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Super Junior’s {Kangin} Gets Into Hit-and-Run While Driving Drunk

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Posted: Tuesday May 24, 2016 @ 5:21 a.m PST


Super Junior’s Kangin is under investigation for driving while drunk and getting into a car accident, but not remaining at the scene of the crash.

Super Junior Kangin is currently under investigation for  being responsible for a car accident while under the influence of alcohol.

The Seoul Gangnam police department stated that Kangin crashed into a streetlight located in front of a convenience store located at Sinsadong, Gangnam. Kangin was not present at the scene when the police arrived but were able to discern that Kangin was responsible for the accident from witness statements. Kangin when questioned by the police stated, “I remember hitting something but I didn’t know it was a street light”.  His alcohol level was at a 0.05% when the police tested him, enough under Korean law for a suspension of driving license.

The police stated that “We suspect that when we take into consideration the Widmark formula, his alcohol level at the time would have been much higher.  We are also investigating the possibility that he ran from the scene on purpose after the incident.”

Kangin "Cat Funeral"

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