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Vanness Wu’s Wife Arissa Cheo “This Is Unacceptable,I Feel Much Violated”

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Posted: Saturday November 9, 2013 @ 1:07 p.m. PST


The former F4 member was in town to solemnise with long-time Singaporean girlfriend, Arissa Cheo yesterday

After filing for marriage in Singapore earlier this August, Taiwanese-American singer Vanness Wu and Singaporean girlfriend Arissa Cheo are finally pronounced husband and wife by the Registry of Marriages Singapore yesterday.

Hoping to keep their wedding as low-profile as possible, the legally married couple decided to hold their wedding in Los Angeles on November 15.  The closed-door event, which will be attended by family, friends and a few invited celebrity guests, will reportedly be held at a five-star hotel near the suburbs and seaside.

Celebrities who will be invited to their matrimonial celebration include former F4 members Vic Chou, Ken Zhu and Jerry Yen, Elva Hsiao as well as Jeffery Huang.

Sources also revealed that the newlyweds will have an America traditional ceremony at 3pm which will be followed up with a buffet dinner and an after-party for their guests. Attendees of the wedding are said to be restricted from taking photographs and posting pictures on their social media networks.

Meanwhile, word has it that invites to the punk rock-themed wedding have been sent out, hyping up the media attention geared towards the 31-year-old bride. The pervasive intrusion made by a local newspaper reportedly infuriated Arissa as she made angry posts on her social media platforms yesterday.

In her Instagram post, she wrote: “I am so disappointed with the media here in Singapore. How is it that they are able to find out where I live, stand outside my house, ring my doorbell and ask to speak to my parents… We (Vanness and her) have never experienced this in Taiwan or even Hong Kong…This is unacceptable, I feel much violated.”

Vanness Wu, Arissa Cheo

Vanness Wu Wears A Purity Ring (Sign Of Chasity); Prenup With Billionaire Heiress Arissa Cheo

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Posted: Thursday August 15, 2013 @ 2:58 p.m. PST


Hounded by reporters at the airport when he returned to Taiwan on Tuesday, singer-actor Vanness Wu, who was still glowing with bliss from his marriage application with long-time Singaporean girlfriend Arissa Cheo, responded to rumours regarding his fiancé’s wealthy background.

Earlier reports claimed that the billionaire heiress hails from a family who runs an oil exploration company. While speaking to the media, Vanness clarified that Arissa’s family, in reality, deals with the palm oil industry.

Despite Arissa’s affluent background, the couple has reportedly yet to draw up a prenuptial agreement – a written contract between two people who are about to marry, setting the terms for the division of assets, if the marriage is later dissolved.

“They have dated for so many years. [Money] is not an issue between them. If it was, they wouldn’t be getting married,” an insider said.

It was also previously reported that Arissa once ventured into the Taiwanese entertainment industry when she was 19, but she returned to the United States after failing to make a name for herself.

When pressed on Arissa’s background, Vanness explained that she only intended to stay in Taiwan for a year back then, as her family wanted her to further her studies in order to succeed the family business in the future.

Adding on to Vanness’ declaration of his sexual abstinence, his manager said, “He wears a purity ring (worn as a sign of chastity). That’s proof enough.”

Sources also revealed that the couple’s wedding day will be decided after both parties’ parents have met for discussions.

Arissa Cheo and Vanness Wu