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Yunho Discusses TVXQ’s Comeback Plans

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Posted: Monday January 2, 2017 @ 4:08 a.m PST

Cassiopeia can start their countdown, because TVXQ is finally coming home after two long years.

It’s been a long wait since TVXQ‘S Changmin and Yunho went on hiatus to enter their mandatory military service. Cassiopeia around the world have been counting down to their release, but questions about whether a comeback would happen once they were both discharged were left unanswered.

The new year marks big moves for SM Entertainment, with TVXQ returning from the military, Super Junior regaining several members, S.E.S making their comeback, and new group NCT127 continuing their upward trend.

On October 1st, Yunho performed at the Ground Forces Festival covering “서쪽하늘”(Western Sky)” and TVXQ’s “Dream.” At the festival he told the fans in attendance, “Wait for my comeback with Changmin.”


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[Vid] 141121 Tohoshinki – ‘Chandelier’ PV (Short Ver.)

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Yunho – Changmin [Pics/Info] Tohoshinki – Single ‘SCREAM’ Jacket Cover & Tracklist

I can’t wait to hear Yunho and Changmin Tohoshinki ‘SCREAM’

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Single terbaru Tohoshinki ‘SCREAM’ akan dirilis pada tanggal 4 Septemper 2013! 😀

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■ CD only
[First Limited Edition, Limited Edition] AVCK-79154

Harga: ¥ 1,050 (termasuk pajak)

[CD Track List]
3.SCREAM ~ the other side mix
4.SCREAM-Less Vocal-
5.Disvelocity-Less Vocal-

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TVXQ / DBSK Yunho and Changmin Concert In Shah Alam

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TVXQ The duo, who was here six years ago, was warmly greeted by diehard fans, following a four-year hiatus.

“You (fans) have not seen much of us in action in the past six years. But this evening, you’re going to see it all!” screamed Yunho. “We will not let those six years of waiting go to waste.” This was greeted with ear-splitting screams from the audience.

The concert was a spectacular visual treat that started on time with Yunho and Changmin “flying” across the stage while green lasers strapped to their bodies, illuminated the darkened arena.


The concert opened with a series of gimmicks such as computer-generated images of the duo’s heroic journey into a castle, fighting off shadow figures. Dubstep music provided a futuristic feel to the concert.

Although the venue was slightly tight for the huge stage, the duo made use of every cm of available space for their eclectic dance moves.

Two large moving cranes flanking the main stage enabled Yunho and Changmin to reach out to fans seated at higher levels.


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TVXQ 3rd Story Book-Tvxq Special Photo Essay in L.a

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3rd Story Book-Tvxq Special Photo Essay in L.a[Import]

Dong Bang Shin Ki (Performer) | Format: Audio CD