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Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon Secret Admirer

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Posted: Thursday October 18, 2018 @5:17 pm PST

When SHINee‘s Key invited Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon over for dinner on his Cheongdam KEYchen show, the two shared stories from their past.

At one point, Key revealed just how popular predebut Taeyeon was by bringing up a tale from their trainee days.

For a brief moment, Taeyeon looked at Key with trepidation……but that quickly turned to excitement.

Key began by mentioning a flower and a bear doll; gifts Taeyeon had once received from a trainee, who has since left SM Entertainment. At first, Taeyeon couldn’t remember the presents, but it soon came back to her.

Key said that he and others were helping the trainee to “set the mood”, since trainees were not allowed to date.

If Taeyeon’s admirer wanted to show his interest, he had to find a way to do it without directly confessing his feelings, K-Drama style.

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SHINee‘s Key Invited Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon Over For Dinner

Re-Blogged: De De Tillman

Source: koreaboo

Media: koreaboo

Posted: Friday September 21, 2018 @ 10:23 pm PST

SHINee‘s Key invited Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon over for dinner on his Cheongdam KEYchen show. Over good food and dessert, Key and Taeyeon looked back on their past songs.

As every SONE knows, Taeyeon admitted once again that she hated promoting ‘Gee’ because it didn’t fit her personality and taste. But she recognizes the important meaning it holds for Girls’ Generation as a group, so she treasures it dearly.

“Even so, it was the song that was able to appeal Girls’ Generation to the public so it’s a treasured song.”

— Taeyeon

Key, in turn, revealed that he hated promoting ‘Hello’. It also clashed with his personality, but he looked back to realize that it was an important stepping stone for SHINee.

“I really hated promoting ‘Hello’. Thinking back on it now, it was a song that we needed. But I really hated performing it back then.”

— Key

Key also hated promoting one of SHINee’s most famous songs, ‘Ring Ding Dong’! He hated it not because of music taste and genre, but because of its addictive spell that never left his head!


“It wasn’t a problem of personal taste, but I had a difficult time during ‘Ring Ding Dong’. Everywhere I went, I heard ‘Ring Ding Dong’ playing. I didn’t even want to hear the song’s name.

I think I heard it over a million times. I would be sitting in a quiet car, but ‘Ring Ding Dong’ would be playing in my head.”

— Key

Key also asked Taeyeon if she ever thought one of her successful solo tracks wouldn’t do well. Taeyeon actually didn’t think ‘Why’ would succeed on the charts because she lacked confidence to be a solo artist that also dances on stage.

“I was [skeptical] about it. It wasn’t bad – and I like it now – but it was a rare solo track of mine that had choreography to it.

I felt burdened during ‘Why’ promotions because there was choreography. I felt the need to do well as a solo artist who also dances.”

— Taeyeon

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