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Se7en At Massage Parlours & Rain Drinking Alcohol ETC Usually Not Allowed In Military

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Source: Koreaboo

Posted: Friday June 28, 2013 @ 3:00 p.m. PST


Se7en was involved in an issue surrounding celebrity military recruits spotted visiting massage parlours for indecent services, along with Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu. Other celebrities such as Rain, KCM and more were also seen dressed in their casual clothes, drinking alcohol and using their mobile phones, which are usually not allowed while in military service.

SBS “In Depth 21″ aired the footage last night and has been a hot topic amongst the netizens. The Ministry of National Defense stated that they are currently investigating the incident and added that appropriate sanctions will be in accordance to the law.


Se7en Officially In Active Duty Plus Last Music Video “Thank You”

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Media Credit: Koreaboo – Korea Economic

Posted: Tuesday March 19, 2013 @5:39 p.m PST




Artist Se7en has officially enlisted in active duty.

Se7en admitted himself to the Uijoungbu 306 Reserve Battalion on March 19th at 2PM KST. Fans from Taiwan, Japan and from the homeland flocked to bid him farewell, along with reporters.

Prior to leaving, Se7en thanked his fans for seeing him off. He said, “I’ve entered at an older age, but I will try my best.”

Se7en will be going into active duty for 21 months after undergoing and receiving the basic military training. He is the first YG artist to enter into active duty.

Meanwhile, Se7en released his last music video before his enlistment on March 10th title “Thank You.”

Se7en aka Choi Dong-wook To Enlist In The Military March 10, 2013

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Posted: Sunday March 19, 2013 @3:41 p.m PST





South Korean singer
Choi Dong-wook, better known by his stage name Se7en, is a South Korean singer from YG Entertainment. He has also advanced into Japan, China and the United States. Wikipedia

 Male soloist Se7en (29)  to enlist in the military this month. On March 10th, YG Entertainment confirmed the official date of his entry as March 19th, where Se7en will then begin his military training at the 306 support group in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi.

Se7en recently held his “Thank You” concert on the 9th at the Seoul Education and Culture Center, his final concert before leaving for the military. There, Se7en told fans how happy he was for being able to perform in front of fans one last time.

He revealed a new track “Thank You” at the concert and announced that the official video for it will be released soon. According to, Koreaboo.