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Charles Barkley (NBA Legend) Dressed In Drag For Weight Watchers (Photo & Video)

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Source & Story Credit: Yahoo

Photo Credit: Weight Watchers

Video Credit: Weight Watchers

Posted: Thursday March 29,  2012 @12:50 p.m PST



Charles Barkley dressed in drag in a new ad campaign for the weight-loss company.  Also, Blake Griffin and JaVale McGee had big dunks.

Weight Watchers Tweeted: While shooting our new TV ads, Charles Barkley finds the perfect little black dress. Looking good!!! Photo Credit: Weight Watchers

Robert Gibb 23, Weights 700 Pounds Pleading For Help (Video & Story Link) (

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Posted: Monday March 5, 2012 @ 12:50 pm PST

According to Yahoo, Robert Gibb 23 of Livermore, California is pleading for help. Gibb is currently weighting between 600-700 pounds

Natalie Strawn Lost 282 Pounds With Weight Watchers (Video)

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Blog Source: ABC News

Video Credit: ABC News

Posted: Monday December 12, 2011 @5:10 pm PST

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Natalie Strawn use to weigh 550 pounds, she’s dropped 282 pounds, her goal is to weigh under 200 pounds. It’s hard to lose 1 pound and to lose 282 is amazing, I congratulate Strawn for her accomplishments.