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Jay Park Went Shirtless 9 Times For His Fans {SEXY SIZZLING HOT}

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Media: Koreaboo

Posted: Tuesday August 19, 2014 @ 6:47 p.m PST


Jay Park is known for his muscular body and being extremely fit. So, it’s no wonder that the Rapper, Singer, Producer and B-Boy has taken his shirt off numerous times for his adoring fangirls. Here’s a list of 9 times Jay Park took off his shirt.. and made his fans swoon! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ





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Jay Park Covers “L’uomo Vogue” Sizzling Hot, Super Sexy Abs

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Media: Koreaboo – Jay Park FacebookVogue Italy

Posted: Wednesday June, 18, 2014 @ 6:35 p.m PST


Jay Park poses for “L’uomo Vogue,” the men’s version of “Vogue Italy.” Check out his featured spread!

Solo artist and dancer, Jay Park, graced the pages of the latest edition of the men’s version of “Vogue Italy,” “L’uomo Vogue,” with street chic fashion and deep eyes. Most of the pictures are in black and white, which adds to the pensive poses he holds and his tough demeanor.

In the magazine, he is called “The Fresh Prince of Seoul” for his accomplishments in K-Pop and dancing at the age of 27. He is currently a master on the Mnet program “Dancing 9,” and is acknowledged for his skills as a hip-hop and b-boy dancer.



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Jay Park “Trill” Featuring Rapper DoK2 Released Free Via Soundcloud

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Posted: Friday September 6, 2013 @ 4:10 p.m PST




Jay Park treats fans with a new track!

On September 6th, Jay Park released the new track “Trill”, which is released for free via Soundcloud. The rap, hiphop track also featured rapper Dok2 and producer LODEF.

The track is available for free on AOMGOfficial’s Soundcloud.

Jay Park Answered 7 Questions Including His New Breed Showcase,Tattoos, & Girls (Photo & Videos)

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Source & Story Credit:Yahoo

Media Credit: Photo (Yahoo! Photos/ Elizabeth Soh) / Video (TODAYdigital)

Posted: Saturday April 28, 2012 @ 3:42 p.m. PST



Yahoo! Singapore caught up one on one with Korean hip hop artiste Jay Park ahead of his showcase this Sunday night at St James Power Station.

With a jam-packed schedule of press interviews and fan meets since touching down in Singapore on Friday, Park, 25, looked slightly tired, but the b-boy dynamo says that once he’s on stage, whatever exhaustion he feels just melts away.

“Once I get on stage I’m not tired — just ready to give my best. Sometimes I’ll take a Red Bull and say a quick prayer,” said Park, whose high-energy and physically demanding dance performances have earned him a place among the best hip-hop dancers in the Korean music industry.

His comeback performance on M! Countdown in Korea stirred controversy with the provocative dance choreography of “Know Your Name”, which he termed the “playing with fire dance”.

It involves a female dancer who performs body waves against Park’s body, and drew both admiration and criticism — ultimately, the “New Breed” album sold 80,000 copies in less than a month.

Up close, nothing is cookie-cutter about Park, from his numerous tattoos to his refreshingly open answers in an industry where most stars remain tight-lipped at the merest hint of controversy.

On getting to know a girl in a club like his title track “Know Your Name”

“I don’t know, I guess I’ll just go up to her and ask her, oh, what’s your name? Do you wanna get a drink?” said Park. “I don’t usually do this.”

His tattoos

“My tattoos, they are my way of expression. They all have different meanings to me.” said Park.

His many tattoos include a Korean flag, a Space Needle, a Lion on his chest, and the title of his album, “New Breed” on the side of his hand.

“I tattooed New Breed even before my album came out — to me it means a new breed of artiste — I now do all kinds of things, rap, dance, and all that.”

What if he runs out of space?  “Wow, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll write it down on a piece of paper.” said Park with a laugh.

Turning 25

For his 25th Birthday on the 25th of April, Park spent quality time with his family in Korea.

“We went to eat some sushi, and I did some recording, for my three songs in English. Then I watched the Avengers, which was great.” said Park.

“I do feel like I’m getting older, but I’m okay with it, it’s not an ‘oh no’ thing yet.”

Working with producer Rob Knox and his dream collaboration

“Rob is not intimidating at all, he’s really down to earth. We met, we vibed… he introduced me to James Fauntleroy, who wrote the hit “No Air” for Jordin Sparks,” said Park, who promptly broke out in song.

Fauntleroy composed the track “I Love You” featuring Korean rap group Dynamic Duo for Park’s new solo album.

His dream collaboration ? “There are thousands of singers I can think of, but (the late) Michael Jackson, that would have been great.” said Park, who counts Dr Dre, P Diddy, and Tupac among his musical idols.

On staying real

“I don’t feel like a superstar,” said Park, who added that he keeps in close touch with his family, who live with him in Korea, as well as his close friends in Seattle, who keep him grounded.

To his fans in Singapore

“I didn’t know I had so many fans here, I’m really honored,” said Park, who was greeted by a few hundred fans after touching down at Changi Airport.

On what to bring for fans attending his showcase on Sunday night

“Expect a good show and a little taste of my album, my music. Just bring your body, that’s enough,” said Park, who last performed here in 2010.

Jay Park will be performing at his “New Breed” showcase on 29 April 2012 (Sunday) at 3:30 pm at Dragonfly, St James Power Station, and will also make a guest appearance on Star Awards 2012 later that night.

Jay Park at New Breed Press Conference, 2012. Photo Credit:. P (Yahoo! Photos/ Elizabeth Soh)


According to TODAYdigital, Singer Jay Park gave a press conference in Singapore today, prior to his appearance at the forthcoming Star Awards, and his four-nation Asian tour.

He talks about his ‘zombie-look’ New Breed album cover, his song writing, his ‘abs policy’…and what the girls need to do to get a second date with him.



According to TODAYdigital, Singer Jay Park gave a press conference in Singapore today, prior to his appearance at the forthcoming Star Awards, and his four-nation Asian tour.

He talks about his ‘zombie-look’ New Breed album cover, his song writing, his ‘abs policy’…and what the girls need to do to get a second date with him.

Jay Park Shows Off His Abs On Saturday Freedom (Video)

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Source & Story Credit: KBS World

Video Credit: KBS World

Posted: Thursday April 26, 2012 @12:14 a.m. PST



Singer Jay Park shows off his abs on “Saturday Freedom”, it will air on KBS World on Thursday April 26, 2012.

Jay Park. Photo Credit: Mnet