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Soyou aka Kang Ji-hyun {Former Sistar} Lost 8 kg In a Month

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Posted: Saturday January 6, 2018 @8:47 a.m PST


On a recent episode of SoyouxHani’s Beauty View, Soyou revealed the diet plan she used to lose 8 kg and it’s INSANE.

She revealed to Hani that she stayed on an extreme diet for a month for a bikini photoshoot with Elle.

I barely ate for one month. The whites of four quail eggs and half a cup of milk was my meal.” 

— Soyou’s drastic diet plan

It’s not safe to follow this drastic method and Koreaboo does not recommend doing so without speaking to your doctor.

Four quail eggs is roughly 64 calories only, plus another 57 for the (skim) milk.


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Park Ji Min {K-Pop Star} Difficulty Dieting “The Most Weight I’ve Lost Is 10kg”

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Posted: Tuesday December 30, 2014 @ 4:36 a.m PST



SBS K-Pop Star – Season 1 winner Park Ji Min shared her complaints about dieting in the latest special K-Pop Star special episode of Healing Camp on December 29th.

Park Ji Min revealed, “The most weight I’ve lost is 10kg, and because of the yo-yo effect, I gained back almost double that. I want to be reborn again,” adding that she wants to change her overall appearance.

She continues, “When I take photos and I laugh, my nose opens so much it touches my cheeks. So when I can’t help but laugh, I cover up my nose. I want to have a pretty nose.’

Park Ji Min has also revealed what she had done with her prize money on the same episode of Healing Camp.

15&'s Park Ji Min on "Healing Camp"

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