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Jonathan Taylor Thomas: All Grown Up (Home Improvement) (Video-Shirtless)

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Posted: Thursday December 1, 2011 @12:05 am PST

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas was living in Sacramento, California, when he started to book TV commercials for Mattel, Kellogg’s, and Burger King. He and his family headed to Hollywood in search of bigger roles for Thomas.

The year they arrived in Los Angeles, Thomas landed the role of Greg Brady’s son, Kevin, in CBS’s disastrous “Brady Bunch” continuation series, “The Bradys.” Luckily for Thomas, the show ended and he soon won the role of Randy Taylor, Tim and Jill’s middle son, on “Home Improvement.”

Thomas was also able to film a number of movies between 1991 and 1999, most notably Disney’s 1994 blockbuster “The Lion King,” which featured the then-13-year-old as the voice of Young Simba.

With the releases of  “Man of the House” and “Tom and Huck” in 1995, “The Adventures of Pinocchio” in 1996, and  “Wild America” in 1997, he found himself gracing the covers of every teen magazine. But as JTT mania swept the nation, Thomas started to withdraw from Hollywood.

He wanted to experience life away from a sound stage and — to the shock of many — he left “Home Improvement” at the start of the show’s eighth and final season to pursue his education.

In the years since, Thomas graduated from Columbia University and has appeared in a handful of shows, including “Ally McBeal,” “Smallville,” and “8 Simple Rules.” Thomas has recently stated that he’d like to get back into acting and possibly try his hand at directing.