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WINNER’s Mino Will Release His First Solo Album In November! Title “XX” MV Teasers!

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Posted: Thursday October 25, 2018 @ 8:25 pm PST

WINNER’s Mino will be releasing his first solo album sometime in November!

YG Entertainment has released a teaser poster, which shows a black-and-white image of Mino along with the album title “XX”.

With an official announcement confirming the month of its release, however, the album is really coming soon and fans are super excited!

Although this is Mino’s first solo album, the talented artist had released numerous solo tracks in the past. He had previously gained attention from fans for his solo track called “I’M HIM” from WINNER’s debut album.

This was followed by his songs  “Fear” and “Okey Dokey” from the hip-hop survival program, Show Me the Money Season 4.

And later, released another solo track “Turn Off the Light”, which was written and composed by Mino himself, from WINNER’s 2nd album in April 2018.


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