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“KPOP STAR 4” Auditions In The U.S {Hawaii,Houston,Los Angeles,New York,Seattle

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Source:Koreaboo –  SBS “KPOP STAR 4” Official Website

Media: Koreaboo –  SBS “KPOP STAR 4” Official Website

Posted: Sunday 13, 2014 @ 7:24 a.m PST


Famous audition show “KPOP STAR 4” is holding global auditions throughout the summer within five locations in the U.S.!


The application process opened on June 1st, but the program will be accepting applications until the day of the audition, which depends on your closest location. The dates and locations that the auditions will be held are as follows:

Hawaii – Tuesday, July 29th at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort

Houston, Texas – Saturday, August 2nd at Stratford High School

Los Angeles, California – Saturday, August 2nd at the Edward R. Roybal Learning Center

New York, New York – Saturday, August 9th at the Queens Theatre at the Park

Seattle, Washington – Saturday, August 9th at The Westin Seattle

The official paper application is downloadable from the official site, and you must keep a copy as well as email it to the respective address of your chosen location. It is preferred that you fill out the application in Korean, though it is not necessary. However, knowing the Korean language itself is important during filming for the show. The respective email addresses for each location are listed below:



Necessary items to bring to the audition are an official ID (any passport, driver license, etc.), the application along with a picture, and the agreement form, which you can download from the official website. However, walk-in applications and auditions are also allowed, as long as all the forms and identification are brought in for validation. Further details and notifications of qualification may be revealed later via phone or email.

YouTube auditions are allowed as well, though the staff prefers that those who wish to audition show up in person to perform their segment. However, if the five set locations are too far, you are allowed to send in a video of any length. The steps are:

  1. Log-in to YouTube with your personal ID and upload your video
  2. Copy the URL of the video
  3. Visit; click the [YouTube Audition] button; click the [YouTube Submission] button below
  4. Type in email and password (4 digits) to log-in
  5. Put the necessary information (make sure it is all correct) on the submission page before pasting the video URL in.
  6. Click [Submit]

In order to re-access your application, just click back to [YouTube Submission] and log-in again with your email and password. “KPOP STAR 4” will then notify you of your admissions status via phone or email.

You still have relatively two to three weeks to perfect your skills for the upcoming auditions, so make sure to practice hard and arrive at your respective location (or send in your video) by the right date and at the right location!

Good luck to all those who have been planning to or will audition for this next season of SBS’s hit audition show, “KPOP STAR 4”!


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