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Super Junior Comeback October 8, With 7 members. Heechul Won’t Be a Part Of The Comeback

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Posted: Tuesday September 18, 2018 @ 1:05 am PST

Super Junior is coming back with seven members in a latin-inspired mini album titled “One More Time”.

The five-track special album will include Ryeowook for the first time since he enlisted in the military in 2016.

Heechul is not participating in the comeback, and directly addressed his absence during a live update, telling fans it was due to his health and busy schedule

SM Entertainment‘s label Label S&J has confirmed Super Junior’s comeback date for October 8 and released a “One More Time” teaser image, to the delight of fans!


“Even though it’s a pity, I couldn’t go to Macau and I might not be able to participate in the activities this time around and record songs. I’ve been thinking a lot about whether or not I should go to Macau, but because of the problems in my leg, it is still hard for me to focus on the activities. My personality is just like this…when I find anything that’s embarrassing or uncomfortable (not being able to show himself perfectly) then I should just not participate (in the activities). That’s why health is the most important… I’m also taking care of Kyuhyun, because we are both stuck with bad health.” — Heechul


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Super Junior’s Heechul, INFINITE‘s L and Actress Go Ara Banned From Talking

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Posted: Monday September 17, 2018 @ 12:15 am PST

Actress Go Ara also talked about SM Entertainment, where she debuted in 2003 and remained in contract for 13 years until she moved to another actors’ agency.

She looked back to when she first debuted, when the agency requested her to be a living doll.

“I was asked to live like a doll. I was supposed to look and think like a doll. I wasn’t allowed to talk.” — Go Ara

Super Junior’s Heechul, from the same agency, agreed that SM Entertainment requested its artists to keep in certain characters set by the agency.

Heechul shared, “Back when I used to have long hair and dance with the fan, I was in China with Super Junior for an interview.”

“The agency told me not to talk so much because it would break my reputation in China as ‘the queen’ of the group.” — Heechul

So Heechul, the queen, had to remain in character by keeping silent and hidden behind his fan!

L explained the agency, Woollim Entertainment, requested that he maintained a mysterious vibe, to go with his set-up reputation of being the handsome but veiled member.  L wasn’t allowed to talk much, or even be seen laughing.

“I couldn’t even laugh. If I had to, I would turn around and laugh in secret. If I did anything that would “break character”, I got into a lot of trouble with the agency.” — L

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Heechul {Kpop Super Junior} May Never Be Able To Dance Properly Again

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Posted: Friday October 20, 2017 @ 9:25 p.m PST


Despite his injury, he has been performing on stage since, but the pain has slowly caught up with him.

“As many of you know already, I cannot use my left leg properly due to the car accident I was in 11 years ago. Nevertheless, I have been withstanding my pain during practice sessions even when it was hurting, but it eventually caught up to me. Now that I’m getting older, I’m starting to feel a real pain in my left ankle, to the point where I cannot dance anymore.”

Super Junior’s Heechul



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[Pics/Trans] 141025 Changmin – Heechul Instagram Update

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“Di akhir pekan dengan cuaca yang cerah, aku bermain game di rumah bersama Changminㅡㅡ Changmin benar-benar pintar memainkan game ini. Dia senang dan tertawa bahkan hanya dengan melihatku bermain. Dia mungkin adalah pengikut kepercayaan Cinderella. Bahkan sepertinya dia akan mengatakan bagus jika aku bisa bernafas, dan kemudian tertawa. Hyuuu… Melihat oppa-oppa yang terlihat lusuh dan bermain game di rumah pada akhir pekan yang cerah, pasti rumah Elf dan rumah Cassiopeia sedih.. #SuperJunior #TVXQ #ELF #CASIOPEA #KepercayaanCinderella”


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Super Junior’s Heechul Takes a Hiatus

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Super Junior’s Heechul announced that he would be taking ahiatus from Instagram on October 16th, he has also publicly announced that he will not be updating his account Chinese social networking site Weibo for the time being.

On October 17th, it was also found out that Heechul is taking a break from social networking site Weibo. On his last post, Heechul uploaded 9 pre-debut photos of himself and left a message saying, “Let’s meet in China. I will also take a break from Weibo for the time being, everybody please do not say any unhappy things anymore. Please don’t be sad anymore, please be happy….” Although it wasn’t explained on why he is taking a break, some speculate that it could partly due to the fans’ reactions towards Sungmin’s marriage confirmation with Kim Saeun. Super Junior member Ryeowook also spoken up about this issuethrough his radio on October 16th as well.

Earlier today, it was reported that Heechul temporarily deactivated his Instagram account, removing his profile photo and updating his account profile.



Girls Generation’s “Taeyeon” Deep Friendship With Super Junior’s “Heechul”

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Girls’ Generation Taeyeon shared her deep friendship with Super Junior member Heechul.

On October 7th’s episode of “On Style: The Taetiseo,” Taeyeon showed her warmful gratitude towards Super Junior’s Heechul.

When questioned if Taeyeon is thankful to Heechul for any reason, Taeyeon replied,“Besides Girls’ Generation members, I don’t have that many friends, especially any friends who I can share deep thoughts with, but Heechul is one of those friends.  He is similar [to me] and kind to me, and that’s why our friendship is the way it is.”

Heechul added, “Sometimes I feel really bad that Taeyeon has to act strong even when in situations where she can’t feel strong, but she never expresses it out loud, and I am proud of her for that. She was always there when I was having a hard time. So I am always thankful to her as well.”


[Trans] 131004 Heechul Berpikir Hanya Sungmin dan Jaejoong yang Lebih Cantik Darinya


Super Junior’s Heechul guested on SBS FM ‘Park So Hyun’s Love Game’ on October 3.

Heechul, who is known for the image of ‘beautiful boy’, revealed that he thinks celebrity men who are prettier than her just Sungmin Super Junior and JYJ Jaejoong .

He explains, “Sungmin beautiful because she is very cute. When Jaejoong looks like a haughty cat. “

He further said, “I never met a woman more beautiful than me. I do not quite know how the concept of ‘pretty’ real. Maybe because I always see my face a default, but I rarely look at a girl and think she’s beautiful. “

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Heechul Super Junior menjadi bintang tamu di SBS FM “Park So Hyun’s Love Game’ pada tanggal 3 Oktober.

Heechul, yang dikenal dengan imej ‘cowok cantik’, mengungkapkan bahwa ia berpikir selebriti pria yang lebih cantik dari dirinya hanyalah Sungmin Super Junior dan Jaejoong JYJ.

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