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Naomie Harris (English Actress) Bond Girl 007 “Skyfall” November 9, 2012

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Posted: Wednesday August 15, 2012 @4:20 p.m PST


Actress Naomie Harris was born Naomie Melanie Harris September 6, 1976 in London England.  She is best known for her starring role as Selena in 28 Days Late and her supporting turn as Tia Dalma/Calypso in the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean films.  Harris would feature as a Bond Girl in the next  Jame s Bond movie,  Skyfall.

According to, Wikipedia,  Harris  said “When I went to Cambridge University, Mum said I wouldn’t fit in and she was right,” she explains. “I hated it. The people there were so different to me. They talked about Eton and skiing and here I was, this black girl from Finsbury Park. I just felt so lonely. There was only one other black person in my year; I was very unhappy and cried every day.”

Skyfall, stars are Daniel Craig, Helen McCrory and Javier Bardem. Harris is to play “Eve.”













Sonya Walger Joins The Cast Of “Admission”

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Posted: Saturday June 9, 2012 @ 6:35 pm PST


According to Deadline Hollywood,  Sonya Walger has joined the cast of Admission. The actress joins Tina Fey, Michael Sheen and Paul Rudd in the academia-based comedy.

Walger will play “Helen,” a professor at Princeton, where the film is set. Paul Weitz is directing.

Weitz and Kerry Kohansky are producing. Walger is a lead on USA Network’s recently debuted psychological police series Common Law.


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Men In Black 3 In Theaters 5/25/12 Will Smith -Tommy Lee Jones – Josh Brolin (Movie Trailer)

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Posted: Tuesday May 15, 2012 @ 9:15 p.m PST


According to Sony Pictures, Men In Black 3 will be in theaters Friday May 25, 2012.  Starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin.



Jennifer Love Hewitt Shops For Sex Toys

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Posted: Sunday January 29, 2012 @9:05 am PST

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According to New York Post,  Jennifer Love Hewitt was spotted shopping for toys at the Hustler store 8920 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. Hewitt was shopping alone.

Hewitt had a few pairs of thongs and was perusing the ‘toys’ section before making a purchase.” Hewitt may have been doing research for her new role in the Lifetime series “The Client List,” in which she plays a Texas mom turned-prostitute.