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Maria Kirilenko (Tennis) To Marry Alex Ovechkin (NHL)

Blogged By: De De Tillman

Source: Yahoo Sports

Posted: Tuesday January 1, 2013 @6:09 p.m PST



Russian tennis star Maria Kirilenko is set to marry NHL  star, Alex Ovechkin.

In an interview with CSN Washington about his relationship, Ovechkin said Kirilenko taught him the ways of tennis:

Before meeting Kirilenko, Ovechkin admits he knew nothing about tennis. But he played a lot of it this summer. “Tennis helps me a lot to be in good shape, Ovechkin said. When you’re not practicing and eating food and watching you get out of shape. But I was always running and moving when I played.”

Ovechkin is 27, Kirilenko is 25.