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Tony Muth – Drummer (The Departed) (Video)

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Posted: Monday July 25, 2011 @ 12:01 am PST

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Updated: Wednesday June 25, 2014 @ 7: 50 p.m PST

{Updated: Saturday July 8, 2017 @ 6:23 p.m PST I have an UPDATED Photo Of Tony Taken June 15, 2017}

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Tony Muth 2014:



*Update News

Tony Muth is doing fine and has gained weight. Muth said he does not want to be contacted by anyone from his past. His fear is if he’s in contact with friends from the past he might slip so, he’s asking to be left alone.  He’s moved on with drug-free friends.

Drummer Tony Muth was born Anthony Muth in the bay area.  Muth is from the band (The Departed)  The California native is making a career change from drummer to acting and print  modeling.  Muth has been a drummer for 23 years for a punk- rock band.  He has played all over the bay area with The Departed and was a contract drummer with the band (Fang) Muth is sweet,  honest, and shy.

Muth loves all aspects of acting and once he finishes rehab he has plans to start acting classes and look forward to signing with a talent agency.   Anthony Muth stands 6′ 2″ with hazel eyes.

At the moment Muth is struggling with insecurity, alcohol,  drug use and depression.  The best part is that  Muth is aware of his problems and has seeked help.  He will be in rehab for 8 months.  When I interviewed Muth he said  ” I want the world to know me, all about me, this is why I am doing this interview, I am on the road to recovery and someday I will able to reach out and to help someone.” His favorite actor is Robert Redford.

Muth parents were teens when he was born and they are still together,  he also said in his interview with me ” I want everyone to pray for my recovery and please send me your comments with your love and support.” “I hate racism , I love the truth.”T