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Daddy Yankee First Performer To Have A Concert At Miami Marlins New Stadium

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Source & Story Credit: Fox News Latino – Rosy Cordero

Photo Credit: Wikpedia

Posted: Friday April 13, 2012 @8:37 p.m. PST




goHe is a Latin Grammy Award winner and one of the pioneers of the reggaeton  movement, but life almost led Daddy Yankee down a different path.


Ramon Ayala, who today is known all over the world today as Daddy Yankee, was  derailed from a career in the Major Leagues after suffering a leg injury. He was  caught in the middle of a crossfire and was shot in the leg in Puerto Rico,  ending his hopes of becoming a major league baseball player.


That was the moment that he decided to immerse himself what would become  reggaeton—a new sound blending hip hop, Jamaican reggae and reggae en Español  from Panama.


Fox News Latino spoke with Daddy Yankee this week about his excitement over  performing at the inaugural concert at Marlin’s Park on Friday when the Miami  Marlins go head-to-head against the Houston Astros.


“Baseball has always been a love of mine, and so being able to combine both  passions for this performance is so exciting,” he said. “Usually when I do a  show, I sit in the dressing room waiting to go on. This time I get to watch a  baseball game live. I can’t complain!”


As part of the “Miami Marlins Friday Night Live Concert Series,” Daddy Yankee  will perform a variety of the songs to please his die-hard fans as well as those  who will be getting an introduction to his music for the first time.


“I’m bringing my full show to Miami on Friday. It will be a mix of both my  new material off of my upcoming album Prestige as well as some of my hits from  over the years such as “Pose,” “Rompe, ” and today “Lovumba” and many more.


A release date for “Prestige” is yet to be announced, but Daddy Yankee  promises he is working hard to wrap things up in the studio. When asked about  his next single, he confirmed its release is not too far out of reach.


“I’m still busy in the studio putting the finishing touches on the album, we  don’t have a release date yet but I will be dropping the next single soon. Be on  the look out!”


With more than 2million fans following him on Twitter and 11.4 million  following him on Facebook, Daddy Yankee has embraced social media as a way to  reach fans on a more personal level.  He will be the special guest speaker  during the Billboard Latin Music Conference panel entitled, “Being Social” on  Wednesday, April 25th, 2012.


“Over the past few years, I’ve seen how much the music industry has been  influenced by social media. I constantly use it to communicate with my fans and  see what’s new and upcoming. I’m going to share my experiences and how it’s  helped my business and career grow.”


His excitement over his performance tonight led him to talk to his fans  directly via Twitter.


“I haven’t had a chance to see the Marlins’ new ballpark yet, but I’ve heard  that it looks amazing,” he said. “I actually just posted on Twitter what an  honor it is to be the first performer to take the stage at the new stadium. It’s  historic!!”