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Dancing With The Stars Tonight 9/18/11 (Video Link)

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Posted: Monday September 19, 2011 @ 3:50 pm PST

Topic: Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars starts Monday, September 19 at 8 PM / 7 PM Central on ABC. The new celebs take the floor. Live tonight at 8/7c on ABC!

Nicki Minaj’s Nipple Slip On GMA (Video)

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Posted: Friday August 5, 2011 @ 4:35 pm PST

Topic: Nicki Minaj

Julia Barr (Brooke English) All My Children Final Show

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Posted: Saturday July 16, 2011 @ 2:55 pm PST

Topic – Julia Barr – Brooke English – All My Children Final Show – ABC

Actress Julia Barr who played Brooke English on the long running  ABC Soap Opera “All My Children will return for the final episodes. Barr is scheduled to be on the show for one week.  All My Children  is set to end September 23.

ABC Daytime Soap Opera Fans A Place To Vent

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Posted: May 18, 2011 @ 7:35pm

LOS ANGELES –  ABC fans are sick and tired of ABC Bulls-it!  It’s no reason to take off any Daytime Soaps to bring on more cooking shows, family shows etc, either a person can cook or they can’t.  Now they are talking Katie Couric.   Are you sick tired of ABC Network,  Executives?  Etc…

I want you to VENT,  leave messages and connections on where and how to fight for our SOAPS….  Talk about Brian Frons, Guza and others.



Creator Of General Hospital Daughters Sues ABC

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SAN FRANCISCO- April 28, 2011 11:15am

Source: Hollywood Reporter/Yahoo/OMG!

The creator of ABC’s Soap Opera General Hospital daughters are suing ABC because the claim they have not been paid royalty from the show.  I am glad they are going to sue and I do hope they win.  ABC is not going to have good luck for what they are doing to Soap Opera Fans.

All My Children & One Life To Live: FANS OUTRAGE (Petition)

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Posted Wednesday April 24 2011 11:43 am PST

Topic: All My Children – One Life To Live



HERE IS THE LINK  http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/saveOLTLAMC/

  • Fans are coming out from all over the US voicing how they feel about ABC/Disney taking away All My Children and One Life To Live.  Petition and Boycotts are forming to let the network know that their fans are hurt and upset at this non-sense action and the fans are not taking it anymore.  Here are comments on what AMC and OLTL Fans have to say.

From: Mike Morelli

I hope that all our signatures will not only save One Life To Live but All My Children as well. To see either one or both of these shows go off the air is like losing 2 family members. The cast of both shows are amazingly talented, they are extremely educated more so than movie stars in movies. Movie stars make movies a few times a year. These stars make these shows everyday for 5 days a week, 12 months a year. They deserve to be treated with the highest of respect and not to be one day told that their hard work is no longer needed because their shows are going off for talk shows and food related shows. These new shows will undoubtfully have lower ratings and no other show will ever last 40+ years, I don’t care what they put on, they will never be another All My Children or One Life To Live. We will miss Tad, Greenlee, Ryan, David, Jesse, Angie, Madison, Randi and the rest of AMC, a wonderful gifted cast along with the wonderful cast of One Life To Live including but not limited to Robert S.Woods. Save these precious shows….nothing can take their place.

From: Dee

The producers need to wake up and smell the coffee. The viewers of All My Children are avid fans. They are tired of all the reality talk shows. Everyone is thirsty for an escape from the real world and the soaps allow us to do that. Now it’s being stolen from us without caring what the fans want and not even asking them. I will never watch your reality shows and hope that no one else does too. I hope all the commercials pull out too.
Wake up!!!!

From: Adrianna

leave our soaps alone I have tivoed then forever and would appreciate after a hard day being able to sit , relax and enjoy my show.

From: Delores Richmond-Ray

Please save one life to live I have watched one life to live for as long as i can remember. I am retired now and need my soaps moreso. John and natalie must get back together jessica and brody have to reunite. Vicky and clint need to get back together he is the only man can meet her standards. Todd has to get well and have a happily ever after with tea. Blair needs to find a true love maybe cristian ford and langstan.





Save AMC And OLTL Boycott ABC Network

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Boycott  Credit By: CHRISTINA


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!   If ABC/Disney cannot find space/time for Daytime Dramas All My Children and One Life To Live  well it’s time to BOYCOTT the other shows such as “Dancing With The Stars” and others.  I love DWTS however if they cancel ONE show cancel them all.

It is NOT RIGHT to bring on the new shows and kick our shows to the curb The only fair thing for we fans and Actor to do is BOYCOTT THE WHOLE D-mn network….  Write the sponsors and let them know you are NOT going to buy their products and STOP WATCHING ABC  SHOWS…

Thanks to a fan “CHRISTINA”  HERE IS A LINK”



All My Children & One Life To Live Ends


All My Children
One Life To Live

I did a blog a long time ago letting everyone know that All My Children was cancelled and that One life To Live would be moving to California if that happened,  I would have love to see One life To Live move here to California instead being cancelled,  Now that both are getting axed so that Disney can put other shows in that spot.   I am a Huge fan of One Life To Live and Days Of Our Lives.  So many fans are going to be disappointed,  so many jobs will be lost.  I enjoyed watching Susan Lucci,  Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams from All My Children.   Earlier I did a blog saying that it would be great if someone could write a show for Debbie and Darnell (angie and jessie hubbard) .

I guess the Bell family will be happy that all the  soaps are gone in New York, it’s strange that their shows has been so-called number 1 in the Soap Digest.  Moving on from the Bell family because I am NOT a fan of their 2 shows.  It is not the show,  it’s their up nose attitude I do not care for.  When you speak to the main stars, you will not get a “Hello” back if you don’t have a name,  Just ask Aretha Franklin what happened to her when she spoke to the star and did not get a hello back UNTIL she was told that was “Aretha Franklin”
This is what happens when STUPID shows are watched such as Jersey Shore,  Real housewives that not one gives a da-n about,  NON  CELEBRITY REALITY SHOWS…  Non Star are the reason REAL STARS are losing jobs.
I do wish each and everyone on  AMC and OLTL all the best and another job ASAP.  I also hope they will not support NON STARS REALITY SHOWS…  The Non Sense Stuff..  Host Kelly Ripa got her start on All My Children.
Whatever Disney put on in the place of these 2 soaps,  I will not be watching,  Disney is saying GOODBYE TO SENIORS….. and don’t give a da-n about the ones who put money in their pocket since the beginning.
De De Tillman
Actresss/ Scriptwriter/ Celebrity Blogger



Photo Credit/ Photo Courtsey Google Images All My Children (Fanatic.com) One Life To Live (Popdose.com)

Who Will Win “Dancing With The Stars?”

Cheryl Burke won back to back,  Derek Hough has won multiple times. Who are you voting for?  Who do you least what to see win?  I would love to see Maks win,  I think he is a fantastic dancer and the women just love him.  There are 2 things I think should never happen on the show,  the first one is it should be no dating each other, it brings on a lack of concentration and distraction among the Pro dancers.  Another thing that should not be permitted is for the star to buy the dancers expensive gifts and present them on the show.

Ochocinco bought Cheryl Burke a $10.000 necklace and she wore it on the show,  to me, he could have given her the necklace in private away from the show or,  he could have donated 10.000 to her favorite charity.          

Ochocinco claimed he was grateful  to Burke for helping him, well that is what she was getting paid to do,  I have a feeling Ochocinco was trying to buy Cheryl and sleep with her,  he was all over her in a very annoying way.  Burke continuously told Ochocinco to stop playing and let’s get down to business so that they could win,  he wanted to get down to business alright but,  it was not dancer.


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All My Children Susan Lucci Speaks

According to Actress Susan Lucci (erica kane) has said,  All My Children,  has her schedule for the remaining of the year,  that’s a good thing however, I am in the industry as well and the networks can still cancel the show and the stars not know it,  the only thing is,  the stars will have to be paid if they have a contract and we all know Lucci has a hefty contract.   Let’s hope the show remains….

This is Susan Lucci’s Official Web Site www.susanlucci.com

Photo Credit/ Photo Courtsey by: Google Images buddytv.com

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Chris Brown “Dancing With The Scared Stars”

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Subject Title: By La Tray

Chris Brown is due to perfom on“‘Dancing With The Stars” tonight, instead of worrying about spots on the floor, dust on the chairs etc, they are going nuts and scared s-hitlless about interviewing Brown. Host Tom Bergeron told producer that he “DOES NOT WANT TO INTERVIEW BROWN”   The network want Brown to perform now they are scratching thier head to come up with a plan to keep the audience from booing him.   ABC is using Brown for their ratings however they are giving the staff high blood pressure about what to do with him.  ABC invited the guest unpredictable guest not caring about the dancers and stars. Dancer Cheryl Burke is not in favor of Brown on the show.  Let them deal with it and “Run It Run It” as one of Brown’s number one song says to do.

Dancing With The Stars…Kirstie Kissed Maks

Did you watch ” Dancing With The Stars?”  What a great night it was,  Kirstie planted a big juicy kiss on Maksim Chmerkovskiy A.K.A. Maks lol.  Sugar Ray was trying so hard however the judges were not too happy with his performance,  Cheryl Burke was great with her partner,  all and all it was an okay night.  They will get better as time goes on.  So far, who is your favorite star?  Who are you voting for?   Please CLICK THE  REPLY BUTTON AND LEAVE A MESSAGE FOR ME

De De Tillman

Chris Brown And Rihanna Back Together!

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Posted: Monday March 28, 2011 @ 6:17 am PST

Updated: Saturday November 12, 2011 @3:40 pm PST

Topic: Rihanna – Chris Brown

Chris Brown and Rihanna will be back together again.  ABC desperately want Chris and Rihanna to work it out and talk it out.  ABC will not press charges against Chris Brown because,  they brain stormed a way to boost their ratings,  what better way is, to have Chris and Rihanna on set together and offer him a Reality Show

Chris Brown In Jeopardy

Chris Brown is in Jeopardy of not being able to perform for ABC show “Dancing With The Stars” I made  blog a couple of days ago saying this is going to happen to Chris if he does not STOP and WAKE UP,  he is a very young man who has a chance to have a long-lasting career however,  he must get help before his career is over,  his Albums may have high sells,  the problem is his behavior will stop him from expanding.

De De Tillman /Actress /Scriptwriter/ Celebrity Blogger

All My Children Daytime Drama Cancelled

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Posted: March 26, 2011 @ 12:48 pm PST

Updated:Thursday December 1, 2011 @6:26 pm PST

The long running ABC Daytime Drama “All My Children”  is on the chopping block at ABC,  the announcement will be out soon.  Low ratings are the cause of the show getting the boot.

AMC cast and crew did not get a fair run here in California,  I think they were better off in New York,  the way it may work is, if AMC is cancelled,  One Life To Live will be the next set to move to California.

I am a HUGE fan of Days Of Our Lives and,  One Life To Live,  I do not watch AMC because,  I do not like the format at all.  I only watch AMC when I see Jessie and Angie on (Darnell Williams and Debbie Morgan). I would also watch when Carol Burnett would be a guest star on the show.

I know Susan Lucci will not totally move to California because she is a New York native and love where she is from and I can’t blame her at all.  I wish the show all the best however, they need to change the format Yesterday.

If you are a fan of AMC,  You should let everyone know and do what you can to keep the show going for another 41 years. The Soap that should be cancelled is the up-nose Bell Family.  I know my Cousin Aretha whom I’ve never met  is a fan of Victor Newman.

Best Of Luck AMC

Oprah And Newly Found Sister Patricia

I had tears in my eyes watching Oprah and her newly found sister Patricia,  I am so happy for the both of them and one thing is for sure Patricia is a decent woman,  she could have gone to the press with her information and made tons of money…..  I am so proud of here,  It’s not about the money it’s about family and having someone you can trust…… 

I wish Oprah and Patricia a long healthy sister relationship and they get closer and closer every second of the day….

De De Tillman  Actress/Scriptwriter/Celebrity Blogger