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M.pire (Taehee, Useung, Haru, Red, T.O., Jerry, and Lumin) Slide Photos

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Source: BNTNews  By Chloe Yun

Media: BNTNews photo by bntnews DB

Posted: Friday January 17, 2014 @ 8:55 p.m.  PST


[by Chloe Yun] K-pop boy band M.pire (Taehee, Useung, Haru, Red, T.O., Jerry, and Lumin) took off its mysterious charm and turned into dandy, classic men.
In the pictures the seven members are showing off various suit looks, which accentuate the group’s urban, chic image. Each member’s handsome face and model-like body figure completed the pictorial.
Winning ‘Rising Star Awards’ and ‘Special Rookie Awards’ from 2013 Korean Wave Awards, M.pire has been getting much attention and gaining an increasing number of fans with its attractive look and powerful performance.
bntnews official said, “M.pire have cheerful energy that makes people happy. Each member has his unique style and individuality. Many of entertainment industries are expecting that the group will grow huge sooner or later.”  (photo by bntnews DB)

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