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PSY– #1 Richest K-Kpop Star $45 Million USD

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Posted: Saturday October 27, 2018 @ 4:05 pm PST

With K-Pop’s massive popularity all over the world, the country’s top idols are able to make huge fortunes. Whether from album and ticket sales, merchandise, and brand deals, these 10 idols are among the richest in Korea!

PSY tops the list as the #1 richest K-Pop star. Holding the record as the artist with the most viewed YouTube video for 5 years, it’s no wonder PSY has been showered in money.

PSY was already successful in Korea before the viral sensation started, so his MV for Gangnam Style launched the YG Entertainment artist to an unprecedented level of fame for a Korean artist.

And now, after launching his most recent album, 4×2=8 he’s managed to earn a simply incredible $45 million USD fortune.

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PSY {Kpop} “DADDY”

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Source:Koreaboo – YG Life, Star News

Media: Koreaboo – YG Life, Star News

Posted: Tuesday July 29, 2014 @ 5:48 p.m PST


PSY is preparing for an official comeback with the track “DADDY.”

According to news portal Star News, PSY is preparing to shoot the music video to his upcoming single “DADDY.” The filming process of the video will take longer than usual as PSY will be traveling to various places throughout South Korea to shoot his scenes.

“DADDY” is described to be an upbeat and fast-tempo summer track. It will also mark PSY’s official comeback, as he is scheduled to promote the song both at home and abroad.

The music video for “Hangover” received over 100 million views in a month despite no official promotions by PSY. “Daddy” is being highly anticipated due to the success of the latter.



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Psy’s “Hangover” Featuring Snoop Dogg

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Source:Koreaboo – Star News

Media: Koreaboo – Star News

Posted: Saturday June 7, 2014 @ 5:52 p.m PST


Psy’s teaser for his upcoming new song, “Hangover” was revealed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night” on the 6th of June, in which it gathered worldwide attention as soon as it was aired.


On the 6th of June at 1:30 pm KST, Psy’s official YouTube channel uploaded a preview of “Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night”, in which it provided a worldwide sneak peek of his upcoming music video for “Hangover”, featuring Snoop Dogg.

Just 20 hours after being uploaded, at 10:25 am KST on the 7th of June, the view count of the preview was at 643,315 views, in which the comments section of the video showed that people from all over the world had watched the video.

Psy Completed 3 Songs For Upcoming Album

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Source: Channel News Asia

Posted: Tuesday July 30, 2013 @12:31 a.m. PST


After releasing his hit singles “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman”, Korean singer Psy is now working on his new album, which is expected to drop in September.

Korean singer Psy’s management agency YG Entertainment recently revealed that he is set to release a new album in September, reported Korean media.

Psy will be collaborating once more with composer Yoo Gyun Hyung, whom he had worked with on his hit song “Gangnam Style” as well as “Gentleman”, for his new album.

Work on the album is apparently under way.

“Already done with 3 songs and they are kinda nice!!” tweeted Psy on Tuesday.

The 35-year-old star, whose real name is Park Jae Sang, shot to international fame on the back of his hit song “Gangnam Style” in 2012, with the song’s music video going on to become the most-watched video of all time on YouTube.

His following single “Gentleman” also enjoyed quite a bit of popularity, but did not manage to match the global success of “Gangnam Style”.

PSY To Perform “Gentleman” On American Idol May 16, 2013

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Posted: Tuesday May 14, 2013 @ 6:40 p.m PST





PSY will be performing his new track “Gentleman” on the Season 12 finale of “American Idol”!

Having experienced much international success with his previous track “Gangnam Style,” PSY is still enjoying much international recognition, as he has been invited to perform “Gentleman” on the Season 12 finale of “American Idol.”

Only the top musical artists are invited to perform on the finale of “American Idol,” so PSY will soon be added to the prestigious list of “American Idol” finale performers, which include Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lopez.

Catch PSY’s performance of “Gentleman” on “American Idol” on May 16!


“PSY” ABC’s “Live! With Kelly & Michael” On May 6, 2013

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Posted: Friday May 3, 2013 @1:39 p.m PST






PSY begins his promotional tour overseas and is confirmed to appear on two major television talk shows in the United States.

On May 3rd, YG Entertainment confirmed that PSY will be performing “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman” on NBC’s “The Today Show” today. It will also be followed by another appearance on ABC’s “Live! With Kelly & Michael” on May 6th and will feature a short interview and dance tutorial for “Gentleman.”

Meanwhile, PSY continues to rake in good responses for his follow-up track and has recently won his 3rd trophy on Mnet M! Countdown.

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PSY Philippine Concert Has Been Postponed

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Posted: Tuesday December 18, 2012 @ 5:30 p.m PST


“My show in philippines is postponed by local promoter-side but i will see you soon in February 2013.”

The tweet was accompanied with a link to a news report confirming that the concert has been moved to February. PSY was originally scheduled to hold his concert “The Gangnam Show” this Thursday but was postponed due to some issues with the local promoters. According to, Koreaboo.

PSY Free Concert October 4, 2012 10:00 (KST)

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Posted: Wednesday October 3, 2012 10:01 p.m PST


PSY free concert October 4, 2012 at 10:00 p.m KBT Time at Seoul Plaza near City Hall Via YouTube.


PSY One Step To Number One With Gangnam Style

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Source: Billboard

Posted: Wednesday September 26, 2012 @12:00 p.m. PST


Rapper PSY is one step to number one with his explosive hit “Gangnam Style”.


According to Billboard, at No. 2, PSY’s worldwide hit “Gangnam Style” roars toward the Hot 100’s top spot with the chart’s top Digital Gainer tag, bounding from No. 11 (after debuting at No. 64 two weeks ago). The song surges in all fields that contribute to the Hot 100’s data pool: it climbs 4-1 on Digital Songs (301,000, up 60%), 43-9 on On-Demand Songs (616,000, up 105%) and 68-34 on Radio Songs (34 million, up 79%). The song is likewise the top-gaining track on the mainstream top 40-driven Pop Songs radio airplay chart (28-19, up 95% in plays).