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Lee Jong Suk‘s Exclusive Contract With YG Entertainment Ends May, 2018

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Media: koreaboo

Posted: Tuesday March 13, 2018 @ 12:57 a.m PST

After 2 years with the company, the two parties are getting nearer to the end of their agreement.

YG Entertainment stated that matters regarding Lee Jong Suk’s exclusive contract have not yet been decided.

“Nothing’s been decided yet about Lee Jong Suk’s contract with us. We haven’t organized anything so far.”

— YG Entertainment

However, sources say that Lee Jong Suk’s been receiving a lot of love calls from various agencies. With the end of his contract with YG Entertainment, industry insiders believe he will become a free agent and seek out other options.

As of now, Lee Jong Suk will be concentrating on his upcoming drama Hymn Of Death, which will be directed by the same producer from his previous drama, While You Were Sleeping.

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