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PSY– #1 Richest K-Kpop Star $45 Million USD

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Source: koreaboo

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Posted: Saturday October 27, 2018 @ 4:05 pm PST

With K-Pop’s massive popularity all over the world, the country’s top idols are able to make huge fortunes. Whether from album and ticket sales, merchandise, and brand deals, these 10 idols are among the richest in Korea!

PSY tops the list as the #1 richest K-Pop star. Holding the record as the artist with the most viewed YouTube video for 5 years, it’s no wonder PSY has been showered in money.

PSY was already successful in Korea before the viral sensation started, so his MV for Gangnam Style launched the YG Entertainment artist to an unprecedented level of fame for a Korean artist.

And now, after launching his most recent album, 4×2=8 he’s managed to earn a simply incredible $45 million USD fortune.

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