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5 Star Hunks of January 2013 (Cast Your Vote)

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Posted: Tuesday January 1, 2013 @1:54 a.m. PST


5 Star Hollywood Hunks of January 2013 is the third annual competition. Cast your votes for your favorite and the winner of  January will be in the finals for 5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of The Year 2013 in December. The winner of the 5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of The Year will receive a trophy. January competition ends January 31, 2013 at midnight PST.

The first 5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of The Year 2011 was November featured hunk, singer, songwriter, model, and actor Jaejoong of JYJ and TVXQ.

5 Star Hollywood Hunks Of January  2013 List:


1. Glenn Packard – Choreographer / Dancer (Emmy Nominee For Michael Jackson)

Glenn Packard 1

2. Siwon Choi – Singer / Actor (Super Junior)

Siwon Choi 1

3. Corbin Bleu – Actor/ Singer (High School Musical)

Corbin Bleu 1

4. Blaine Crews – Drummer (Casey James)

Blaine Crews1

5. Jin Akanishi – Singer / Actor

Jin Akanishi 1

Jin Akanishi and Meisa Kuroki Marriage Off To A Bad Start

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Source & Story Credit: Yahoo Malaysia Entertainment –  Casey Lee

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Posted: Tuesday March 27, 2012 @ 3:10 p.m. PST



Singer Akanishi Jin and actress Kuroki Meisa’s marriage are off to a rocky start as Johnny’s Entertainment has cancelled Akanishi’s Japan tour as punishment for his sudden marriage announcement to Kuroki.

According to Tokyo Hive, Akanishi was scheduled for a five city tour in his home country, starting from April to May. However, just as the agency was about to announce the dates of the concerts, Akanishi went ahead and made the announcement about his marriage to Kuroki.

This had upset the agency because Akanishi had failed to inform his agency about his intentions to marry Kuroki first before making the news public. Therefore, the agency decided to make him responsible for his actions by cancelling his tour.

Although the dates of the seven concerts were never announced since it was cancelled after Akanishi’s announcement, the agency has decided to make him pay for the cancellation fees for each of the venues that had been booked for the tour, which is believed to run into the millions of Yen for each location.

Meanwhile, Kuroki made her first public appearance at a product launch for Bandai since she was forced to cancel all her public appearances, including the release event for her latest album in February, after the announcement.

During the event, Kuroki said that she was happy and her physical condition was ‘alright’, although some reports suggest that Kuroki was three months pregnant.

When asked about her alleged pregnancy, she replied; “I will talk about it at another time.”

Akanish and Kuroki registered their marriage on 2 February of this year.

Jin Akashini and Meisa Kuroki.


Meisa Kuroki and Jin Akanishi Dating Or Not (Photos)

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Posted: Saturday January 28, 2012 @ 12:01 am PST

Link: Meisa Kuroki Pregnant And Married To Jin Akanishi True or False

JPop singer Meisa Kuroki and singer-songwriter Jin Akanishi have been in the news that they are dating but Kuroki denied the rumour and said in a statement released by her talent agency, “We’re friends but he is not my boyfriend”. Also, Akanishi’s agency released a statement denying the boyfriend -girlfriend rumour that said “We are not going out.”

The rumour started when Kuroki and Akanishi were seen at Tokyo DisneySea on January 22, 2012; however, they were not by themselves, they were with a group of friends.

Although, Kuroki and Akanishi would look gorgeous together; however, if they did become a couple, their busy careers would break the two apart. So, it’s probably good that they are calling themselves “just friends”.

Kuroki is 23 will release her new album entitled “Unlocked” on February 15, 2012 and Akanishi is 27, a former singer for the Japanese group KAT-TUN and he will be releasing his debut solo album in March 2012 plus tour the United States.

Meisa Kuroki
Jin Akanishi