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Seo Min Woo,33, “Kpop Band” 100% Has Died

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Posted: Monday March 26, 2018 @ 3:52 a.m PST


On March 25, 2018, Minwoo died from a cardiac arrest in his home in Gangnam. He was found without a pulse at his home in Gangnam. 911 first responders arrived but he was declared dead. According to, Wikipedia.

Korean pop star Seo Min-Woo, popularly called Minwoo, died after suffering a cardiac arrest on Sunday. He was 33. On Monday, South Korea’s T.O.P media released an official statement about the sudden death of 100% band’s lead. According to, hindustantimes. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL STORY ON THE DEATH OF SEO MIN WOO FROM hindustantimes


100% at the press conference of SBS MTV‘s Teen Top Rising 100% in June 2012. L-R: Changbum, Sanghoon, Minwoo, Rockhyun, Hyukjin, Jonghwan and Chanyong
Background information
Origin SeoulSouth Korea
Genres K-pop
Years active 2012–present
Labels TOP Media
Associated acts
  • Rockhyun
  • Jonghwan
  • Chanyong
  • Hyukjin
Past members
Korean name
Hangul 백퍼센트
Hanja 百퍼센트
Revised Romanization Baek Peosenteu
McCune–Reischauer Paek P’ŏsent’ŭ


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Posted: Monday March 26, 2018