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Dongho, 21 {Former K-Pop U-Kiss} Getting Married

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Source:Koreaboo – TV Report

Media:Koreaboo –TV Report

Posted: Tuesday October 27, 2015 @ 5:14 a.m PST

On October 26th, Dongho, a former member of U-Kiss announced that he will be getting married in November. 

Find out what Netizens had to say about this article below!

The wedding company through which he has been planning this wedding stated that “The bride and groom have been preparing for this for 3 months step by step. Soon we will be releasing their wedding photos with details.”

Dongho born in 1994 is currently 21 years old and his soon to be bride is known to be a year older than he is. Although he retired from the entertainment industry in 2013 5 years after his debut with U-Kiss much attention is falling on this marriage due to the fact that he is the youngest idol ever to be married at such a young age.

Many netizens who came across this news are perplexed at the fact that he is getting married at such a young age and some have even began to speculate that his soon to be wife may be pregnant with his child.


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Eli {U-KISS} To Star In KBS Drama “Full House”

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Source:Koreaboo – Newsen

Media: Koreaboo – Newsen

Posted: Monday October 20, 2014 @ 1:22 a.m PST


According to Group Eight representatives on October 17th, they have agreed to collaborate with Asia Media Holdings to remake popular drama Full House  in China. Interests and expectations for the remake of the drama are high as the original version, which starred Rain and Song Hye Kyo, earned favorable ratings and responses back in 2004.

Meanwhile, Eli from idol group U-KISS, is reported to have been selected for the lead role, as the production prepares for their first press conference to be held in Shanghai, China on October 23rd. An extensive audition for the female protagonist is reported to be ongoing.

After the press conference, it is reported that the drama is targeting for full-scale filming by December.

Full House originally aired in Seoul, South Korea back in 2004 which featured lead stars Rain and Song Hye Kyo. The drama focuses on the love line between a famous actor and an ordinary woman who learned to love each other through a fake marriage. A spin-off sequel titled Full House Take 2 aired back in 2012 which featured Hwang Jung Eum, No Minwoo and Park Ki Woong.


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U-KISS {Kpop} “SCANDAL European Tour 2014″

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Media: Koreaboo – U-KISS Korea

Posted: Monday August 18, 2014 @ 5:34 a.m PST


U-KISS modifies some dates on their upcoming concert tour in Europe!

Set to be holding their tour titled “SCANDAL European Tour 2014,” U-KISS announced some changes in their tour schedule today. Updating their official Twitter page, U-KISS confirmed that they will be visiting Moscow, Russia on September 22nd, instead of September 21st. The tour will continue as planned to London, United Kingdom on September 24th and Paris, France on September 28th.

A new version of the poster was also included with the announcement. Meanwhile, tickets are set to go on sale this week through and


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AJ {U-KISS} kpop Hospitalized Recovery Following Heart Surgery

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Source: Koreaboo –  JaeseopKim91AJ – @JaeseopKim91AJ

Media: Koreaboo –  JaeseopKim91AJ –@JaeseopKim91AJ

Posted: Wednesday June 11, 2014  @ 5:45 p.m PST


U-KISS’ AJ stunned fans today after confirming that he is currently in recovery following a surgery.


A few hours ago, AJ updated his personal Twitter account with an update saying, “After the heart surgery, I am in recovery.” A glimpse of his hospital admission was also included in the update.

Meanwhile, NH Media has not released any official statement pertaining to AJ’s recent hospital admission, condition and recovery.

AJ is initially set to return to U-KISS once he completes his term at Columbia University. NH Media previously tried to discuss schedule arrangements between the university, but was unsuccessful. The decision did not allow AJ to join U-KISS through their recent comeback “Mono Scandal.”

Get Well AJ We Love You – De De Tillman

After the heart surgery, I am in recovery.


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U-Kiss First Concert In San Francisco

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Source: Officially KMUSIC / Article by: Alona

Media:  Officially KMUSICPhotography by: Alona / Edited by: Angelspatience / YouTube

Posted: Sunday January 12, 2014 @8:58 p.m. PST


Saturday, January 11th, the six boys of U-KISS graced the stage at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco, California.

Fans stood patiently outside awaiting the performances to come by the U-KISS members, KevinEliKiseopSooHyunAJ and Hoon.

Finally, it was show-time. A short video began to play on the screen introducing each member. Fans cheered wildly in anticipation. When the video stopped, lights illuminated the six figures of U-KISS  before their beloved KISSME‘s.

They started the show with their hit song “Stop Girl.” The crowd went nuts, singing and dancing along as the boys took the time to reach for hands from the fans in the front rows. They continued with “She’s Mine” and “Bingeul Bingeul.”


After performing the three breath-taking songs the members came together for their introductions. Kevin, Eli and AJ had quite a fun time teasing SooHyun, Kiseop and Hoon for their adorable “Engrish” in their introductions. Silly SooHyun couldn’t stop showing the KISSME’s his sexy moves while Hoon and Kiseop teased fans by pretending to kiss. As a special treat to Kevin, his family showed up to support their performances.


After introductions, they told the crowd to make some noise as they moved into more performances. They sang “Standing Still“, “Someday” and “DORA DORA.” There was also a duet by AJ and Kiseop with “Obsession,” written by AJ himself. They then took to the question board.

The members swarmed around the board and picked off some of the sticky notes written by their fans. Some were quite cute and Kevin and AJ couldn’t help but blurt them out. “Can I buy you a drank?” and “Will you marry me?” were only a couple of the funny posts.

SooHyun was first up, picking a note for a special KISSME who’s birthday happened to be on the day of the event. Being the character he is, SooHyun sang a very special, sexy birthday song for the lucky fan; taking the time to sigh and peel his shirt back a little. Oh how happy that fan must have been!

What’s a K-Pop concert without a little “aegyo“? Hoon picked a sticky note asking if he could show the crowd his aegyo with the “Gwiyomi” song. He did so happily, giving a cute, yet sexy version; even adding in a cartwheel to top it off. Following along the same category, AJ’s sticky note asked who in U-KISS has the most aegyo, to which all of the members pointed at Kevin. Kevin then took his turn at the Gwiyomi song, finishing with an extra long kiss for the crowd, “Muaaah~”.

One of the most memorable of the questions asked was one Kevin choose, “How would you propose?” He answered, “When I propose, I want to sing a song to that special girl. I’ll sing ‘Just the Way You Are‘ by Bruno Mars.” He then made his way to the side of the stage, reached for a fan and beautifully serenaded her in song, leaving her with a sweet kiss on the hand.

After questions, they sang their most requested Japanese songs  ”Tick Tack” and “Forbidden Love“.


Following the performances, a special “Super Fan” was brought to the stage next. Many KISSME’s sent in letters to which the boys had to pick one lucky winner. Los Angeles local,Reiya, was brought to the stage. The boys all pushed and pulled for her attention. Cute SooHyun couldn’t keep his hands off of her as he hugged, leaned on and even kneeled by her feet to cuddle her leg. In the end, her favorite member turned out to be Eli. They then prepared a special song just for her, their “Mysterious Lady“. It was a very sweet performance indeed.

They ended the night with their songs, “0330“, “Neverland“, “Man Man Ha Ni” and “Without You.” A spectacular show by far with lots of laughs and lots of love. KISSME’s will surly remember the fun had at the Warfield Theater for a long time to come.

A special thanks to K-POP UNITED and MNET for allowing us to attend.



U-Kiss U.S. Tour Includes San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York

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Source:@ukisskorea Twitter / The Warfield Theater / Best Buy Theater New YorkClub Nokia Los Angeles
Media: @ukisskorea Twitter
Posted: Wednesday November 27, 2013 @ 9:45 p.m. PST


U-Kiss will tour the United States for the first time. The tour begins in 2014. More information on tickets and show times will be revealed at a later time. Please keep checking back. Below will get you started with some ticket info and the venues that they will perform at.



1515 Broadway, New York City, NY 10036
(212) 930-1950

Purchase tickets online:

StubHub: Buy or Sell Tickets

Buy tickets via phone: 888-929-7849 (Call Center Hours: Monday-Sunday 9am-11pm EST)


The Warfield For More Ticket Info

The Warfield
982 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Purchase tickets via phone:

1-888-9-AXS-TIX (1-888-929-7849)

Call Center Hours

Monday-Sunday: 6AM-8PM

Purchase tickets online:

StubHub: Buy or Sell Tickets


Club Nokia Los Angeles

800 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 765-7000


Purchase tickets online:

Purchase tickets via phone: 1-888-9-AXS-TIX (1-888-929-7849)

Call Center Hours: 6:00am-8:00pm PST daily



StubHub: Buy or Sell Tickets


Box Office

Tickets for Club Nokia events are available from 10am-5pm, Mon – Fri at the STAPLES Center Box Office. The box office is located at 1111 S. Figueroa Street — adjacent to Star Plaza on Chick Hearn Court (formerly 11th Street), between Georgia and Figueroa.

Starting at 5pm on event days only, the Club Nokia box office will open for ticket sales. Club Nokia accepts the following methods of payment: cash, American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. When purchasing tickets with a credit card, you must show a valid photo identification to complete the transaction.



Tickets may be picked up at the will call window of the box office beginning two hours prior to the show start time. You must have the credit card used to make the purchase and a valid photo I.D. to pick up tickets at will call. Club Nokia does not accept will call drop off.

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U-KISS Comeback “Mysterious Lady” “Moments” To Be Released

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Media: Koreaboo

Posted: Wednesday October 23, 2013 @ 2:42 p.m PST




Preparing for their comeback, U-KISS is set to release the track “Mysterious Lady” ahead of its actual album release.

Earlier today, U-KISS confirmed that the will be releasing the their new track on October 24th, ahead of their mini-album release on the 31st. “Mysterious Lady” is described to be a smooth R&B-inspired, acoustic track. It was produced by production team Galactika and Maboos.

Meanwhile, U-KISS is scheduled to release their mini-album “Moments” on October 31st, which will include a total of seven racks and a photo book.

Source: Newsen

U-KISS Full Length Japanese Album Available July 24, 2013

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Media Credit: Koreaboo

Posted: Monday May 13, 2013 @ 1:21 p.m PST




U-KISS will be releasing another Japanese full length album in July. The still untitled release will be available in five different versions, including a CD only version, two different CD+Bluray versions, a CD+DVD, and a CD+DVD and Photobook edition.

This new release will be U-KISS’ second full length album in the country, after releasing “A Shared Dream” last year. Though more information about its contents hasn’t been revealed yet, it’s to be expected that the group’s most recent Japanese singles such as “Alone,” “Distance…,” as well as “Dear My Friend,” and “One of You” will be included in the full tracklist.

The full length album will be on July 24th.


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U-Kiss Kevin, Eli and AJ uBEAT April 22, 2013

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Source: Koreaboo

Media Credit: Koreaboo

Posted: Wednesday April 17, 2013 @ 6:04 p.m PST




” U-KISS members Kevin, Eli and AJ unveils the the first set of images, highlighting their debut concept.

On April 17th, NH Media updated the group’s official Google page and Twitter account with two sets of images of the group. Kevin, Eli and AJ were featured were styled in chic and bring outfits, adding a colourful vibe for their debut.

uBEAT will be releasing their 1st mini-album on April 22nd




Allen Kibum (Former U-KISS) “Longing”

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Source: Koreaboo

Media Credit: Koreaboo

Posted: Friday April 5, 2013 @7:36 p.m PST






Former U-KISS member Allen Kibum unveils the full music video for the track “Longing.” On April 5th, Kibum released his first single album in South Korea.

The music video begins with a scene in an airport which features Kibum waiting for his flight.

Kibum’s agency confirmed that after receiving various endorsement offers in Japan.

You can support Kibum by purchasing it through Bugs and Olleh Music.

U-KISS 3rd album “Collage” Photo

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Posted: Friday March 1, 2013 @ 11:23 p.m PST

 U-KISS 3rd album “Collage” consists out of 9 brand new tracks. The album includes solo tracks of the members, with “More Painful than Pain” being a duet with vocalists Soohyun and Hoon, “My Reason” being Kevin’s solo track, and a party song “Party All the Time” by AJ and Eli.U-Kiss will start promotions for their new release on this week’s Show Champion on March 6th. They will be promoting “Collage” through title track “Standing Still.”


U-Kiss (K-Pop) Returns To Music

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Source: Koreaboo

Posted: Wednesday January 30, 2013  @12:03 p.m PST


According to Koreaboo,  Male group U-Kiss, who have been active in Japan, will soon be returning to the local music scene.

U-Kiss will be making a comeback with a new album this April alongside composer Kim Hyungseok once again. Together, U-Kiss will undergo yet another transformation

According to an official on the 30th, “Alongside composers Kim Hyungseok and Ryan Jhun who have worked together with U-Kiss previously, the recording was finished. Last year, U-Kiss began their Japanese activities, and they will be simultaneously promoting in Korea and Japan.”

U-Kiss’s agency NH Media has made a business partnership with composer Kim Hyungseok, and as a result, the composer wrote “Doradora” for U-Kiss.

Soohyun (U-Kiss) Upcoming Musical December 29th

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Media Credit: Koreaboo

Posted: Friday November 23, 2012 @5:30 a.m PST

According to Koreaboo, U-Kiss Soohyun will take on his first musical challenge next year as one of the lead male roles, Jung Hyukjoo. His character falls in love soon after he returns home after studying abroad.

The first performance of the musical is set to take place on December 29th at thee Daehakro Musical Center.



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U-Kiss Group Photo & New Video Teaser “Stop Girl”

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Source: Koreaboo

Posted: Thursday September 13, 2012 @11:38 a.m PST


K-Pop sensation male group “U-Kiss” released a group photo and a video teaser for their new song “Stop Girl.”


U-Kiss Teaser “Stop Girl”

U-Kiss Kevin, AJ & Eli Cooks Korean Food With Chef Seri

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Posted: Monday September 3, 2012 @ 1o:18 p.m PST

U-Kiss  Kevin, AJ and Eli hits the kitchen to make Korean food with Chef Seri, According to, KBS World.


SHINee – TVXQ – U-KISS (Who Is Your Favorite)? POLL

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Media Credit:  cokefloatsato1 /  iluvfuny4ever / u-kiss 2008

Posted: Friday July 20, 2012 @6:10 p.m PST










U-Kiss Exculsive Interview On Becoming Sexier & Dating “We’re Now Allowed To Be In Relationships”

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Source & Story Credit: Korea JoongAng Daily – Um Dong-jin

Photo Credit: fanpop

Posted: Tuesday May 1, 2012 @8:40 p.m. PST




Back at home, seven members say increasing sex appeal is the next goal

May 02,2012 The seven members of boy band U-Kiss had to adapt to new foods and a new language during their six-month stay in Japan, but the hard work paid off, as it often does for Korean performers there. U-Kiss’ first album released in Japan, “A Shared Dream,” and the EP “Forbidden Love” landed in the No. 2 and No. 5 spots on Oricon’s weekly chart, respectively, and the band successfully completed their first tour of Japan in March.

But in the fast-paced world of K-pop where dozens of groups come and go in a flash, six months can seem like a lifetime, and fans can grow impatient with their favorite stars.

“We are quite nervous about that. I heard some of our fans actually moved to other fan clubs,” said AJ, one of the members of U-Kiss. “But we can take them back. We also grew up while we were in Japan.”

Ilgan Sports caught up with the boy band members after they returned to Korea on April 25 to talk about the pros and cons of their time abroad as well as their new EP “Dora Dora.”

Q. When did you first realize your music was well accepted in the Japanese market?

Ki Seop: [The realization] came when the first regular album landed in the No. 2 spot on Oricon’s weekly chart [in early March]. Our Japanese agency Avex told us that it didn’t take long for us to gain ground in Japan, and I could see more and more Japanese fans at every concert we had there.

How many Japanese fans would come to a solo concert for your group if you held it today?

Soo Hyun: I bet we could fill the whole Super Arena in Tokyo [which holds up to 37,000 people]. In the countryside, we might attract around 3,500 people per each concert. We’re preparing for 15 concerts to be held in nine Japanese cities in July. Our goal is to attract a total of 45,000 fans.

How did you change your approach for Japanese fans?

Dong Ho: Most Japanese put distance between celebrities and themselves. They kind of admire entertainers, but we try to act like their friends. We also shook hands while making eye contact after each concert. This is how we approached Japanese fans. For this reason, they say we are like their family and friends.

Many new boy bands have debuted while you were away from Korea. How does this make you feel?

AJ: Looking at boy bands these days, they are perfect in so many ways. They can sing and are also very handsome. It makes us a little nervous. I heard some of our fans actually moved to other fan clubs while we were away. But we can take them back; we also grew up while we were in Japan. If we can show our newly gained depth to Korean fans, we still have a chance to win the game, I think.

What was it like to work with famed composer Kim Hyung-seok for your new EP?

Soo Hyun: He’s famous for ballad songs, so we were quite curious to know what it would be like to work with him. After we did, we all quickly realized why he has become the best in his field. He gave us masculine songs that also have mass appeal. He flied to Japan while we were having a concert in March to point out the strong and weak points of each member. I appreciate his hard work.

Tell us about the title track of your new EP “Dora Dora.”

Soo Hyun: We tried to become sexier with this song. Our choreography, clothes and even our facial expressions were all calculated to exert our sexiness. For example, we wear red see-through clothing.

Back in Japan, we listened to more than 100 songs to choose a title track. All the members and our management company agreed that this album is quite important to us. We chose this song after many nights of discussions.

Most management companies stop boy band members from going on dates. But all of you are now free to go on dates. How do you feel about this?

Hoon: The head of our management company told us that we’re now allowed to be in relationships but that we have to date in secret. [Laughs.] The ban was technically lifted, but it’s hard for us to go out and find girlfriends. I think we’re less popular than members of other boy bands.

It’s already been five years since your debut. Where do you see yourselves on your 10th anniversary?

Dong Ho: We hope to release an album that will celebrate 10 years together. A world tour would also be on our to-do list. If we could start a tour in Seoul and then travel to other countries for a year, that would be fantastic. I want to become like Shinhwa. The group’s recent tour just thrills me.

[Shinhwa is a six-member Korean boy band that debuted in the late 1990s. Unlike most pop groups which disband after five or six years, Shinwha is still together. The group recently released a new album and is on an international tour.]

What are your plans for the near future?

Kevin: We’re going to go to Colombia next month. We will represent Asian performers and share the stage with Shakira, Ricky Martin and Pitbull. I heard that Colombian fans are looking forward to seeing us, and we’re excited about that. I also want to see Shakira’s “hip dance” in person. I’ll barge into her dressing room and take a photo with her!

What would you most like to do in the next year?

Eli: I want to become No. 1 on a local music show. Many people associate U-Kiss with a couple of our tracks such as “Man Man Ha Ni” [“Am I That Easy”] and “Bingeul Bingeul” [“Round and Round”], but I want to impress people with other songs that could appeal to audiences regardless of gender or age.


U-Kiss “DORADORA” An Addictive Tune (Photo & Video)

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Source  Story Credit: MTV K – Janine Bower

Media Credit: Photo (MTV K) / Video (ukiss208)

Posted: Thursday April 26, 2012 @6:00 p.m. PST



That’s right, U-Kiss has returned with a new music video for “DORADORA”, their latest release off of their sixth mini-album. Coming back with way more than a few new hairstyles, this U-Kiss track is quite the addictive tune. You have been warned!


In the teaser for “DORADORA,” it’s very clear that U-Kiss is back to their old tricks again, using mechanical dubstep like sounds to make this catchy tune bounce. What struck us as different this time though was how subtly “the sound” was sprinkled over AJ and Eli’s rap. Of course not all K-Pop fans are huge dubstep heads, so the move was smart. It gave fans a teasing taste of the genre, while not overpowering the rest of the song. And while the song starts on a spiraling minor note at the beginning and ends with an extremely infectious chorus, in its entirety the song certainly holds up to their more “masculine charms” (read: hip rolls).


Aesthetically speaking, even their eclectic blend of fashion was surprisingly tasteful despite numerous contrasting styles. Switching back and forth between four unique collections was risky, but somehow it worked (kind of like the contrast between Kiseop’s electric red hair versus Eli’s platinum blond or AJ’s blended, orange buzzcut).


All in all, “DORADORA” is a great send-off for U-Kiss, who will be returning to Korea for the first time in six months since their successful promotional run in Japan first began.

U-Kiss Mini 6 "DORADORA". Photo Credit: MTV K