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“Psst..Spellbound Has A New Album. Pass It On”

Written By: Bobby Moon

Blogged By: Bobby Moon

Posted By: De De Tillman

Media: Bobby Moon

Posted: Thursday October 8, 2015 @ 6:55 p.m PST

Photo published for Pase La Voz by Spellbound on iTunes

The Korean front man of the funk and Latin groove band Spellbound, Bobby
Moon, has shared with me the new album “Pase La Voz”, which translates
from Spanish as “Pass It On“. The song was written and produced by
Spellbound founders Paul ’Pablo’ Thomas and Bobby Moon and is about the
human need to pass on our heritage from one generation to the next. It’s
in our genes..passing on musical traditions, artistic knowledge, crafts
and history.

The title song focuses on the passing of the drum culture of ancient
Africa, the different tribes, captured as slaves and scattered throughout
the New World. The musical beats secretly echoed the old traditions,
camouflaged in the new religions and traditions forced upon the African
peoples.  This “code” evolved into a musical entity all it’s own as
exemplified in Gospel, Jazz , Rhythm & Blues, and ultimately Rock and Hip
Hop in the U.S.

In Cuba, the coded African traditions lead to Afro, Bolero, Charanga, the
Conga, Contradanza, Donzon, Descarga, Guajira, Guaracha, the Mambo &
Son…the Spanish conquistadors being the main “exporters” in the African
slave trade.

But “Pase La Voz” took on a whole new meaning when Salsa legend Johnny
Polanco, whose last in-studio recording was on the title song.  He passed
away suddenly on June 2, 2015. He was a mentor for Spellbound and it’s
biggest supporter. Johnny Polanco, his music and his spirit, lives on in
Spellbound’s best album yet, “Pase La Voz.”