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Kim Heechul Has A Confession From Taiwanese Girls Group Dream Girls Puff Guo

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Posted: Wednesday January 22, 2014 @ 2:30 p.m. PST


The Taiwanese actress is afraid that she might fall in love with her onscreen husband

Taiwanese actress Puff Guo, who has been paired up with Super Junior member Kim Heechul for Korean reality-variety program We Got Married – Global Edition, shared about the first meeting with her onscreen husband during an event on Saturday.

Singing praises of Heechul’s flawless skin, Puff confessed that she is “afraid of falling in love” with the singer.

Puff recently met with harsh criticism for her comments about joining the program. The Dream Girls member was spotted at the filming site just a few days after stating that she was “unsure” about taking up the project, sparking backlash from netizens about her “pretense”.

While speaking to the media, Puff explained that she had “spoken rashly” and apologised for her verbal gaffe. The 25-year-old also added that she has since been reprimanded by her company for the slip of tongue.

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