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Se7en and Sangchu Will Be Released On August 3

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Posted: Tuesday July 30, 2013 @12:41 a.m. PST


Se7en and Sangchoo will be treated like every other soldier once they′re released from the guardhouse, or army jail.

A rep from the spokesperson′s office of the Ministry of National Defense told enews, “The soldier to be put under disciplinary detention will be transferred to a new unit on August 1, and the other seven soldiers with more severe punishments will be moved after they′re released from the guardhouse. It hasn′t been decided yet on what posts they′ll be assigned to or what units they′ll be sent to, but what′s certain is that there will be no preferential treatment. They will all serve as ordinary soldiers with the others.”

On what posts the former PR agents will mostly be assigned to, the rep said, “Actually, the PR agents weren′t given specialty numbers (numbers given to soldiers based on their specialties). That will be decided on once the time comes to move them to their new units after their release.”

“That decision lies not on the Ministry of National Defense, but on the army headquarters. What is certain is that they will all be trained and treated like other ordinary soldiers,” the rep finished.

Se7en and Sangchoo came under fire for drinking and visiting massage parlors in casual wear during their service. They were both admitted to the guardhouse on July 25, and will be released on August 3.

The PR unit was closed down after 16 years of being active in the army.

Se7en and Lee Sang Chul Sentenced To Military Prison

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Posted: Friday July 26, 2013 @2:15 a.m. PST



Korean celebrity soldiers, Mighty Mouth’s Lee Sang Chul and Se7en, were among the eight soldiers found guilty of flouting military regulations by the Korean Ministry of National Defense on Thursday

The Korean Ministry of National Defense on Thursday found celebrity soldiers Lee Sang Chul of K-pop duo Mighty Mouth, and Korean singer Se7en (Choi Dong Wook), guilty of visiting a massage parlour that provides adult services after an external performance on June 21, reported Korean media.

The two celebrity soldiers have been sentenced to 10 days in military prison for going AWOL (Absent Without Leave) after performing at a concert in Chuncheon.

Another celebrity soldier who went AWOL to watch a movie following the Chuncheon concert will be confined to barracks for ten days.

Five other celebrity soldiers, which were found guilty of bringing their mobile phones into their barracks, will be confined to barracks for five days.

The eight will have the length of their military service extended accordingly, though these offences will not be reflected as criminal acts in their military records.

This comes shortly after the Korean Ministry of Nation Defense dissolved the Defense Media Agency on July 18, following a series of scandals involving celebrity soldiers serving with the agency, which was set up in 1997 to raise the morale of the troops and project a positive image of the military.

The 15 celebrity soldiers currently serving as ‘entertainment soldiers’ in the military will be reassigned to regular units from August 1.

Photo 1: Se7en

– CNA/ha

Photo 2: Lee Sang Chul

Se7en At Massage Parlours & Rain Drinking Alcohol ETC Usually Not Allowed In Military

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Posted: Friday June 28, 2013 @ 3:00 p.m. PST


Se7en was involved in an issue surrounding celebrity military recruits spotted visiting massage parlours for indecent services, along with Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu. Other celebrities such as Rain, KCM and more were also seen dressed in their casual clothes, drinking alcohol and using their mobile phones, which are usually not allowed while in military service.

SBS “In Depth 21″ aired the footage last night and has been a hot topic amongst the netizens. The Ministry of National Defense stated that they are currently investigating the incident and added that appropriate sanctions will be in accordance to the law.