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Kang Jihwan {Korean Actor} In Bed With a Foreign Woman {Photos Taken By Her}

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Source:Koreaboo – Mediaus via Nate News and Digital Times via Nate News

Media: Koreaboo – Mediaus via Nate News and Digital Times via Nate News

Posted: Saturday July 12, 2014 @8:14 a.m  PST


On Friday, July 11th, photos of Kang Jihwan in bed with a foreign woman surfaced online on various social media websites, causing a scandal to rapidly spread. Viewers saw a placid Kang Jihwan sleeping on a bed beside her through her personal Facebook, oblivious to the fact that she was taking pictures of the two together.


The caption had previously stated, “together sleep with Korean actor mr. Ji Hwan kang,” directly stating that it was a rising actor in Korea that was next to her.

In record time, Kang Jihwan’s company, Joeun Entertainment, stated that the man in the pictures sleeping placidly besides the Philippine woman is indeed Kang Jihwan; they additionally added that the woman is very apologetic and would be releasing an apology through social media sites very soon.

Joeun Entertainment additionally stated, “The current Philippine guide’s wife took a picture with Kang Jihwan jokingly. The guide’s wife is extremely sorry [about the incident]. She said that she will personally upload an explanation on her personal SNS. We cannot say anything to the female since it was just an accident.”

Later on the same day, the woman posted an apology that simply reads, “very sorry only edited pictures hope you can forgive me because his my idol sorry again.” In other words, she turned to picture editing techniques as a way to express her admiration towards Kang Jihwan. This could further be seen as a statement to back up his agency’s statement, which said that she was simply joking and hadn’t thought it would cause this much trouble. According to the agency reps, the whole event is “just a happening” that occurred, in which Kang Jihwan had no clue, after drinking the previous night and waking up at that spot. This implies that after having a meal with some family members as well as the woman, Kang Jihwan had simply slept beside the women and both woke up to a sudden scandal.

Basically, Kang Jihwan’s side pleaded innocence as well as oblivion, in hopes of quickly resolving the case.

In response, netizens have been skeptical and disbelieving. After all, some agree that despite the reason of drinking alcohol, Kang Jihwan looks too calm and unaffected by the whole ordeal. In addition, Kang Jihwan has not officially apologized for creating a misunderstanding; this delay, along with the hurried apology from just the woman, have not completely been sufficient to satisfy the actor’s fans.

The scandal is quickly escalating online even now, as netizens have left comments such as, “Kang Jihwan’s shocking case with a photo in bed, this is beyond a joke,” “This is such an absurd explanation,” “Even idols sleep with each other, but a photo?”

Stay tuned for further updates regarding this latest situation.