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J.Scott G. (Feat. Adam Lambert) Live The Life

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Posted: Sunday July 31, 2011 @9:59 pm PST

Topic: Adam Lambert – J. Scott G. Live The Life

Now that (Outlaws Of Love) is out, for some reason a song Adam did in the past is popping up everywhere,  it’s a HOT song.  People are asking why “Live The Life” was not released.  Maybe it will be released on the new album as a surprise.  Adam’s vocal range on this song and the beat will knock you out. Make sure you are sitting down,  Adam will blow you away…..



Comedian – Actor Jerry Lewis Fry’s All American Idol Contestants

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Posted: Saturday July 30, 2011 @12:59 am PST

Topic: Jerry Lewis – American Idol – American Idol Season 8

I have the up most respect for legendary comedian /actor great Jerry Lewis and he is entitled to his opinion, however, Mr. Lewis did not watch  American Idol Season 8.  If he had I don’t think he would have made the statement that he did. He would have seen how hard each contestant worked each week. All of the contestants tried out for the show and made to the show, worked hard.  In my opinion, season 8 was American Idol’s best season that I have ever watched. Hopefully, he can watch the show or attend an episode one day and see soul.

Here Is The Link To What Mr. Jerry Lewis Said About All American Idol Contestants: