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Jiwon {SPICA} Accusations Of Being Drunk Driver’s Girlfriend In An Accident

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Posted: Sunday March 22, 2015 @ 8:52 a.m PST


SPICA‘s Jiwon has responded to allegations that she had been the passenger of a car that caused a pileup earlier today, resulting in 10 people getting injured.

In the very early morning of March 21st, a massive five car pileup occurred in Gangnam at the fault of a 30-year old male drunk driver “Yeon” with a blood alcohol level of 0.106%, well over the limit according to South Korean law. Witnesses to the car accident revealed that a top female idol was the passenger in the car with Yeon.

As part of their news segment, Korean media news Channel A blurred out a photo of said female idol, resulting in many fans recognizing and identifying her as Jiwon of SPICA. Reports also described the female idol passenger as one belong in a girl group with her first name starting with the letter “J” to which Yeon has revealed to be his girlfriend.

To this, Jiwon has responded to the news via her personal Twitter account, leaving a lengthy message and explanation, denying that she was involved.

In the late afternoon of March 22nd, Jiwon wrote, “I was eating something after riding my bike and the company called me. That a five car pile up took place and they suspected me of being the passenger and that they were going to write that. I was taken aback that they would assume something off of a very unclear video and were planning to write as if I were the passenger of a drunk driver. I was worried because I knew fans would worry for me if such a thing happened ㅜㅜ.”

“I was assured that the reports wouldn’t include my name since they could not connect the incident to me. I went to see my friend’s performance and returned home. People started messaging me at midnight and they seemed to have used my picture with a bit of pixelation for the passenger of the drunk driver. The report that the passenger belongs to a girl group and has a J in her name along with my picture..ㅜㅜ”

“The agency assured me that if my name shows up, they will take legal action but I know fans would be worried and frustrated so I’m writing this. It’s not me so don’t worry and trust in me please. I hope those who were involved in the accident weren’t hurt too much..have a good Sunday everyone ^^”.





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Noh Hong Chul’s {Entertainer} Blood Test Results Ready November 17, 2014

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Source:Koreaboo – DailySports

Media:Koreaboo – DailySports

Posted:Tuesday November 11, 2014 @12:23 a.m PST


Noh Hong Chul’s recent drunk driving incident subsides, the investigation is now focusing on the blood analysis taken at the time of the incident.

According to Gangnam Police Station, the earliest date for the result to return will be November 17th, as they try to determine the level of alcohol Noh Hong Chul induced that night. As of the moment, the investigators won’t be able to determine a case and cannot summon the entertainer until the results come back. It was also cited that as Noh Hong Chul’s case happened on a weekend, there is a higher possibility that the blood analysis might take even longer.

The police measure alcohol intoxication in two ways, breath analysis or blood sampling. In general, drivers are normally asked to take the breath analysis test, but as Noh Hong Chul declined to participate in the procedure, a blood sample was procured instead. With only the blood test taken at the time of the incident, the investigation cannot continue until the results are handed in.

Netizens, on the other hand, are also curious as to what the results and its outcome will be.

Since the incident, Noh Hong Chul has apologised to fans for his behaviour and has stepped down his role in various entertainment programs.

Noh Hong Chul

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