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Nagayama Kento Hospitalized From A Motorcycle Accident

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Posted: Sunday April 8, 2012 @3:11 p.m. PST



Japanese actor Nagayama Kento has been hospitalised after suffering a broken knee from a motor accident.


According to Tokyo Hive, Nagayama fell over his motorcycle while on his way back home from voice training. A witness called the emergency services and he was sent to the hospital, where he had to endure surgery.


Nagayama is expected to be hospitalised for a month until he recovers.


Meanwhile, his agency’s official website commented on Nagayama’s accident; “After the accident, Nagayama is fully conscious, and he deeply regrets what he has caused due to his own carelessness. He is admonishing himself for what he has done, and has decided to devote his time to treatments.”


As a result of the accident, Nagayama has been replaced by Nakamura Tomoya for an upcoming stage play in May.

Nagayama Kento Hospitalized From A Motorcycle Accident.

Matsuyama Kenichi And Koyuki Kato Are Parents Of A Baby Boy (Photo Of The Couple)

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Blog Source: Tokyograph / Wikipedia / Channel News Asia

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Posted: Monday January 9, 2012 @ 4:45 pm PST

Topic: Matsuyama Kenichi – Koyuki Kato

Actor Matsuyama Kenichi and his wife Actress/ Model Koyuki Kato (a.k.a. Koyuki) who is best known for playing Tom Cruise’s character’s love interest Taka in the hit film “The Last Samurai”, became parents on January 5, 2012 when they welcomed a healthy baby boy. The couple were married on April 1, 2011. They co-starred in Kamui Gaiden.

According to Channel Asia, “I safely gave birth to a boy on January 5. Fortunately, both I and the baby are doing well,” said Kato through her management company on Sunday. Kenichi said, “I am very happy to welcome a new member to the family”. However, the baby’s name was not released. 
Koyuki will return to work the end of 2012 to focus her on first baby while her husband is working on  NHK taiga drama “Taira no Kiyomori.” The series premiered on January 8, 2012.

Matsuyama Kenichi  (松山ケンイチ) is 26 and Koyuki Kato (加藤 小雪) is 35.

Actor Matsuyama Kenichi And Actress Koyuki Kato