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Kun-aka Qian Kun, Age 19 {SMROOKIES New Chinese Male Member}

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Source:Koreaboo –  Sina

Media: Koreaboo –  Sina

Posted: Tuesday December 22, 2015 @ 1:07 a.m PST






SMROOKIES has unveiled a new male member on December 19th to the shock of many fans.

Going by the stage name Kun, the new addition is reportedly a Chinese member born in 1996. A vocalist, he has already shown his talents before with some self-created a cappella covers of songs by Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou.

Kun, whose birth name is Qian Kun, was reportedly born on January 1st, 1996, in Fujian, China. He attended the Beijing Contemporary Music Institute after making it to the TOP 10 of a 2012 competition called Little Tigers 2.0. Additionally, the rookie has won numerous singing competitions as a young teen and even a handful of compositions under his name as well. It is said that he first appeared at the SMROOKI




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Jay Chou Dyes Hair Blonde Like Kpop Stars But Urges Fans Don’t “Gangam Style” Anymore

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Source & Credit: Yahoo Singapore   Syahida Kamarudin

Media Credit: Yahoo Singapore

Posted: Sunday December 9, 2012 @2:07 a.m. PST


Jay Chou wants the “Gangnam Style” frenzy to stop, or at least to stop being performed by Taiwanese singers.

Channel News reported that during an award ceremony that was held in Beijing on 2 December, the singer urged Mandarin music stars to “unite” and stay ahead of the Korean wave.

Jay stated, “All artistes should unite and don’t “Gangnam Style” anymore. Yes, it is quite humorous, but Mandarin music is much cooler.”

The multi-talented star also added that Mandarin music fans should support Mandarin music, and “not let the Korean wave get too strong”.

However, netizens find it ironic that the singer made the statement whilst sporting blonde hair that resembled a lot of Korean pop stars.

However, Chou dismissed allegations saying that he copied the image, saying the blonde hair is to match his well-defined eight pack abs.

Jay Chou Blonde Hair

Jay Chou Out With Rumored Girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan Hits At Paparazzi (Videos)

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Source & Story Credit: XINMSN

Media Credit: Photo (XINMSN) (The World News) / Video (AppleCGNews) (skyline750313) (JVRmuzic)

Posted: Monday April 2, 2012 @ 3:30 p.m. PST




Why do you have to act like this?

So ask the reporters who incurred the wrath of superstar Jay Chou after they spotted him on a date with rumoured girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan. A video clip of Jay hitting back at the reporters has been widely circulated on the Internet.


Jay and Hannah, along with Jay’s mother, his best friend Will Liu and an entourage of about 20 people, had gone on a date at a teppanyaki restaurant. When the group left at around 11pm, the paparazzi were finally able to get a photo of Jay and Hannah leaving one after another from the front.


Upon realizing the presence of the paparazzi after Hannah and Mrs. Chou boarded their ride, Jay and his friends got into a scuffle with the reporters present.


The video clip that documented Jay’s actions had shown him instructing his friends to form a human barricade to block the three reporters present. Jay had whipped out his mobile phone and filmed the reporters. He referred to them as “Number One, ninja dog”, “Number Two, horse face” and “Number three, monkey with glasses”.


The singer asked the reporters while filming them, “Isn’t this fun? There is no need to hide! Why are you hiding? There is nothing to hide!” The singer reminded the paparazzi to “smile” and even taunted them by saying, “you should go home and study instead of becoming paparazzi.”


One of the reporters finally lost his temper and retorted, “Jay Chou, why do you have to act like this?!” The singer then replied in anger, “You’re not allowed to call my full name!”


The tension escalated when both parties got into a scuffle. Jay’s friend accused a reporter of “hitting his face” but the reporter denied doing so.


It was rumoured that Jay had grabbed the reporter by his collar and slapped him, causing his spectacles to fall. It was also said that Jay had used foul language to scold the reporter. However, these were not present in the video clip.


Two nights ago, Jay had uploaded a clip entitled “Jay’s Cold News” to mock the paparazzi following him.

Jay Chou Confortation The Paparazzi. Photo Credit: XINMSN
Jay Chou and rumored girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan. Photo Credit: The World News