution against possible ‘splash attacks’.

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Jam Hsiao Moving Away From His Millionaire Stalker Known As Yuki

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Source: Yahoo Singapore


Posted: Tuesday July 23, 2013 @12:23 a.m. PST


2013 Golden Melody Award’s Best Male Singer, Jam Hsiao has been harassed by a wealthy Japanese fan who has decided to purchase a unit in his residence to be near him.

According to UDN, the 40-something fan, known as Yuki, is believed to be from a wealthy background. Reported to be a daughter of a tech company owner in Japan, she allegedly bought a unit worth NTD 40 million (app. USD 1,337,600) in the building where Jam is currently staying.

A source alleged, “Yuki previously invested millions in Jam’s concert, just so she could attend the post-event dinners and get photo opportunity with him. She also bought numerous copies of his album to support him.”

It was also reported that Yuki has been harassing Jam since she moved into his building, appearing at his doorstep late at night with snacks and pressing his doorbell persistently.

An insider stated, “She was later taken away by security, but she kept defending herself saying that she is a neighbour and was doing nothing wrong.”

Jam Hsiao also turned to Facebook to express his annoyance about the incident. He wrote, “How did you manage to find my place? And why did you keep on pressing my doorbell? Please respect others and please respect yourself.”

It was reported that Jam is planning to move to a new place.