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Andray Blatche {Brooklyn Nets} Considering Playing For The Philippines

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Posted: Friday January 31, 2014 @ 2:18 p.m PST

Andray Blatche of the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA is seriously considering playing for the Philippines in the upcoming FIBA World Cup if his naturalization papers come out.

“I said I’m interested, so there’s a good chance of it happening,” in an interview with Mike Mazzeo of ESPN New York. Blatche explained that he doesn’t know how naturalization works but is looking forward to the opportunity so he can get in shape for the next NBA season.

Jason Kidd (NBA Star) Heads To The New York Knicks

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Source & Story Credit: The New York Times /Howard Beck

Posted: Thursday July 5, 2012 @ 9:35 p.m PST


According to The New York Times,  NBA Super-star Jason Kidd will be going to The New York Knicks

Jason Kidd, who was set to rejoin the Dallas Mavericks, made a late and stunning reversal and agreed to join the Knicks instead.

Negotiations were continuing Thursday night, and it was not yet clear whether the Knicks would sign Kidd outright or acquire him in a sign-and-trade deal.



Oklahoma Thunder: Are They The Next NBA Champs? (POLL)

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Source: Yahoo Sports

Posted: Saturday June 16, 201 @ 3:45 p.m PST



According to Yahoo Sports,  this is the NBA Finals schedule

Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (Games air at at 8pm or 9pm ET on ABC)

  • Game 1: Thunder 105, Heat 94
  • Game 2:  Heat 100, Thunder 96
  • Game 3: June 17 @ MIA
  • Game 4: June 19 @ MIA
  • Game 5: June 21 @ MIA
  • Game 6 (if needed): June 24 @ OKC
  • Game 7 (if needed): June 26 @ OKC

Carmelo Anthony (NBA) Out With Wife La La & Son Kiyan

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Source & Story New York  Post – Page Six

Photo Credit: Google – Zimbio

Posted: Saturday March 24, 2012 @ 1:28 a.m PST

Carmelo Anthony La La and Son Kiyan Photo Credit Zimbio

Carmelo Anthony, La La and their son, Kiyan, at Max Brenner near Union Square after a recent win at Madison Square Garden . . . Diners at Rao’s doing a double take at a table of power women including accessory designer Nicole Romano, Brandstyle Communications’ Di Petroff and Zoe Coady, author Anisha Ahooja and celebrity closet designer Melanie Fascitelli . . . Argentine crooner Diego Garcia playing at an intimate dinner for 20 guests at West Village restaurant Hudson Clearwater benefiting Falling Whistles, which campaigns for peace in the Congo. Attendees included Phillip Lim, Sophia Bush and Selita Ebanks. According to, New York Post.

Jason Smith (Hornets) Banned & Gets Standing Ovation For Flagrant Foul On Blake Griffin (Clippers) (Video)

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Source: Yahoo Sports – YouTube

Video Credit: YouTube – LovingMusicStar2

Posted: Saturday March 24, 2012 @ 12: 32 a.m PST

According to ESPN, The NBA suspended Hornets forward Jason Smith two games for his Thursday night body check on Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin.

Smith was ejected for the foul late in the league-owned Hornets’ victory over the Clippers in Chris Paul’s return to New Orleans. A suspension was widely expected Friday because Smith made no attempt to make a play on the ball in knocking Griffin to the floor on a transition drive to the hoop.

In announcing the suspension Friday, NBA executive Stu Jackson said Smith’s foul during the late stages of the Hornets’ victory on Thursday night involved “excessive contact with the upper body.”

The play occured when Smith body-slammed Griffin to the floor on a fast break. Paul followed Smith into the concourse behind the basket and had words with him as several players jawed at each other.



Michael Jordan Engagement To A Cuban Saddens Black Women (Story Link)

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Blog Source: Black News. Com – Huff- Neo-Soul LadyBoss 

Posted: Tuesday January 3, 2012 @ 9:25 am PST

Topic: Michael Jordan – Rich Men Marrying Outside Their Race

A lot of controversy surrounds black men who marries outside the black community.  Recently NBA Michael Jordan announced his engagement to Cuban Yette Prieto. Black women are sick and tired of being degraded by black rich men.  Kim Kardashian has outraged black women by her continuous of dating rich black men.


LeBron James And Savannah Brinson Engaged

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Blog Source: People – Linda Marx

Photo Credit: Google –

Posted: January 1, 2012 @ 8:38 am PST

Topic: LeBron James – Savannah Brinson

LeBron James – Savannah Brinson

According to People, NBA star Lebron James 27, popped the question to longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson at a South Beach hotel.

James and Brinson are the parents of  2 sons LeBron Jr 7, and Bryce 4.James  teammate Dwayne Wade hosted the event and it was also a belated birthday celebration for James, who turned 27 the day before.
I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact Michael Jordan is getting married. James does everything Jordan does.

Ben Wallace NBA Detroit Pistons Center Arrested

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Blog Source: Yahoo Sports – Corey Williams

Posted: Tuesday December 13, 2011 @ 6:20 pm PST

Topic: Ben Wallace

According to Yahoo Sports,  NBA Star Ben Wallace was arrested for a DUI and in possession with a gun in Michigan. Wallace is a center for The Detroit Pistons.

Wallace was arrested at about 3 a.m. in Bloomfield Township a Detroit suburb.  Wallace was driving a Cadillac Escalade erratically with an unloaded pistol  in a backpack.

Wallace’s blood-alcohol content was at 0.14 percent, which is well above Michigan’s legal limit of 0.08 percent.

He pleaded guilty  to misdemeanor charges of drunken driving and possessing a firearm while under the influence of alcohol. The maximum penalty would have been 93 days in jail.

Wallace helped The Detroit Pistons win the 2004 NBA title.

NBA Death March: Memphis Mayor AC Wharton Speaks Out (Story Link)

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Blog Source: – Sam Amick

Posted: Friday November 25, 2011 @ 10:35 am PST

Topic: NBA Lockout – Memphis Mayor AC Wharton

The NBA lockout is a nightmare for those who depends on the revenue from the games.  According, to the television network partners at ABC, TNT and ESPN will surely be fuming at the prospect of no games on Christmas Day and beyond.

Players will scramble to sign overseas while having to admit that their bold move backfired. Owners will continue to see the lasting impact of their decisions on both the game at large and their bottom line. City leaders like Wharton will begin to run out of patience when their people are the ones being punished.

“We wish the [lockout] had not occurred,” Wharton said. “We wish it would end immediately. It is damaging our citizens, our businesses, even right now. It’s not a matter of whether our city can withstand the losses or not, but you have to look at it in the entire context.”

This death march needs to stop now. Let sanity, and the season, survive.





Kobe Bryant Endorsement Deal Gone Bad ( Story Link ) (Story Link)

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Blog Source: Yahoo – Yahoo Sports – Ben Maller

Posted: Wednesday November 23, 2011 @ 10:24 pm PST

Topic:  Kobe Bryant

Lakers NBA star Kobe Bryant endorsement deal gone bad.


Former NBA Shawn Bradley ROBBED: $10,000 Custon Bike Stolen (Story Link)

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Blog Source: Yahoo Sports –  Eric Freeman

Posted: Thursday November 10, 2011 @ 4:45 pm PST

Topic: Shawn Bradley

According to Yahoo Sports,  Former NBA Player Shawn Bradley’s $10,000 custom bike has been stolen.




Andy Rautins: NBA Knicks Guard Moves Back In With His Parents (Story & Photo Link)

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Blog Source: Yahoo Sports – Kelly Dwyer

Posted: Thursday November 3, 2011 @12:20 pm PST

Topic: Andy Rautins

Since the NBA Lockout the Knicks guard Andy Rautins has moved back home with his parents according to Yahoo Sports.


Allen Iverson To Host A 2-Day PRO Basketball Tournament – Las Vegas

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Blog Source: Yahoo Sports

Posted: Monday October 24, 2011 @ 4:45 pm PST

Topic: Allen Iverson

Former NBA star Allen Iverson  is set to host a two-day professional basketball tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada slated for Nov. 12-13 at the Thomas and Mack Center. Iverson will announce captains and players for each team on Wednesday.

Iverson was the NBA MVP in 2001, when he led the Philadelphia 76ers to the NBA finals and has been out of the NBA since 2010 according to Yahoo Sports.

Magic Johnson Becomes A Proud Grandfather

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Blog Source: Magic Johnson

Posted: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 @ 2:20 pm PST

Topic: Magic Johnson – Andre Johnson – Melissa Mitchell

Congratulations to Magic Johnson and Melissa Mitchell for becoming grandparents.  Magic Johnson and Melissa Mitchell are the parents of Andre.   Andre and Lisa had a baby boy named “Avery.”   Big sister “Gigi”  will be waiting for her newborn brother.  Congratulations again to the Johnson family.

Dennis Rodman Emotional Hall of Fame Speech (Video)

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Blog Source: Yahoo – YouTube – BRIAN MAHONEY, AP Basketball Writer

Video Credit: YouTube – daravuong – NBA TV

Posted: Saturday August 13, 2011 @ 1:45 pm PST

Topic: Dennis Rodman

Former NBA  star Dennis Rodman gave an emotional speech. Coach Phil Jackson was by his side as Former NBA player Scottie Pippen looked on.  Rodman  always gave credit and respect to coach Phil Jackson and the late Chuck Daly.  Michael Jordan was a “No Show On Stage.”

Rodman is the best of the best in NBA history and has rings to prove it,  he was so entertaining and I enjoyed watching him play, however,  I hate he has negative views on having relationships with black women.

Mike Brown (NBA Coach) More Qualified Than Champ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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Blog Source: LA Times

Posted:Tuesday June 21, 2011 @4:oo pm PST

Updated: Friday October 28, 2011 @ 6:10 pm PST

Topic: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Mike Brown

Video Tech Mike Brown is obvious more qualified to coach in the NBA than 6 time Champ Legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy and the rest of the Lakers NBA Stars  whom has retired with several rings, however,  they are not getting the coaching jobs.

Anything  off the streets can walk in a NBA office and say “I want to coach your team” and the idiotic owners say “Okay”.  Legends with rings and know what it takes to get the job done have to beg for a chance only to get the doors slammed in their face makes no damn sense to me.

Mike Brown was head coach for Cleveland for many years coaching that arrogant Michael Jordan want-to be LeBron James and never won a championship.  Getting close to winning  is not winning.  The Lakers Kobe Bryant has not opened his big mouth to say “NO” to the new head coach.  Kobe could speak out and ask for Jabbar since he controls the owner and loves running to the media.

Bryant has more experience than Brown,  in this case Brown is the 1st grader trying to tell the multiple ring champ Bryant how to get another ring.  One day I hope those former NBA Champs get their chance to bring a Championship to a team who deserves it.  In the meantime let Kobe keep controlling the Lakers owner.

Congratulations To The Mavs: NBA Champs

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Source: NBA

Posted: Sunday June 12, 2011 @ 7: 47 pm PST

SAN FRANCISCO – CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MAVS.  Congratulations to The City Of Dallas,  Dirk,  Jason  and the rest of the Mavs for coming out with a positive attitude and getting the job done.  Final Score 105 95

Jason Terry was the player o the game he told the reporter “he put faith in God and others and today was vindcation.

I have a message for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade:

To: LeBron James: You are NOT Michael Jordan and never will be.  You should have stayed with Cleveland and ask for help the way Michael Jordan did.  Jordan got help from Scottie Pippen.

To: Dwyane Wade: When you were with Siovaughn YOU WON  now with Gabrielle YOU FAILED…  VAUGHN =WON   ELLE=FAIL.

I guess LeBron will play overseas!  Miami could have won if it wasn’t for the arrogance and negative attitude of LeBron and Dwyane.  The City Of Miami is a wonderful place.  Hard work is not enough to win, now LeBron should see how hard it is to win a championship.   He keeps losing so he might as well have stayed home in Cleveland and got help,  You don’t leave home LeBron James.

Dirk Nowitzki Does Not Find Wade and James Humorous

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Source: Sporting News

Posted: Sunday June 12, 2011 @ 1:30 am PST

SAN FRANCISCO –  Here we go again with the arrogance of Dwyane Wade and the wannabe Michael Jordan> LeBron James having too much time on their hands to make fun of Dirk Nowitzki being sick.  The funny part of this is that Dirk was sick and still managed to beat them.  The Mavs are up 3-2 .

Wade said he coughed and made a joke about the cough because they both knew the camera was in their face.  Dirk called Wade and James “Childish and Ignorant”. Dirk was playing  with a high fever trying to win the game while James and Wade had too much free time on their hands making fun of  him.  They are unprofessional knowing the camera was on them.  They  are getting paid to bring a Championship to their  city,  they  are not  getting paid to mock someone.

Long gone are the classic days of  Magic Johnson and Larry Bird basketball.


Scottie Pippen Said LeBron Is Better Than Jordan

By: De De Tillman

Source: MSN/ Fox Sports/ Michael Jordan Rings /  ESPN Radio’s “Mike and Mike in the Morning

Posted: Friday May 27, 2011 @ 6:35pm PST

SAN FRANCISCO –  Former NBA Chicago Bull’s Star Hall Of Famer Scottie Pippen had the audacity to say that Miami Heat LeBron James “may be the greatest player to ever play the game” on ESPN Radio’s “Mike and Mike in the Morning.  Once the fans blasted Pippen for making a ridiculous statement he then took it back and tried to clean it up. This is what I was talking about on one of my past blogs called ” Two-Faced Celebrities” and now I can add Pippen to the list.

I am not a Michael Jordan fan, however, Pippen should have never disrespected Jordan.  Jordan has rings, If  James won today it will still take him 6 years to catch Jordan.  Pippen said LeBron James  “may be the greatest player to ever play the game.”  I wonder if Pippen ever heard the  name Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Walt Frasier, and I guess Pippen never heard the name Bill Russell and more.  Pippen does not have to like Jordan, however,  he must not disrespect him either. If he said something he should not have back track to clean it up,  Pippen must have meant it or he would not have said it.

James will play the Dallas Mavs 5 /31 /11 Tuesday night in Game 1  for the chance at the NBA Championship.