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Dai Xiang Yu (Singapore Actor) Tells Why He Changed His From Dai Yang Tian

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Source: Channel News Asia

Media: Channel News Asia

Posted: Sunday September 29, 2013 @ 4:01 p.m. PST


Singapore actor Dai Xiang Yu is set to appear in a blockbuster Chinese idol drama called “Dive”.


Dai will star alongside Shen Jian Hong, Li Mao, Hong Zi Lin and Cui Bao Yue in “Dive”, which revolves around the lives and loves of a group of youths involved with a university diving team.


Interestingly, Dai won’t actually have to do any diving.


The director cancelled his diving scenes as he wanted to accentuate the differences between Dai’s character, the rich, gentlemanly Gao Gong Ping, and his romantic rival, diving team captain Xia Wen Yi (Shen).


While it might seem like a good thing that he doesn’t have to go diving into the pool all the time, Dai expressed that he is actually a little disappointed it turned out this way.


“I have been working out to make sure I have a good physique for the show.


“I am actually quite sad they cancelled my diving scenes,” said Dai.


Dai Xiang Yu was formerly known as Dai Yang Tian, until he decided to change his name back in July, in a bid to “improve all aspects of his life”.


Today, he has landed a plum role in a big Chinese production.


Could his name change have something to do with it?


“I still had to work hard,” said Dai, explaining that he actually auditioned for the part and discussed his character at length with the production team before getting the gig.

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