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Trace Adkins & College Crush Kim Mulkey (Baylor Basketball Coach) Reunited

Blogged By: Celebrity Blogger; De De Tillman

Source: The Boot –  Gayle Thompson

Photo Credit: Google – enwikipedia (kim Mulkey)

Photo Credit: Google – (Trace Adkins)

Posted: Thursday February 16, 2012 @ 1:05 pm PST



KIM MULKEY - Basketball Coach

Country star Trace Adkins reunited with is college crush who is now Kim Mulkey Baylor women’s basketball coach.  Adkins admiration may have remained a secret, if not for an admission during a show last year. Adkins shared the story of his college crush with the crowd — which happened to include Kim’s sister, who quickly relayed the message to her sibling. Trace and Kim immediately struck up a friendship, but it wasn’t until Saturday’s game that they actually met face-to-face, prior to the game.

Trace admits he finds their new friendship ironic. “It’s really funny how this has all worked out,” he laughs. “Just when I said that night on stage, it was off-the-cuff and I was just telling a story … I never intended for it to blow up and turn into this.” Mulkey became the object of his affection when he was a freshman. According to The Boot.