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Lee Joon {Former MBLAQ} Girlfriend Since 2013

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Posted:Thursday January 8, 2015 @ 3:54 p.m PST


Former MBLAQ member, Lee Joon, has been revealed to be dating a friend from school for 2 years now, just shortly after news broke that he had signed with entertainment company, Prain TBC.

According to entertainment insiders, Lee Joon has been dating his close friend since 2013. MBLAQ members knew of her existence but could not say anything detailed about his girlfriend since he was very careful when meeting her.

Recently, however, he has been showing up with his girlfriend in public settings when meeting close friends.

Earlier, Prain TPC revealed to media, “Lee Joon is an artist who has variety of endless potential. Prain TPC will try our best to let Lee Joon’s skill sets shine to his capabilities.”

Lee Joon made his debut in 2009 as member of the boy group MBLAQ. During the similar time of his debut as MBLAQ, he also made his acting debut by appearing in the Hollywood film “Ninja Assassin.”

Following his acting debut, he continuously pursued his acting career by appearing in Korean films and dramas which helped him prove that he was able to perform a variety of different roles. Last April, Lee Joon won the Rookie of the Year award as well as being nominated as the Best Supporting Actor in the annual Wildflower Film Awards which helped him secure a foothold in the acting industry.



Lee Joon

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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Thunder {K-Pop} Contract To End..Will They Stay?

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Posted: Thursday November 20, 2014 @ 6:44 p.m PST


Korean media portal OBS has reported an update on MBLAQ‘s current situation regarding their contracts, revealing renewal negotiation will resume following the group’s Curtain Call concert scheduled for the end of November.MBLAQ has recently been collecting interest due to the upcoming contract expiration of members Lee Joon and Thunder, leaving many to wonder if the team will break up if the two decide not to stay with J. Tune Camp.

However, there have been many rumors and speculations that despite their contract expiring, MBLAQ will continue as a team of five, with Lee Jooncommenting that nothing has been finalized regarding his contract at a press conference for his current television drama, Mister Baek.

The latest agreement reached between the members and J. Tune Camp is to discuss possible contract renewal and negotiations, and possibly ways to keep MBLAQ as five after the completion of Curtain Call, taking place at the Olympic Hall, Olympic Park on November 29th and November 30th.

In addition, it was revealed that MBLAQ will not be promoting their upcoming 7th mini-album scheduled for a November 25th release on music shows.



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Lee Joon {MBLAQ} Rumores To Be Leaving The Band

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Posted: Monday November 3, 2014 @ 5:58 a.m PST


In a recent press conference for upcoming MBC drama, Mister Baek, Lee Joon mentions recent reports of his possible departure from MBLAQ for the first time.

On November 3rd, Lee Joon participated in the press conference of Mister Baek, one of his first public commitments since the news about his leave from the group were reported. During the press conference, a question was aimed at Lee Joon, asking him about his leave from the group.

In response, Lee Joon stated, “Right now, there is nothing that is decided. It is true that the contract is reaching its expiration, but we are discussing right now. If a decision is reach, I would like to let you know but I don’t do SNS… It will probably be announced through the company or through another way. Till now, there has been no final decision made.”

Fans were recently shocked after news of Lee Joon’s possible withdrawal from the group following his contract expiration, along with Thunder‘s, were reported, leading to speculations of disbandments However, J.Tune Camp denied reports and revealed that they are still in discussion with all the members as the reported leave are not yet definite. The group will continue with their schedules as planned as they prepare for upcoming concert, Curtain Call.

Meanwhile, Lee Joon is currently included in the cast of Mister Baek. A drama about a 70 year old rich CEO who has all the money, status, and honor but accidentally becomes his 30 year old self. This comedy, romantic, fantasy drama will star Shin Ha Kyun, Jang Na Ra, Park Ye Jin, and Jung Su Kwonamongst others and will air its first episode on November 5th at 10pm.

Lee Joon

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MBLAQ’s “Lee Joon” Is Leaving The Group

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Posted: Monday October 13, 2014 @ 12:37 a.m PST


MBLAQ’s Lee Joon leaving the group, MBLAQ’s G.O has tweeted a 2nd time, this time with a more ominous message.

Earlier today, we reported that MBLAQ’s Lee Joon will be leaving the group after a contract expiration to focus on a career as an actor.

Member G.O tweeted immediately afterwards, leaving a message stating, “In the end, the care/consideration is what must endure the burden of selfishness.” Now, the artist has tweeted once again with a much more ominous message.

The message reads, “Those who are bound to know, know everything. Believe what you see right now, because you will all find out [the truth] as time passes.”


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Lee Joon {MBLAQ} and His Adorable Date

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Posted: Tuesday September 9, 2014 @ 5:52 p.m PST


MBLAQ’s Lee Joon was spotted on an adorable date with his mother for some intimate mother-son time during the Chuseok holidays.

On September 9th, a fan posted some photos of Lee Joon with his mother on a date to watch the movie “My Brilliant Life” together. Fans commented on how cute they looked and what a good son Lee Joon is.

Lee Joon had decided to take his mother to the movies and spend quality time with her in order to relieve stress. His management revealed he went to the movies to spend time with his mother, drink coffee and have a good time.

While Lee Joon was in regular clothes, hoodies and a hat, he looked casual as he lounged comfortably with his mother.


MBLAQ New “Love Beat”

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Posted: Monday August 12, 2013 @2:26 a.m PST




After making a comeback in June with their fifth mini-album, “Sexy Beat,” and title song, “Smoky Girl,” MBLAQ has released the repackaged version of the album, “Love Beat.”

As previously announced, “Love Beat” contains a total of 9 songs. Of these 9, three are new songs that were not included on “Sexy Beat” – “No Love,” “I Don’t Know” and “Prayer.” Of special importance, member G.O has also contributed to the repackaged album, having composed the third track, “Prayer.”

Meanwhile, MBLAQ has just successfully completed their first solo concert on August 8th at the Pepsi Center in Mexico, where they performed their hit songs, as well as covers of local favorites.

MBLAQ (Kpop) “We Got Married”

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Posted: Friday June 28, 2013 @ 1:31 p.m PST



MBLAQ will be releasing a new OST track this week for the MBC variety show “We Got Married (World Edition),” a global program inspired by international music fans that broadcasts in 21 different countries.

The track “Tonight (Oneulbam)” is set to be released on June 30th and was composed be Lee Juho. No further details concerning the track was revealed.

“We Got Married (World Edition)” features virtual couples 2PM’s Taecyeon and Taiwanese actress and singer Oh Youngkyul (Wu Ying Jie), FT Island’s Lee Hongki and Japanese actress Fujii Mina.





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MBLAQ, Boyfriend, K-Will, Sistar, ETC..K-Pop World Festival (Videos)

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Posted: Saturday December 3, 2011 @ 6:18 pm PST


Topic-K-Pop World Festival 2011

K-Pop World Festival will be held on Wednesday December 7, 2011  at 19:00 KST in Changwon, Korea.

T-ara, MBLAQ, Secret, K-Will, Sistar, CNBLUE, INFINITE,  ETC… will be 21 artists performing  and representing 16 countries.

KPop World Festival will air on Dec 30th at 18:10(KST) on KBS World, check your local listing for the times in your area.





TVXQ-SHINee-ETC: 2011 Billboard’s First K-Pop Masters Concert in Las Vegas

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Posted: Friday October 21, 2011 @12:29 AM PST

Topic: 2011 Billboard K-Pop Masters Concert

Billboard is having their first K-Pop Masters Concert in Las Vegas in November 25 and November 26, 2011 at the Grand Garden Arena.

The duo TVXQ (Yunho and Changmin) are the top billed names that will be performing including SISTAR, BEAST, 4MINUTE, BROWN EYED GIRLS, MBLAQ, and G.NA on November 25th and 26th, however, SHINee will perform on November 26.

Once again, JYJ isn’t going to be at the Billboard’s first ever K-Pop concert. JYJ was not at the New York Korea Festival this year. Another event where JYJ and TVXQ will not be together.