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SHU-I K-pop 5 Super Hunks Are Back

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Posted:Thursday July 4, 2013 @ 3:35 p.m PST



After having notified fans of their Korean comeback plans last month, people have been anticipating more news surrounding SHU-I’s new release.

It was now unveiled that SHU-I’s upcoming mini album will include a 84page photobook as well as a trading card. Its tracklist, which is a collective of seven different tracks and two instrumentals, was already posted online a while ago. It includes their debut single, as well as its b-side track “Please Help Me,” and a Korean version of “Summer Sweet.”

SHU-I’s first Korean mini album will be officially released on July 15th, marking the five member group’s first return to Korea since their debut with “Bomb Bomb Bomb” in September 2009. SHU-I consists out of leader Inseok (’88), Changhyun (’88), Minho (’89), Hyungjun (’89), and Jinseok (’91), and is signed to Yejeon Media.


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