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Spellbound (Latin-R&B Band) New Album “Iluminados” & Bobby Moon’s Birthday August 21,

Blogged By: De De Tillman;  International Celebrity Blogger

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Posted: Wednesday August 21, 2013 @ 1:11 a.m PST



De De: It been a long time and I can’t believe I am talking to
 “Spellbound” How are you guys?
 Spellbound: (Bobby): Defintely great at the moment, DeDe!

De De: I want to let everyone know we go way back and I mean way back lol How many years has it been now?

Spellbound:  (Bobby): I believe its been several years…Wow! How time zooms!
 (Paul):We are all refugees from the MySpace days!

De De:Please tell your fans how you got together, how many in the band and how did you come up with the name “Spellbound”

Spellbound:  (Paul): The two of us have known each other since high
school. We started out way back in the 20th century, with a band called
Life After Death. After an intense year or so, Bobby convinced me that we
needed to do something more substantial musically, and polish up our
sound. We also realized that we probably would feel weird putting on black lipstick and ‘guyliner’ playing this hardcore Post-Punk style of music
when were were in our 40s! Still, it was a major decision to quit Life
After Death, as the band was trendy and gaining exposure, and there were
girls lining up at our doors practically every day!

Bobby was living his’Elvis’ fantasy at one point, with a buddy acting as doorman, ushering girls in and out of his bedroom: “One at a time , please,” – that sort of thing. Amazing as it all was, the band members had very different ideas as to our musical direction, and Bobby and I just loved Funk, R&B, Latin and World Music, and we started immersing ourselves in those scenes. The other guys got more into Hardcore and Techno. That’s how Spellbound started its long, sometimes-rewarding, often-painful Independent musical career.

We loved recording studios, so our first approach with Spellbound was to make a demo and shop for a major label – very typical. Many demos later, we had lots of songs, but no label. Eventually the decision was made to just put out our own album. It was a fairly big deal back then for an Indie band to have their own Compact Disc (oooh…aaaah..), so we generated enough heat to continue to the next album and the next, and on and on! Soon there was no turning back. Many excellent musicians and interesting characters have passed through the band over the past twenty years, but the nucleus of Spellbound has always been Bobby Moon and Paul Thomas. (Bobby): Yeah, and as far as the name Spellbound,
I remember we decided we wanted a name without any
heavy philosophical meanings…something to reflect
our change in direction.

De De: What is the name of your current album?

Spellbound:  (Bobby): Iluminados. Its a Spanish term. Despite the
hardships we all face, we can all be blessed with the gift of spiritual
illumination. That’s what carries us along. We feel like we’re the
illuminated ones.

De De: What is your favorite track on the album? (Spellbound): (Bobby):
Mine is ‘Sea Of Cars,’ because its so close to home – literally (lol). I
remember writing it while stuck in traffic in Koreatown (Downtown L.A.)
Paul. how about you?
  (Paul):  I would probably have to pick ‘Supah Tasty.’

De De: OMG! I can’t stop playing “Supah Tasty” That song is SUPER HOT!! Where can your fans follow you on Social Media?  ex Twitter,
Facebook? etc

Spellbound:  (Bobby): We’re now on Twitter @spellboundband  and And there’s always

De De: What do the band like to do when you are not performing? What’s
your favorite hobbies?

Spellbound: (Bobby): We’re both pretty health-conscious these days,
hitting the gym a lot. I run five miles a day.
                    (Paul) I just moved near the beach and love the
lifestyle. Bobby likes the hustle & bustle of city
life. We’re both collectors of rare books – real ones,
NOT Kindle! Our favorite hobbies include talking
ourselves out of things and astral travel (lol).

De De:Where catagory/genre do you place your music? ex Rock, Pop etc

Spellbound: (Paul): I think R&B/Latin would be the broadest category we
fall under, heavy on the Funk with a sprinkle of Tropical flavor.
                    (Bobby):  I would say Funk with Latin grooves. When we
started, we thought we were doing something totally
unique and original, only to discover as we matured,
that the Latin and Funk combination wasn’t born with
us. Spellbound was actually carrying on a tradition!

De De: What’s in the future for “Spellbound?” Where are you headed with
your music?

Spellbound: (Bobby) Thank The Lord we were able to invest in our own
studio when budget permitted. We could never make it these days without it. It’s called Tripsville studio, and it’s able to do pretty much
everything we need.
                    (Paul):We are always headed where ‘The Muse’ takes us.
We are proud to still be able to write, record and
perform with Spellbound. There have been many trials,
good times, and bad times along the way. We were so
blindly optimistic and idealistic about our career
when we began, that a health dose of realism was bound
to hit us….and has probably been good for us.
        (Bobby): We’re active in writing songs and jingles for various music
libraries and lisencing companies and are always open to producing
other acts, after having had the opportunity to produce Candi Sosa’s
‘Faded Blue Jeans’ album in 2011.

De De: Now it’s time for my “Signature Question” Who is Spellbound? What
do you want your fans to know about you?

Spellbound: (Bobby) We represent the dreams and aspirations of The
Underdog – going outside normal or corporate channels. Outside the
illusion of Fame and Fortune that the media constantly feeds us -and makes
us believe is the norm- there is gratification and worth in living a
spiritual life and being the best channels we can be for the Life Power.
Spellbound was always different: an Asian vocalist singing in Spanish and
English; a White boy playing Funk; drum machines and sequencers long
before there was an Electronic/Dance culture; self-released albums before
the dawn of the Internet. It couldn’t be done, they said, but here we
still are!

De De: I want to thank you so much for allowing me to interview you a
second time. We lost contact for a moment and while we were apart, the
band put out an album and in cover you gave me credit, I was so touched I have to admit it made me cry. You are so sweet and I want the world to
know your name “Spellbound”

Spellbound:    (Paul):Thank YOU, DeDe. We are so glad to be back in touch
with you too. You are part of a small, vitally important group of Movers &
Shakers who continue to support and put the word out about Spellbound, so OF COURSE your name is on the ‘Thanks’ Page of our CD! Congratulations on your continuing success and the new Tillman Magazine!
       (Bobby): If we could only have more DeDe Tillmans
in our lives, it would be a better world!

De De: Bobby I want to wish you a “Happ Birthday” today Wednesday August 21, 2013  and many many more “Muah” Love You Bobby!


                                       BOBBY MOON





BY: De De Tillman

Photo Assistant By: La Tray





It’s a pleasure to be able to interview the band “Spellbound” I’ve been in contact with the band for a long time and thanks to Musician Robert Watson who gave me a chance and granted me my first interview,  I got the courage to ask “Spellbound” If I could interview them and they said “YES”


De De:  Where did you get the name Spellbound?

Spellbound:  Well we were originally called “The Spellbinding Sounds And Enchanted Rhythms Of Bobby Moon, Paul Thomas, And Assorted Guest Artists.’ Someone wisely suggested that we shorten it to just ‘Spellbound.’
De De:  How many members are in the band? What are the names of the members?



Spellbound:  Spellbound is based on the songs by Paul ‘Pablo’ Thomas and Bobby Moon. Throughout the history of Spellbound, we’ve performed anywhere from a duo all the way to a 10-piece band. Recently, we’ve been performing live as a quartet (4-piece). Also, in addition to Bobby and Pablo Spellbound has a revolving group of  musicians and guests which include:

Mike Daigeau (trombone); Candi Sosa (vocals and percussion); Johnny Polance (tres guitar); Art Webb (flute); Plas Johnson (sax); Mike Turre (sax); Asdru Sierra (trumpet); Roger Joseph Manning (keyboards); Mark Adams (vocal); Sonora (vocal); David LaFlamme (violins); Linda LaFlamme (vocal); Question Mark (vocal); Papo Rodriguez (percussion); Rudy Mangual (percussion); Manny Silvera (bass); Jack Gold (congas); Bartel Diks (percussion); Charo Salinas (vocal); Anthony Gil, Jr. (sax) and others..

De De:  Who plays instruments if any?

Spellbound:  In addition to those mentioned, Bobby Moon on vocals, percussion and some keyboards with Paul ‘Pablo’ Thomas on guitars and keyboards.
De De: Where is your hometown?

Spellbound: Los Angeles, California.

De De:  What material do you have out or currently working on?

Spellbound:  Our current album is ‘United Front’ (2010) and Funqueros (1999); Respete El Pasado/Respect The Past (2001); Tropicalifornia (2002); Spellbound Sampler: Assorted Spanglish Favorites (2003); Encantos (2005); Poolside Fiesta (2007); Brighter Days Ahead (2008).

6. Where can your fans find your music? What genre is your music?

Spellbound: The CDs mentioned above are all available on CD Baby (see:


Also, all the titles mentioned above can be downloaded on iTunes. Our music’s genre is Funk with Latin influences.

De De: Are you performing anywhere?

Spellbound:  Our next scheduled show is on Sat., July 2nd, 2011 at Buffalo Fire Dept. in Torrance, Ca. From 6-9pm. Check our website as the performance date approaches for more info!

Thank you so much guys, It’s been a lot of fun interviewing you, good luck with the show,  your tours, most of all I wish a successful music career.

Spellbound: We thank you for the interest and the support.

De De: You are most welcome and thank you for this interview.

Spellbound: Keep in touch!

De De: I certainly shall.

The End:

Photo Credit/Courtesy By: SPELLBOUND