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K-Pop Youtube Channels Are Getting Shut Down

Re-Blogged By: De De Tillman

Source: koreaboo

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Posted: Saturday June 16, 2018 @828 pm PST


YouTube is cracking down on K-Pop Reaction channels, and reactors are not happy about it.

JoseOchoaTV, Ridgy720, KMREACTS, and BANGTANGSUS are only a few of the many K-Pop YouTubers this copyright crackdown has affected.

Some YouTubers, like BRIS X LIFE, have already lost their channels. Others, like JREKML who has over one million subscribershave received warning strikes and are now scrambling to take precautions by deleting copyrighted content.

Three strikes and you’re out; that is YouTube’s copyright policy.

If a channel receives one or two copyright notices from copyright holders, the user must demonetize and/or delete the copyrighted video in order to return to “good standing”. If the user fails to take action and receives a third strike, the channel will be deleted.

Old school ‘reactors’ have been around since the start of YouTube’s K-Pop community. They are no strangers to YouTube’s unpredictable copyright infringement sweeps, but this one even took them by surprise.


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