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Big Brothers Most Controversial Season: Child Porn, Racial & Homophobic Slurs

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Source:examiner – @RealMrTerrific

Posted: Wednesday August 7, 2013 @ 3:23 p.m PST



The most controversial season of Big Brother continues, this time, it is above and beyond anything that should be allowed on television. With previous racial and homophobic slurs, the house guests were already under fire from viewers all over America.

Spencer Clawson, Amanda Zuckerman, McCrae Olson and Andy Herren. Spencer has been in the spotlight in prior conversations, speaking specifically about how Hitler was a wonderful speaker. He has been involved with several of the racist comments as well.

Spencer spoke into McCrae’s microphone while McCrae was in the shower. Spencer spoke of Minnesota, McCrae’s home state. Some fans were stating they believe Spencer’s remarks were in a joking tone.

On the feed, Spencer was overheard talking about the touchiest of subjects; child pornography. He joked to his fellow house mates:

Not too long ago Paula Dean was fired for using the “N” Word.  If Paula can get fired, this show should be shut down NOW!