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2015 Seoul Countdown Lineup

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Posted: Thursday December 25, 2014 @ 3:54 p.m PST


his year’s 2015 Seoul Countdown looks to be a promising night with various musical acts such as BeatBurger and Jay Park, along with many others.

On December 23rd, various artists and label companies revealed the lineup for the 2015 Seoul Countdown. Among the great lineup for this year are BeatBurger, Jay Park, Simon Dominic (Simon D), BTS, San E, B Shoo, LudiSTELLO, and more! This year’s show will be held at the Times Square Mall in South Korea, starting on December 31st at 11AM KST and will be ending at 4AM KST the next morning, totaling to five hours of hip-hop.

Tickets for exciting New Year’s Even show are currently on sale, ranging anywhere from 55.00 KRW to 60.00 KRW.

2015 Countdown Seoul Lineup!

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Lee Seung Chul {Singer} and Wife “Park Hyun Jung” Denied Entrance To Japan

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Source:Koreaboo – Ilgan Sports

Media: Koreaboo – Ilgan Sports

Posted: Tuesday November 11, 2014 @12:07 a.m PST


Lee Seung Chul, famous singer and star judge on one of the longest-running audition shows, Superstar K, has been denied entrance into Japan. Various media outlets have reported that this may have to do with the Dokdo Island controversy.

It is presumed that Lee Seung Chul’s denial of entrance may be Japan’s response to his recent concert in Dokdo Island. The concert consisted of refugees from North Korea who released a new song,”That Day,” which wishes for the unification of Korea.

On November 9th, Lee Seung Chul left for Japan to visit a friend. Following his arrival at Japan’s Haneda Airport, Lee Seung Chul was detained for four hours in the immigration office. When he asked for the reason of his detainment, one of the employee answered, “It’s because of recent media exposure.”However, when he asked why his wife, Park Hyun Jung, was being detained as well, the employee was unable to answer definitively.

Later, when Lee Seung Chul said that he would not let Japan get away with such unfair treatment, the airport’s employees stated that they are denying his entrance based on his past history of marijuana use, years ago. Ironically, Lee Seung Chul has entered Japan on more than 15 separate occasions over a period of 20 years, after his arrest for marijuana use in Korea. He has even held a concert in Japan in the early 2000s. Even Paul McCartney, who was arrested in Japan previously for possessing marijuana, had no problems entering Japan last April.

There were similar cases to Lee Seung Chul’s in the past as well. In 2012, the vice minister of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yamaguchi Tsuyoshi, said “I believe it will be very difficult for Song Il Guk to enter Japan,”after the actor took part in swimming to Dokdo to raise awareness of the controversy between Japan and Korea’s ownership of the island.  To this, Song Il Guk retaliated by updating on his SNS, “I would just like to call out my three sons’ names Daehan, Minguk, Mansae” (The phrase “Daehan Minguk Mansae” translates to “Hooray Republic of Korea”).

Also, in 2011, when Korea and Japan were at a state of dispute regarding the issue, many idol groups, such as BEAST and CNBLUE, were denied entrance to Japan. On the surface, Japan stated there were visa problems, but various entertainment outlets have presumed that it was due to the air of hostility between Japan and Korea.

Currently, Lee Seung Chul has cancelled one week’s worth of schedules in Japan and is taking a break in Korea. In an interview, he stated, “If Japan is going to act in such a way against my rightful actions of voicing my opinion regarding my country and my country’s land, I am going to fight against Japan on this issue even if it means I will never again be able to step foot in Japan.”

lee seung chul

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[Info] 141101 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~ Schedule

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Hari ini Tohoshinki mengumumkan penambahan dua tanggal untuk tur ‘Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~’ 😀

B1 Ufe Rv CQAIm4tm


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miss A, 2PM, GOT7, Wonder Girls, 2AM, & More {JYP Present “ONE MIC”}

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Source:Koreaboo – JYPnation via Twitter

Media:Koreaboo – JYPnation via Twitter

Posted: Monday October 13, 2014 @ 3:46 a.m PST


On October 12, JYP Entertaniment announced they will be bringing their agency family concert “One Mic” to Bangkok!

The entertainment company, whose active artists include miss A, 2PM and GOT7, as well as Wonder Girls, JOO, 2AM, J.Y Park (Park Jinyoung), Baek Ahyeon, 15& and most recently, Bernard Park, is sure to have a killer line-up.

JYP Entertaniment is known for having talents from all around, and two of their hottest groups, 2PM andGOT7 even boast Thai talents in Nichkhun and BamBam, respectively.



JYJ {Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu} “Return of the King” Tour!

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Source:Koreaboo – JYJ Official

Media:Koreaboo – JYJ Official

Posted: Wednesday September 10, 2014 @ 5:55 p.m PST


JYJ is on their way to Taiwan for the next stop of their “Return of the King” tour!

In a picture posted on their official Facebook, the group is casual yet stylish while they lounge in first class on the plane to Taipei. They also included the message, “Hi! Taipei! We’re looking forward to meeting you after three years! To our fans, we’ll see you tomorrow!”

JYJ is currently wrapping up their “Return of the King” Asia tour. The group has already completed their tour stops in Seoul, Hong Kong, Beijing, Vietnam and Chengdu. After their show in Taipei, JYJ will have one final show in Shanghai to finish off their Asian tour.

JYJ released their third studio album “Just Us” earlier this summer and have seen much success with their latest comeback despite having their title track “Back Seat” deemed unfit for broadcast by network KBS.


[News] 140507 JYJ’s Junsu heads to Japan for his upcoming Japan spring tour

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Junsu (Photo: Twitter)

JYJ’s Junsu is leaving for Japan a few days earlier before his upcoming “2014 XIA The Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Japan”. The singer and musical actor snapped a picture of himself on his way to Japan and shared it through his Twitter account.

“See you soon~japan!!!!” tweeted Junsu with his new reddish hair color and longer cut.

Junsu’s upcoming concert in Japan will be 100% live. It will be the second time for him to have a solo tour in Japan without his group mates. He will also perform a duet with his guest star Jung Sun Ah for the musical songs, including those from “Mozart!”, “Jekyll and Hyde”, and “Aida” in the concerts that will be held in Osaka and Tokyo. The duet stage between the two musical talents will be their first stage in four years after they first met at the musical…

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EXO {Kpop} To Hold Their 1st Individual Concert May 24th and 25th, 2014

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Media: Koreaboo – TV Report

Posted: Monday May 5, 2014 @ 6:35 p.m PST



EXO will be releasing their new mini-album “Overdose” on the 7th of May. Furthermore, on May 24th and 25th, EXO will be holding their first individual concert in celebration of their 2 year anniversary since their debut.SM Entertainment thanked EXO fans for waiting so patiently for the new mini album and explained that the delay was due to the very tragic Sewol ferry accident.

They also expressed that they hoped their hard working and passionate activities can motivate or give strength to anyone going through a difficult time.