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TVXQ, Super Junior & SHINee Are Among The 2nd Generation Idol Groups Still Active

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Posted: Saturday October 6, 2018 @ 5:20 pm PST


With groups like Girls’ GenerationWonder Girls2NE1 and more closing the curtains, only a handful of 2nd generation K-Pop groups (debuted 2000-2010) continue on. Here is a list of the 2nd generation idol groups who are still active in the industry.

TVXQ! debuted back in December 2003 and has made history throughout their decade. After the departure of JYJ in 2010, the group continued until the members took a hiatus for their military service. With both members having finished their military service last year, the group has been selling out concerts and topping charts with their singles and albums. Their latest Korean album, New Chapter # 1: The Chance of Love, was released earlier this year and immediately debuted at #1 on Gaon’s Album Chart.

Super Junior debuted in November 2005 as 13 members. Even after member changes throughout the years and members undergoing their military service, Super Junior continues to release albums with members who are not in the army or on hiatus from the group due to controversies. Their single from earlier this year, “Lo Siento”, was the first K-Pop song to chart on Billboard’s Latin Digital Song Sales Chart. The song, which marked Siwon’s return from the military, also debuted at #2 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart.

SHINee debuted in May 2008 and has made history as one of the rare groups to continue strong without a lineup change. Sadly, in an event that rocked not only Korea, but the international community as well, main vocalist Jonghyun took his own life at the end of 2017. The group dedicated numerous songs and performances to their lost friend, and the K-Pop community came together to mourn and pay tribute to him. The group has since released a number of popular singles including, “Good Evening”, “I Want You”, and “Our Page”, from their 2018 album The Story of Light.


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TVXQ Yunho and Changmin Decided To Live Separately

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Posted: Thursday March 22, 2018 @ 9:50 p.m PST

On a recent episode of I Live Alone, the boys of TVXQ! gave an inside look into their lives for the first time in their 15-year careers, and their contrasting lifestyles show just how different the two really are!

Meanwhile, Yunho likes to keep certain parts of his life to himself. He even has a hidden safe that his friends don’t know about!

Changmin seems to be more out in the open. He likes to walks around shirtless while getting ready for the day

Even Yunho admitted that they were two very different people, so they decided to live separately.

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Yunho Discusses TVXQ’s Comeback Plans

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Posted: Monday January 2, 2017 @ 4:08 a.m PST

Cassiopeia can start their countdown, because TVXQ is finally coming home after two long years.

It’s been a long wait since TVXQ‘S Changmin and Yunho went on hiatus to enter their mandatory military service. Cassiopeia around the world have been counting down to their release, but questions about whether a comeback would happen once they were both discharged were left unanswered.

The new year marks big moves for SM Entertainment, with TVXQ returning from the military, Super Junior regaining several members, S.E.S making their comeback, and new group NCT127 continuing their upward trend.

On October 1st, Yunho performed at the Ground Forces Festival covering “서쪽하늘”(Western Sky)” and TVXQ’s “Dream.” At the festival he told the fans in attendance, “Wait for my comeback with Changmin.”


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Yunho {TVXQ}– Soyosan Fall Foliage Trip Concert

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Posted: Tuesday November 3, 2015 @ 3:38 a.m PST

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Yunho {TVXQ} In The Military Band

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Posted:Tuesday September 1, 2015 @ 12:10 a.m PST

SM Entertainment has provided details on Yunho’s active service duty assignment and updated fans on his ongoing military training. 

On August 31st, the agency detailed that after fulfilling his basic military training, Yunho has been assigned to join the 26th Mechanised Infantry Division Military Band. It was also stated that as finished his five weeks of basic military training in Yangju, the singer was also elected as one of the best recruits during their ceremony last week.

After entering last July 21st, Yunho will be completing his training as an active duty solider in the next 21 months.

Image: TVReport

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Yunho {TVXQ} Breaks Down On Stage Before Military Enlistment

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Posted: Saturday April 4, 2015 8:32 p.m PST

As news surfaced in regards to TVXQ member Yunho’s confirmed enlistment in the military later this year, things have been emotional for the fans and the duo.

On April 2nd, TVXQ concluded their Tohoshinki With Live Tour 2015 with a stop at the Tokyo Dome. As this is expected to be TVXQ’s last full performance in Japan before Yunho’s enlistment, fans attended the concert with mixed emotions.

While there are uncertainties surrounding TVXQ’s future with the enlistment news, the duo remained professional and put on stellar stages throughout the concert. Emotions eventually overtook Yunho as he was seen breaking down and crying uncontrollably as he tried to sing. Fans cheered him on while Changmin looked on with a sad expression on his face.

Although this is expected to be Yunho’s final concert in Japan before his enlistment, he will be attending Korea times Music Festival in the United States on May 2nd.



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