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Kid Rock Malibu,California Home

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Kid Rock’s Malibu, California home is for sell currently listed for $13.45 million.


Kid Rock Cancels ACS Charity Performance In Detroit For 10/29

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Posted: Friday October 28, 2011 @ 8:45 pm PST

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According to Fox 2 News,  Kid Rock will no longer perform at Saturday’s  Cattle Baron’s Ball at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. The event is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Kid Rock was supposed to headline the event, but has called off the show.

He posted this comment on his  official website :

“I am a man of my word. Due to a breach of contract we will not be performing at the Cattle Baron’s ball this Saturday, October 29th.”

No further explanation has been released.

Tickets for the Cattle Baron’s Ball sold for $350. Comedian Jay Mohr is scheduled to appear at the event. The American Cancer Society says it will honor requests for refunds due to the last minute change. To request a refund call (248) 663-3401.

Kid Rock Detroit Lifestyle (Shirtless Photo and Beach Video Link)

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Topic: Kid Rock – Residents Of Detroit

Kid Rock loves the City of Detroit and the people who lives there.  Rock has said his family lives there and so does he.  Kid Rock gives to charities through out the City. This is one Celebrity who deserves to be supported.  Please go to his concerts,  purchase his music.  Kid Rock – ROCKS.

Men’s Journal July Issue Is On Sell Now

Kid Rock Men’s Journal Shirtless Cover Photo  Link:

Kid Rock Men’s Journal Cover Shoot Link and Video:

Kid Rock is currently on tour, please visit his official website for tour dates and purchasing his music:



Kid Rock Performed At Comerica Park August 12 Detroit (Video)

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Posted: Sunday June 19, 2011 @ 1:30 am PST

No! It’s not an Earthquake shaking Detroit, Michigan  It’s Kid Rock getting ready to perform at Comerica Park August 12. Before he performs in Michigan, his tour begins July 2 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Kid was presented a NAACP Award from Mayor Dave Bing for his generous charity donations in Detroit.  Kid has a bi-racial son, his son’s mother is black.

Rock said  “I should probably go away for a while,” he said. “Sometimes you feel a little
overexposed. People are getting sick of me.”  I say “Don’t he darn go away, he is doing so much for the City of Detroit,  helping to bring business which creates jobs.”  I was watching a special on TV showing how some Detroit residents are having a hard time feeding their children,  no close grocery stores, lost homes, no jobs and the list goes on. The city of Detroit need Kid Rock’s kind heart.

Other celebrities from Michigan should join Rock to help the City,  he is a one man show.  A lot of Stars has emerged from Detroit and has forgotten where they came from. The City of Detroit and The Late Beautiful Florence Ballard of The Supremes 3 Daughters have been abandoned.   Thanks To Kid Rock For Giving Detroit So Much Of His Money, Time and Love