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Kim So Eun {Boys Over Flowers} and Song Jae Rim

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Posted: Friday January 16, 2015 @ 6:35 p.m PST


In a recent interview with Chinese media Sina, Kim So Eun was asked on her thoughts about being a real life couple with current virtual husband, Song Jae Rim. 

Sina conducted an interview with one of China’s favorite Korean actress, Kim So Eun. During the interview, they could not leave out asking her questions related to  Song Jae Rim and the couple’s huge popularity in We Got Married.

Kim So Eun first mentioned how things have changed after filming We Got Married with Song Jae Rim, “Many and more people are at ease with me than prior to filming We Got Married. Before the show, people would not say much nor anything when I passed by. But with my casual appearance in an entertainment show, people are more familiar with me. I feel like that is a big step of achievement for me.”

The actress also mentioned about her hypothetical husband, Song Jae Rim, saying, “He is a very humorous and bright person. Because of his merits, we were able to become closer and comfortable for the filming.” 

Later when the interviewer asked if there were slight possibility of the variety’s couple becoming an actual couple, Kim So Eun replied, “That won’t happen and impossible. We film once bi-weekly and barely have time to contact each other outside of our filming schedule for the show. I feel like it would be very difficult to build personal emotions for an actual relationship.”

Meanwhile, Kim So Eun has debut in 2005 with the drama Sisters of the Sea, and continuously stabilised her acting through various drama including,Boys Over Flowers, Liar Game, and more.

Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim


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Sohyun {4minute} and Han Chae Young “Conflict On The Set?”

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Posted: Monday October 20, 2014 @ 1:41 a.m PST


4minute‘s Sohyun and actress Han Chae Young address rumors about the supposed conflict between the two on the latest episode of KBS 2TV‘s reality show, Road King.

The two ladies were the only females in the cast for the October 19th broadcast of Road King, where the topic of possible tension between the two was brought up during dinner.

Sohyun went on to clear things up by saying, “It’s not that there was tension, but it was more of the fact that it was hard to think of a way to approach her.” She then continued to reassure everyone that it has become a lot more comfortable between the two of them now.

Road King is a new variety program on KBS 2TV that centers around off-road racing as an extreme sport, with its cast consisting of Sohyun, Han Chae Young, ex-H.O.T member Jang Woo Hyuk, Muzie, Joo Jong Hyuk, and ZE:A‘sKwanghee and Dongjun.

Stills from "Road King" Chaeyoung

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Song Jaerim {Model} and Kim Soeun {Actress} “We Got Married”

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Posted: Friday September 12, 2014 @ 5:14 a.m PST


With recent news of model Song Jaerim and actress Kim Soeun being the next couple for “We Got Married Season 4” following 2PM Wooyoung and actress Park Seyoung, the upcoming couple has revealed a sweet selca to further raise anticipation for their first broadcast episode.

Both posing with ‘V’ fingers and bright smiles, the two already look close, which is a positive note since they had already begun filming the first episode. Uploading it via her official Twitter, Kim Soeun had simply captioned the photo, “Commemoration selca, click!”

Since appearing in Zhang Liyin’s latest music video for “Agape,” Song Jaerim has garnered much interest, as he will now star alongside Kim Soeun for an on-screen marriage reality show. Reactions have been positive so far, proving the pairing to be a success.