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Donghae {Super Junior} In The Military To Serve As An Active Conscripted Policeman

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Posted: Tuesday October 20, 2015 @5:50 a.m PST

It has only been a few days but Super Junior’s Leeteuk posts another outtake taken from Donghae’s military enlistment. 

Three days after enlisting in the military, Leeteuk posted a touching message for Donghae on his personal Instagram account. The short video clip featured Donghae saying his final goodbye minutes prior to his enlistment.

Leeteuk also uploaded the short clip with a touching message saying, “Leave and return well. We will miss you, Lee Donghae,” which earned a number of emotional responses from his fans.

Currently, Donghae is in the military to serve as an active conscripted policemanfollowing his enlistment last October 15th.

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Yunho {TVXQ} Breaks Down On Stage Before Military Enlistment

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Posted: Saturday April 4, 2015 8:32 p.m PST

As news surfaced in regards to TVXQ member Yunho’s confirmed enlistment in the military later this year, things have been emotional for the fans and the duo.

On April 2nd, TVXQ concluded their Tohoshinki With Live Tour 2015 with a stop at the Tokyo Dome. As this is expected to be TVXQ’s last full performance in Japan before Yunho’s enlistment, fans attended the concert with mixed emotions.

While there are uncertainties surrounding TVXQ’s future with the enlistment news, the duo remained professional and put on stellar stages throughout the concert. Emotions eventually overtook Yunho as he was seen breaking down and crying uncontrollably as he tried to sing. Fans cheered him on while Changmin looked on with a sad expression on his face.

Although this is expected to be Yunho’s final concert in Japan before his enlistment, he will be attending Korea times Music Festival in the United States on May 2nd.



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Kim Hyun Joong {SS501} Military Duty on March 3, 2015

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Posted:Saturday March 14, 2015 @ 8:42 p.m PST


Kim Hyun Joong has received a draft notice and is considering whether to enlist in the army. According to an article in the Korea Herald, the singer-actor is scheduled to report for his two-year mandatory military duty on March 31.


Super Junior’s Sungmin and Shindong Mandatory Military Duty To Start March, 2015

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Source:Koreaboo – Star News

Media: Koreaboo – Star News

Posted: Tuesday February 24, 2015 @ 12:54 a.m PST


Hitting their 10th debut anniversary this year, Super Junior‘s Sungmin and Shindonghave been recently confirmed to be preparing for their mandatory military enlistment next month. Unfortunately, the two members will not be going in together nor in the same camp.

According to various music official on February 24th, Sungmin will be departing on March 31st and entering the 17th Infantry Division of Bucheon where he will begin his military training before entering active duty.

On the other hand, Shindong will be entering a week earlier on March 24th through the 28th Infantry Division of Yeoncheon. Originally, Shindong was supposed to join the army last year, but due to lumbar disc pains, his enlistment was postponed following treatments.

SM Entertainment confirms with Star News, who reported an exclusive on the news, that both members have in fact received their enlistment letters and will be joining before the end of March. The two Super Junior members will be serving for the next 21 months following their entrance into the training camps.

Super Junior is currently on their Super Show 6 worldwide tour, but with the news of enlistment, the Macau stop on March 1st may be the last stop for Sungmin and Shindong.

Super Junior Sungmin and Shindong

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Kim Hyun Joong {SS501} Military Enlistment Update

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Source:Koreaboo – StarIn and XSportsNews

Media: Koreaboo – StarIn and XSportsNews

Posted: Tuesday October 14, 2014 @ 2:44 a.m PST


Key East Entertainment has denied reports about Kim Hyungjoon’s military enlistment.

Earlier today, news about Kim Hyunjoong’s military enlistment in March was widely reported, causing varied responses from fans and critics alike. Key East Entertainment, Kim Hyungjoong’s agency, immediately released a statement denying the reports.

According to the agency, “The news about Kim Hyunjoong entering the military this March is not true. Currently, it is still unconfirmed as he has not received a warrant for the enlistment.” The agency further stated that they have not been contacted by the press prior to the spread of these reports.

Kim Hyunjoong initially delayed enlisting for the military to accommodate his recent concert tour overseas which was followed by the assault and battery case filed against him by his former girlfriend.


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Leeteuk {Super Junior} Yoo Seungho, Se7en and More To Be Discharged From The Military

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Source: Koreaboo – Star News

Media: Koreaboo – Star News

Posted: Tuesday July 1, 2014 @ 5:35 p.m PST


The second half of 2014 will be bringing back several celebrities that had enlisted in Korea’s mandatory military service in 2012, such as Lee Jehoon, Yoo Seungho, Se7en, Kim Muyeol, Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu and Super Junior’s Leeteuk.


Actor Lee Jehoon will be discharged from the military first on the 24th of July after having served as a police officer in the Seoul Police Promotion team on October 25th of 2012.

Next, Super Junior’s Leeteuk will be discharged on the 29th of July, followed by Kim Muyeol in early August.

Also, Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu will be discharged later on the 8th of August, as he had been sent to military jail for violation of service regulations, in which he had visited an illegal massage parlor with Se7en while they were serving the country as servicemen.

Furthermore, Yoo Seungho will be discharged on the 4th of December, followed by Se7en on the 28th of December.

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