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Lovelyz‘s Jisoo, SHINee‘s Onew & 5 Other Innocent Idols That Were Accused Of Crimes

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Posted: Saturday October 6, 2018 @ 8:45 pm PST


Jisoo’s sexual abuse, rape, assault, and more

In 2014, Lovelyz‘s Jisoo faced a whole host of terrible accusations. It all started with one accusation by a netizen who posted that she had had a homosexual relationship with the idol and claimed that Jisoo had sexually harassed her. Soon after, other posts started popping up.

Onew’s club scandal

In 2017, news broke that SHINee‘s Onew had been accused of sexually molesting a woman at a club. A report accused the idol of inappropriately touching a woman in her 20s at a club in Gangnam.

Yoochun’s alleged rape

JYJ‘s Yoochun faced some major negative attention back in 2016. In June, a woman stepped forward claiming that Yoochun had raped her in the bathroom of the bar she worked in.

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Jisoo {Lovelyz-KPop} Alleged Sexual Preference and Behaviour Investigations Continues

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Posted: Tuesday November 25, 2014 @ 12:17 a.m PST



Seoul Mapo Police Station continues to investigate the main person responsible for circulating rumours about Jisoo and has released an initial update of their investigation. 

On November 24th, an official from the department stated that they have interrogated the person who they initially thought circulated the alleged rumours against Jisoo online. However, it was found out that the person was not the first user responsible for posting the content and is currently in the process on actively pursuing the main person responsible.

Just days prior to her debut as a member of Lovelyz, Jisoo received rampant speculations after online posts about her alleged sexual preference and behaviour circulated. Since then, Woollim Entertainment launched a formal investigation against those involved, further denying rumours.

Jisoo was later on admitted to hospital due to the initial shock and trauma brought by the accusations and remained absent from their ongoing debut promotions. She has been discharged from the hospital and deemed fit to continue with her activities, but is still uncertain if she will be able to join Lovelyz on their scheduled commitments.


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LOVELYZ {K-Pop Girl Band} Debuts Successfully, Without Seo Jisoo

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Posted:Monday November 17, 2014 @ 12:53 a.m PST


Woollim Entertainment‘s highly anticipated new girl group LOVELYZ has debuted on music programs without a hitch, remaining unaffected by therecent controversy surrounding member Seo Jisoo.

The seven ladies made their first television appearance as a group on the November 13 broadcast of Mnet‘s M! Countdown, delighting fans with performances of “Goodbye Chapter 1,” and their album’s title track “Candy Jelly Love.” They then appeared on KBS‘s Music Bank, MBC‘s Music Core, followed by SBS‘s Inkigayo.

LOVELYZ is an eight member group, consisting of Baby Soul, Ji Ae, JIN, Mijoo, Kei, Jisoo, Yejin and Sooyoung. A few of the members have been busy entertaining fans before their official debut as a group, with Baby Soul, Jin and and Ji Ae releasing songs and appearing in features for Infinite H. Woollim’s strategy of gradually creating suspense and anticipation with solo debuts and pre-released songs has evidentally paid off, as LOVELYZ has officially taken the top spot for having the most amount of fan café members out of the girl groups who have debuted within 2014. This includes SM Entertainment‘s latest groupRed Velvet, who, despite having debuted 3 months earlier, has approximately 1600 less fan café members than LOVELYZ.

It is also evident, through the fan café statistics, that the controversy surrounding Seo Jisoo has not affected the group as a whole. However, it is quite obvious that she, herself, is going through a difficult time, with Woollim announcing that she is currently undergoing psychological treatment and will continue to be absent from promotions until further notice.

Check out LOVELYZ’s music video for their title track “Sweet Jelly Love” if you haven’t done so!




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Jisoo {K-Pop Lovelyz} Hospitalized and To Undergo Psychological Treatment

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Posted: Thursday November 13, 2014 @ 4:56 p.m PST



Woollim Entertainment releases a follow-up statement with regards toJisoo‘s condition as she remains admitted in hospital. 

In a phone call to Newsen on November 13th, Woollim Entertainment revealed that Jisoo remains admitted in the hospital and is currently receiving fluids intravenously. She was also advised to rest and is prevented from using the internet or watching TV. The agency has put up the restrictions to minimize further harm.

It was further stated that representatives from the agency are in discussion with her as they try to help her have a more stable outlook. Jisoo is described to be gradually improving since her admission, while plans for her discharge remains undecided.

On November 12th, it was reported that Jisoo was unable to cope with the rampant speculations against her prior to her debut, which led to her hospital admission. The agency decided to let Jisoo undergo psychological treatmentas she was observed to remain restless during rehearsals, looked a bit pale and started to lose her appetite.

It was further decided to exclude Jisoo from any promotional activities including Lovelyz’s debut showcase.

Currently, Woollim Entertainment remains strong on their stance to pursue legal action against those involved in the incident and have formally launched an investigation at Seoul Mapo Police Department. A search and seizure warrant was requested yesterday as the investigators try to determine the internet users behind the circulating rumours.

Lovelyz, on the other hand, began their promotions as seven members during their debut showcase on November 12th and made their first music show performance at Mnet’s M! Countdown today.


Lovelyz’s Jisoo {K-Pop} Alleged Past Rumors {Legal Action}

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Posted: Monday November 10, 2014 @12:30 a.m PST


Woollim Entertainment responds to malicious rumours surrounding Lovelyz member Jisoo and is keen on taking legal action against its perpetrators. 

On November 9th, Woollim Entertainment has announced their stance on the recent speculations surrounding Jisoo from upcoming girl group Lovelyz. In a statement posted on their official Facebook page today, the agency revealed that as malicious rumours are currently circulating regarding Jisoo, they will be formally launching an investigation to determine a punishment for those responsible.

The investigation will be launched today with the agency emphasising that they will not be making any settlements.

It was revealed that the first set of rumours that circulated today claims to know someone who personally knows Jisoo and her alleged past. However, the agency clarified that as there are no clear evidence for the claims, a formal investigation will be launched.

Meanwhile, Lovelyz will be making their debut on November 17th. The track and music video for their prerelease “Goodnight, Like Yesterday” was released on November 9th.




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