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Ella Chen Excited To Eat Her Mother-in-Law’s Homemade Yong Tau Foo

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Source & Credit: Yahoo Singapore / Syahida Kamarudin

Media Credit: Yahoo Singapore

Posted: Tuesday February 12, 2013 @12:05  a.m. PST



Taiwanese girl group S.H.E member, Ella Chen, revealed that one of her Chinese New Year activities this year includes visiting her husband’s family in Malaysia.

According to Groove Asia website, the singer, who married husband, Alvin Lai in May 2012, told reporters that she is looking forward to celebrate the Chinese New Year with her in-laws, saying, “I am very excited, because the food there is really good, especially my mother-in-law’s homemade Yong Tau Foo.”

The singer added, “We will visit our family in Ping Tung first, then visit Alvin’s family in Malaysia on the third day. My schedule in Malaysia is simple, I will eat non-stop!”

Ella was also ecstatic at the thought of meeting her new pair of twin nephews in Malaysia, but revealed that she and Alvin have yet to discuss any plans to have children of their own.

The 31-year-old singer also shared, “Since it’s my first time celebrating the Chinese New Year with my in-laws, my husband and I will be distributing red packets separately. But Alvin already warned me not to be too generous.”

She enthused, “He told me to follow his example and put whatever amount that he puts in each red packet!”

Ella Chen and Alvin Lai Chinese New Year

Selena Jen Blasted By Yu Haoming’s Fans Called “Fake & A Hypocrite”

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Source: Yahoo Singapore  / Syahida Kamarudin

Media Credit: Yahoo Singapore

Posted: Sunday November 18, 2012 @1:00 p.m. PST



Selena Jen from S.H.E was recently blasted by Yu Haoming’s fans for her birthday wish for the singer.

Asianpopnews reported that on his birthday, 14 November, Yu Haoming wrote an entry to himself on his Weibo, saying, “25-year-old, how are you? This is a new beginning. I hope we can be reborn”. Shortly after, Selena posted a birthday message on his Weibo, stating “We are both Scorpio, hence we are both strong. Happy birthday!”

However, her well wishes were slammed by Yu’s fans who called her “fake” and a “hypocrite”. His fans remarked that Selena managed to inappropriately talk about herself in a birthday wish to Yu Haoming, causing a heated exchange between the fans of both singers.

Nevertheless, Selena was very calm in responding to Yu’s fans, saying, “I know that his fans are supportive of him. We have the same experiences and understand the process of pain. Hence, we will encourage each other along the way.”

The 25-year-old Mandopop singer was Selena’s co-star in “I Have A Date With Spring”, who was also injured in the explosive accident during filming in 2009. It was reported that Yu aggravated his own injury when he shielded Selena from the accident and let her onto the only stretcher to hospital.

Selena Jen and Yu Haoming

Ella Chen Stabbed In The Chest With A Pen

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Source & Story Credit: Xinmsn

Photo Credit: Xinmsn

Posted: Saturday June 9, 2012 @9:52 p.m. PST



S.H.E. member Ella Chen was stabbed in the chest with a pen by a “lunatic” while shopping in Paris alone.

Newly-married Ella is in Paris, accompanying her husband Alvin Lai who is on a business trip, after she completed the promotional activities for her new album in Taiwan.

On Tuesday afternoon, Ella was enjoying some alone time at a café in Paris and shared photos on her Facebook with her fans. The 30-year-old then revealed that she met with a “lunatic who stabbed me on my right chest with her pen after I refused to get interviewed or sign for something.” The singer also added that “the person drew on my left arm after stabbing me. It’s really too much!”

Fans flocked to Ella’s microblog to remind her to be careful and asked if she was hurt. The singer then posted a short entry, “Being alone, be careful!”

Upon returning to the hotel at night, the singer replied to her concerned fans, expressing that “I am fine, and is waiting for my husband Alvin Lai to have dinner after work.”

In other related news, Ella thrilled her fans in Paris when she agreed to have photographs taken with them. Fans who met her praised her for her good skin which made the singer very happy.

Ella thrilled her fans in Paris when she agreed to have photographs taken with them. Fans who met her praised her for her good skin which made the singer very happy. Story & Photo Credit: Xinmsn

Ella Chen and Alvin Lai Second Wedding In Malaysia (Photos & Video)

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Source & Story Credit: The Star Online NOORSILA ABD MAJID

Media Credit: Photo ( via / Video (HIMservice)

Posted: Tuesday May 29, 2012 @3:49 p.m. PST

UPDATED: Tuesday December 26, 2017 ELLA CHEN HAS A SON.  CLICK HERE


AWWW … Just like a scene taken from a Taiwan melodrama, Mandopop star Ella Chen and her Malaysian husband, Alvin Lai, held their lavish wedding reception at a hotel in Malacca last Saturday night.

Oh, boy, security at the event was tight! A dozen Rela members and 10 bodyguards were hired by the Lai family to keep pressmen and fans at bay.

A source from the hotel told Star2 that the groom paid an estimated RM112,000 for the wedding reception.

“He paid RM1,400 per table and asked for 80 tables,” the source added. “Alvin comes from a well-to-do family. His parents wouldn’t allow him to marry a superstar like Ella if he didn’t have the money.”

The couple’s romantic ivory white wedding extravaganza was attended by around 800 family members and friends of the 35-year-old groom who hails from Malacca.

Mind you, Chen, 30, had four costume changes at her Malaysian wedding do.

“Hosting our wedding reception here gives me a different feel,” said the blushing bride shortly before the feast began. “The weather is hot. But I’m happy and I’ll try to be a good Malaysian daughter-in-law (and wife).”

Asked if she’s used to being called Mrs Lai, a radiant Chen held her hubby’s hand and said, “I’m so used to it already.”

Their yam seng (toast) party ended around midnight.

Earlier in the morning, Chen had met her in-laws according to full Chinese wedding tradition, Hokkien-style.

While her hubby was offered two apples (for good luck) by her nephew as he arrived at the hotel in a Porsche Cayenne, she was sheltered with a hand-woven tray by a tai kam jie (the lady-in-waiting or chaperon) and wore a veil as she was whisked away to the Lai family mansion in Ujong Pasir.

The newlyweds served tea to the groom’s parents as a show of respect. They also offered prayers at the Lai ancestral altar.

The ceremony was witnessed by Chen’s parents who had flown in from Taipei to give the bride away.

Having stayed in Malacca since last Wednesday, the super busy couple returned to Taipei on Sunday.

“We have to put our honeymoon plans on hold ’coz we’re just too busy working,” Chen said. “No plans to have a baby for the next two years but if God wants to give us our bundle of joy soon, we’ll accept it happily.”

The couple had dated for a year before they tied the knot in a glitzy, star-studded affair in Taipei on May 5.

Alvin Lai and Ella Chen’s Second Wedding In Malaysia On May 19, 2012. Photo Credit:
Ella Chen’s Wedding In Malaysia. Photo Credit:
Ella Chen and Alvin Lai Wedding In Malaysia. Lai is Malaysian. Photo Credit:
Ella Chen and Alvin Lai Second Wedding In Malaysia. Photo Credit:
Ella Chen’s Second Wedding In Malaysia On May 19, 2012. Photo Credit:
Alvin Lai and Ella Chen Malaysia Wedding. Photo Credit:


Ella Chen and Alvin Lai Wedding Reception Banner In Malaysia. Photo Credit:
Ella Chen and Alvin Lai Wedding In Malaysia. Photo Credit:
Ella Chen and Alvin Lai Wedding In Malaysia. Photo Credit: via

Wilber Pan Likes Hebe Tien So Does JJ Lin

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Source & Story Credit: Xinmsn

Photo Credit: Xinmsn

Posted: Wednesday May 23, 2012 @1:33 p.m. PST



Wilber Pan, who had once admitted to liking Jolin Tsai, praised S.H.E. member Hebe Tien for being “cute and pretty” yesterday.

At an event for the 2012’s Metro Street Dance Competition in Taiwan yesterday, which the singer is ambassador of, Wilber gave a candid shout-out to Jolin Tsai, , whom he had admitted to admire in 2005.

“You must still like me,” Wilber jokes, before giving his blessings to Jolin, who is currently in a stable relationship with model Vivian Dawson.

The 31-year-old went on to lavish praises on fellow singer Hebe saying that she is “very cute, and is getting prettier”.

Wilber also added that the songstress is “full of talent and (will have) a lot of guys will fall in love with her.”

However, when the media present informed him that Singaporean singer JJ Lin likes Hebe too, even to the extent of calling her his “goddess”, Wilber appeared shocked and expressed his disbelief.

“That can’t be!” he exclaimed.

In other related news, Wilber is due to perform his new song during the finals of the competition and hopes that fans will anticipate his new album.

Wilber Pan. Photo Credit: Xinmsn


JJ Lin and Hebe Tien. Photo Credit: Xinmsn



Ella Chen and Alvin Lai Married and Shared A Wedding Kiss (Photos)

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Source & Story Credit: Yahoo Taiwan – Focus Taiwan News Channel –  Huang Hui-ming and Scully Hsiao

Media Credit: Photo (Tungstar / /xinhuanet / Yahoo China / Yahoo Taiwan)

Posted: Saturday May 5, 2012 @2:25 a.m. PST



Ella Chen and Alvin Lai were married on Saturday May 5, 2012.



Taipei, May 5 (CNA) Taiwanese pop singer Ella Chen, a member of the girl group S.H.E., tied the knot Saturday with her sweetheart Alvin Lai from Malaysia.

Fifty tables were reserved at the Le Meridien Taipei, serving local stars including Matilda Tao, Barbie Hsu and Christine Fan.

The 30-year-old, famous for her deep bass voice and her humor, entertained the guests with a dance that jazzed up the star-studded wedding.

Chen created another climax when she threw her bridal bouquet into the air, which attracted a throng, including Pace Wu and the world’s top female golfer Yani Tseng, who was the lucky catcher.

Besides being a singer, Chen has starred in popular dramas including “The Rose,” and has hosted several variety shows.

Chen and Lai, an assistant marketing manager at the L’Oreal Group in Taiwan, decided to get married after dating for more than a year.

Ella Chen and Alvin Lai Wedding On Saturday May 5, 2012.
Alvin Lai and Ella Chen Wedding Day.


Lawyer Richard Chang (Selina’s husband) and Selina Jen.


S.H.E Member Hebe Tien (Bridesmaid) and Qingfeng (A Best Man).
Ella Chen’s Bridesmaids including S.H.E band member Hebe Tien (3rd Bridesmaid)



Alvin Lai and Ella Chen Married On May 5, 2012.
Alvin Lai and Ella Chen Wedding Photo.
Alvin Lai and Ella Chen Wedding Day.
Alvin Lai and Ella Chen Wedding.
Alvin Lai and Ella Chen With The Family.

Hebe Tien Too Busy To Get Married

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Source & Story Credit: Xinmsn

Photo Credit: Xinmsn

Posted: Thursday April 12, 2012 @11:35 a.m. PST

The singer has earned in millions from endorsement deals in the first four months of this year


S.H.E’s Hebe Tien is in no hurry for love.

Not even with her mum chasing her to walk down the aisle like fellow band mates Selina Jen and Ella Chen. Selina is blissfully married, while Ella will tie the knot later this month.

Not surprising since the singer has chalked up NT$88million ($3.78 million) from her endorsements deals since the start of the year.
At a press conference for a mobile phone that she endorses, Hebe confessed that she is addicted to her mobile phone. The singer shared that she is addicted to mobile phone games and that she would spend all her free time playing them.

When asked if she would be worried that she would be seen using mobile phones from rival brands, the singer replied confidently, “No, I only have one number so such an incident will never happen”.

With her packed schedule, Hebe shared that she will not be able to attend Ella’s engagement banquet in Pingtung on Apr 15. However, she will be attending the engagement ceremony which will be held on Apr 22.
The singer promised to wear the sexy bridemaid’s outfit which Ella had specially prepared for her. Hebe added that although she is nervous wearing the sexy outfit, she will do so for Ella as they are best of friends.

Hebe Tien



Ella Chen Wants To Have Twins With Alvin Lai

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Source & Story Credit: XINMSN

Photo Credit: XINMSN –

Posted: Wednesday April 4, 2012 @1:00 p.m. PST


The singer has been working hard this year to earn her wedding dowry.


“This must be a good sign from God telling me that I will have twins!” S.H.E. member Ella Chen exclaimed after seeing a picture of an egg with two yolks. Ella had attended a charity event in Taiwan which showcased her photography works yesterday.


According to Taiwanese media, Ella will be tying the knot with her fiancé Alvin Lai this May. Ever since the Lunar New Year, the singer had been working hard to earn her wedding dowry by taking up various endorsement deals. Dubbed as the highest earning bride-to-be of 2012, Ella has reportedly earned up to NT$10 million (SGD $3 million) from her endorsements which has included sports products, accessories, make-up, beverage and medicine.


Ella added that her maternal family has a history of giving birth to twins. The singer jokingly said that being pregnant is really tough and hoped that she could settle it at one go by having twins.


The singer also expressed that she is not in a hurry to start a family after marriage. She claims that she only wants to start planning to have kids two years after the wedding.

Ella Chen (S.H.E Member)
Alvin Lai and Ella Chen.

Selina Chen, Hebe Tien, Ella Chen (S.H.E) Working On New Album

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Source & Story Credit: Channel News Asia

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Posted: Wenesday March 28, 2012 @12:45 p.m. PST




Taiwan pop trio S.H.E.’s Selina Jen revealed Tuesday at a publicity event that S.H.E. will reunite and release their new album in the later part of the year, reported Taiwan media.

Although she still has to wear special protective clothing because of her injuries, and could not remain on her feet for long periods of time, Jen said she is recovering well and appeared to be in high spirits during the event.

“We are now collecting songs for our new album. I’ll push the company [to hurry].
“I’ll pressure them, because they don’t dare to put too much pressure on me,” said Jen with a laugh.

Jen’s group mates Hebe Tien and Ella Chen have all embarked on solo careers, after Jen suffered serious burns in a filming accident two years ago and was forced to take a long break from showbiz.

According to Jen, work on the pop trio’s new album will begin once Chen concludes the promotional activities for her new solo album.

“The three of us have now all released a solo album each,” said Jen.
“I am looking forward to see what changes will occur when we get back together to release an album as a group once more.”


Selina Jen (S.H.E) Suffers From Mental Scars Since Burning Incident (Photos)

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Source & Story Credit: XINMSN

Photo Credit: (Asian Bite) (hkmdbnews) (Jpop Asia)

Posted: Wednesday March 28, 2012 @12:15 p.m. PST



The singer is on the road to recovery but mental scars still linger.


It has been more than one year since S.H.E member Selina Jen suffered from third-degree burns, after an accident occurred on the set of now-axed drama I Have a Date with Spring back in 2010.


While she’s on the road to recovery, scoring her first solo endorsement since the accident, Selina has yet to forget what had happened.


At the press conference to announce her endorsement of a beauty product, Selina joked nervously, “I’m so nervous, [because] there are so many people. Who are you trying to scare?”. The 31-year-old, clad in a knee-length white dress with long sleeves, later continued her interview while sitting down, because she is unable to stand for a long time.


When asked if she had forgiven Chen Ming Zhang, the director of I Have a Date with Spring, who had asked her to film the explosion scene without using a stunt double, Selina began to tear.


The singer did not say if she had “forgiven” the director, but told reporters that she had spoken to her husband Richard Chang about it a few days ago. Richard told her that a professional actress would not reject a director’s request.


“Richard kept comforting me, telling me he’d do the same (not use a stunt double) if it’s him. However, I feel that everyone should protect themselves,” Selina said. A staff member with Selina later expressed that it is too difficult for Selina “to forgive” now.


Selina’s record label HIM International had said that the director and stunt director had assured Selina all will be well when she voiced her concerns before the shoot.


HIM International added that Selina’s psychiatrist encouraged her to face up to her fears and hoped that the singer could heal her mental scars through crying.

Selina Jen After Being Burned. Photo Credit: Asian Bite
Selina Jen (S.H.E).
Selina Jen. Photo Credit: Jpop Asia

Ella Chen And Alvin Lai Wedding Photo Shoot “Every Day Is Like Going On A Honeymoon” (Photos & Videos)

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Source & Story Credit: What’s On Xiamen

Media Credit: Photo (What’s On Xiamen) – Video (NagooTV) (Sina Entertainment)

Posted: Friday March 23, 2012 @ 2:20 p.m. PST



S.H.E. member Ella Chen will be tying the knot with her Malaysian fiancé Alvin Lai on May 5.
Two days ago, the pair made a secret trip to the Island of Guam for their wedding photo shoot and Ella’s good friend and fellow band mate Hebe Tien was also on the trip to witness the happy occasion.
Throughout the trip, Hebe tagged along and played gooseberry to the soon-to-be newly-weds. The humourous singer smiled in reply to the media’s nickname of her playing ‘third wheel’ to the couple, “We’re not that bright, as compared to the overwhelming sense of happiness emitted by Ella and Alvin.”
Thirty people are believed to have gone on the wedding photoshoot trip, which was sponsored by various people. A client sponsored NT$3.5 million (S$160,000) on food and lodging and Ella’s record label HIM International sponsored NT$100,000 (S$4,500) on makeup. The hotel, which the group stayed at, also leased their presidential suite for Ella and Alvin at a low price of NT$150,000 (S$6,800) per night.
On the day of their departure, Ella and Hebe, who boarded the Hello Kitty private jet for the first time, were excited to see all the adorable accessories.
“This is our first time going to Guam and taking a Hello Kitty plane. It felt like we’ve become cute as well since everything from food to utilities consists of these irresistible Hello Kitty products. It’s so romantic,” the pair gushed.
When the air stewardess gave Ella with a pink Hello Kitty apron, used by the flight’s stewardesses, the singer immediately put it on and joked, “Wearing it this way (over her clothes) is not sexy at all because the apron hides everything. Maybe I can wear nothing but this (the apron) privately?”
Due to her packed schedule for the next half of the year, Ella decided to treat this trip as her early honeymoon.
“Every day is like going on a honeymoon, as long as two people are happily in love,” the singer said sweetly.
Ella Chen's Band Mate Hebe Tien Witnessed The Photo Shoot In Guam.


Alvin Lai and Ella Chen Wedding Phoot Shoot In Guam.


Alvin Lai and Ella Chen Will Marry On May 5, 2012.





Hebe Tien (S.H.E) “I’m The Only Unmarried One”

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Blog Source: Xin MSN Entertainment

Photo Credit: tohebe -tumblr

Posted: Wednesday February 1, 2012 @ 12:25 am PST

Topic: Hebe Tien

Link: JJ Lin Opened Up About His Love Life & Cosmetic Surgery Plus Hebe Tien (Photos)

Singer Hebe Tien from the girl group S.H.E, recently commented on about herself being the last one to marry since her band mates Selina Jen and the newly engaged Ella Chen, the message she left, “I’ve been receiving messages like “you’re the only one left”, “when is your turn” to remind me that I’m the only unmarried one.”

Hebe encouraged herself, “Hebe, don’t feel pressurised.”

Selina gave some encouraging words for Hebe,”Don’t worry, Cupid should be reading this. With so many well wishes, you’ll find someone soon.”

Even Hebe’s fans were being matchmakers by writing Hebe is “marriage material”. The unmarried singer responded to her fans, “They’re so helpful, but I’m just letting nature takes its course now,” she said, adding that her fans are more enthusiastic about her marriage than she is.

In a previous blog article, singer JJ Lin who has out his latest album”Lost N Found” has a major crush on Hebe, Lin said that Hebe was his ideal type but not sure if he’s her type.

Maybe, these twp could arrange a date in the future; however, it’s most important to concertrate on her music career and let a relationship that invovles marriage slowly come into her life. There’s no need to rush.

Hebe Tien

Ella Chen(S.H.E Member) and Alvin Lai “Finally Getting Married” (Photo)

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Photo Credit: Xin – Ella Chen – Findwallpaper

Posted: Saturday January 28, 2012 @ 9:00 pm PST

Topic: Ella Chen – Alvin Lai

Link:Hebe Tien (S.H.E) “I’m The Only Unmarried One”

Taiwanese singer Ella Chen (S.H.E member) is getting married in May 5, 2012 to her Malaysian boyfriend Alvin Lai.

In April 2012, a wedding banquet will be held at Ella’s hometown in Pingtung County in April according to Xin.

Chen expressed, “I’m finally getting married. I hope everyone would be able to meet their true love, cherish each other and love each other.”

Chen’s future husband replied, “I’ll give you eternal happiness, I love you.”

The couple have been dating for more than a year.

Chen will be the second member of the girl group S.H.E to get married, in October, Selina Jen married lawyer Richard Chang. The third member Hebe Tien hasn’t announced that she’s in a relationship but she has mentioned that she would like to be in a relationship. Tien does have a public admirer and the person is singer JJ Lin whose expressed that she’s his type but doesn’t know if he’s her type.JJ Lin Opened Up About His Love Life & Cosmetic Surgery (Photos) Including Hebe Tien

Although, the couple appear happy; however, a year of dating is not long enough to take a major step of getting married. They should let the relationship grow some more.

Alvin Lai and Ella Chen

Ella Chen and Wu Chun Are Fans Favorite Wishing They Were A Couple.