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JJ Lin and Hebe Tien Together, Jolin Tsai Played Matchmaker

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Posted: Monday July 15, 2013 @11:19 a.m. PST



Not only did Jolin Tsai make a guest appearance at the second night of JJ Lin’s Taipei concert last night, the Mandopop diva also played matchmaker for the Singaporean singer, after she spotted Hebe Tien in the audience.

“Let me help you fulfill your wish today,” she told JJ, who previously expressed his admiration for the S.H.E member on several occasions.

Turning to Hebe, Jolin sang praises of JJ by commenting that he is a “great guy” and asked if she would “accept his invitation to be friends”. The songstress then went on to suggest that the two share a hug, while JJ shyly said, “Thanks for coming to the concert tonight.”

That was not the end of their interaction. The singer surprised Hebe with a cup of soy milk when he performed the song “Dou Jiang You Tiao” (Soy milk and dough fritters), and asked for another hug, drawing deafening screams from the fans.

During the segment where he was supposed to sit on the elevated swing to go around the arena, JJ again invited Hebe to go on the “ride” with him and serenaded her with the sweet ballad “Little Dimple”.

Although JJ was fined NT$50,000 (approximately S$2,115) for the concert on Saturday which overran by five minutes due to his long speech, sales of the concert merchandise from his own fashion label raked in nearly NT$3 million (S$127,000) for the singer.

Hebe Tien & JJ Lin

Stefanie Sun’s Baby Nursery

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Posted: Tuesday October 23, 2012 @1:55 p.m. PST



Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun recently shared a picture of her baby room, which had a baby cot and animal decorations on the wall, on her microblog.

The 34-year-old commented on the photo and wrote: “I’m waiting for you.”

Currently in her last trimester, Stefanie is due to give birth to her first baby any time now. Her Dutch-Indonesian businessman husband, Nadim van der Ros, has reportedly prepared all the necessities required for her birth.

Nadim also started working from home recently in order to take care of Stefanie.

Stefanie’s spokesperson dismissed the rumour that the singer gave birth to a baby girl two days ago. “Everyone is so imaginative. She has yet to [give birth]. If there’s good news, we’ll let you know.”

It is said that Stefanie will do her confinement at her mother’s place after she gives birth.

Stefanie Sun


Stefanie Sun’s Baby Nursery


Aaron Yan (Fahrenheit) Suffering From Insomina Plus Lost Weight

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Posted: Tuesday October 9, 2012 @10:15 p.m. PST


Fahrenheit’s junior member, Aaron Yan will be releasing his first full-length album soon.

As reported on Popular Asians website, the singer attended an event organized by Taiwan’s Hito Radio Station to promote the upcoming album, and revealed that the said album, “The Moment” will be on sale beginning 19 October.

The singer – who was seen noticeably thinner during the event, told media that his weight loss occurred during the preparation of the album in the last two months. The mounting pressure to produce a good album caused Yan to lose seven kilograms from his former 68 kg weight.

Aaron explained, “Due to my last album’s success, I’m going through more pressure this time. I’ve been having insomnia the past few weeks. My limbs would get really cold, my head would get really dizzy, and I would get back pains. Nowadays, I’m forcing myself to sleep before midnight.”

“The Moment” consists of ten ballad tracks suitable for the Autumn feel and each song tells of an important moment in Aaron’s life. The album’s first track, “Maybe You Still Love Me” is reported to be a Chinese cover of Pink’s “I Don’t Believe You” with the Chinese lyrics penned by Aaron himself while track 9 in the album, “Actually” is the ending theme of Aaron’s idol drama, “Alice in Wonder City”.

Aaron Yan


Sandy Lam Singapore Concert Creepy Or A Crowd Pleaser? (Video)

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Posted: Saturday April 7, 2012 @1:32 p.m. PST



Will the real Sandy Lam please stand up, please stand up?

For the first 25 minutes of her “Sandy Lam MMXII Concert – Singapore” stint on Friday night, the 46-year-old Mandopop star seemed way out of character.

At one point, the Hong Kong-born singer even came across as creepy.
For a start, Lam opened her one-night only show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, by literally shedding her winsome, goody-two-shoes image: The veteran singer peeled out of a cocoon, after it slowly descended on stage.

Once Lam materialised to the 7,500-strong roaring crowd, she slipped straight into enigmatic mode, belting out her latest Cantonese single “Impermanence”, complete with tribal-like dance moves.

And it didn’t help that her back-up dancers were dressed up to look like mummies.
Where’s the affable Sandy Lam, one wonders.

Then, the morbid element of her opening act dispersed the moment Lam morphed into a rock chick to deliver a medley of lively Cantonese numbers, including “Egyptian Rose” and “Grey”.

Though Lam pulled off those genres, it seemed as if the audience members weren’t used to her experimental delivery, judging from their silence.

It was only 25 minutes later when Lam – the real Sandy Lam – paused to address the crowd that the Indoor Stadium came to life.

“This is like my second home, because I’ve been here for a while before – so you’re like my family. And it’s wonderful to have such a big family,” Lam said in a mix of English and Mandarin, to the newly-roused crowd.

Oh, yes. There she is. Welcome back, Sandy Lam.

As if riding on her fans’ zest, Lam delivered what seemed to be the night’s first crowd pleaser, her 1991 Mandarin ballad “Not at Home”, which propelled her to regional fame.

Although the up-tempo version didn’t quite hit home, the crowd’s receptive response hinted it was hungry for more familiar favourites.
And she did not disappoint.

Lam brought the house down minutes later, when she sang “Suffering in the Cold Wind”, another mid-90s hit from her album “Love, Sandy”.

Needless to say, Lam’s delivery of the ballad – mastered by Taiwan music maestro Jonathan Lee, whom Lam married in 1998 and divorced in 2004 – captivated the audience.

But while it was definitely all hits where Lam’s vocals were concerned, there were a few misses in her concert.

One of them was the choice of songs, which included numbers like “Midnight Mercy”, “After End” and “Burn”, which the Singaporean crowd was generally unfamiliar with.

And then there was the disappointing absence of the uniquely-Singapore arrangement of the classic “Lover’s Tears”, a remix she famously sang with local composer Dick Lee.

Finally, it was Lam’s random line up that worked against her.
Indeed, it makes sense to intersperse different genres throughout the concert to maintain rhythmic balance and the element of surprise.

But when one-quarter of the audience is misled by Lam’s “encore finale” and starts heading for the exit, there needs to be a re-think of such a concept.

The saving grace, fortunately, was Lam herself.
The moment Lam reappeared after her faux encore finale, audience members hurriedly flocked back into the hall.

By that time, none of the audience members – who were apparently thrilled by Lam’s reappearance – bothered to sit and enjoy her final number of the night.
They chose instead to give Lam the standing ovation she deserved, as she serenaded the crowd with “Sadness”.


ADDITIONAL: According to Wikipedia Lam’s age is 45, she was born April 26, 1966.

Sandy Lam